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Matthew Grossman


  • Emory University College of Law, Juris Doctorate
  • Miami University (Ohio)


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From the very first meeting with Matt, I knew that this family-oriented attorney would fit in with the culture of our firm. A highly-accomplished and incredibly well-spoken attorney, Matt has a long list of positive results for his clients, including a recent multi-million dollar verdict. As a passionate and skilled litigator in multiple states, Matt has a rare depth of experience that is absolutely critical to the overall success of our team.

Chuck Farah
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Meet Matthew Grossman

Matthew Grossman is a personal injury attorney at the Jacksonville office. Matt continues to get home run decisions for his clients, with a recent $1.4 million dollar verdict being added to his long list of favorable results. Matt is a tenacious litigator who has a tremendous depth of experience in tractor-trailer accident cases and cases involving commercial vehicles. As a member of the State Bars for Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee, Matt is one of the few attorneys in our firm licensed in three different states to help injury victims.

What Building a Winning Case Looks Like

With any personal injury case, there is so much work behind the scenes that builds up to the ultimate goal of getting the best outcome possible for the client. Cases big or small receive the same attention. We may have to put in a lot of work to discover all of the intricacies and present the facts of a case, but on that final day when we’re able to resolve our client’s case and they get to experience real relief, all of the work and preparation really pays off.

One of my greatest strengths as an attorney is being able to convey to a jury in a few short days just how life changing my client’s injuries are and providing those jurors with the evidence that allows my clients to be fully and fairly compensated for every injury (both physical and emotional) that resulted from the defendant’s negligence.

Because of my experience handling tough cases throughout the southeast, I am often helping our younger attorneys in our Georgia and Florida offices navigate difficult legal issues or strategize ways to ensure the firm’s clients are getting the best results.

Celebrating Big Wins For My Clients

The justice system is notoriously slow and can be incredibly challenging for my clients as they deal with their injuries each day while they wait for their day in court. The only silver lining is, when that day comes, a jury of my client’s peers, and not an insurance company, get to decide what is fair. There is no greater feeling than having a jury return a verdict that finally provides my client full and fair compensation they have deserved since day one.

A recent case that will stick with me for the rest of my career involved a sheriff’s deputy who was severely injured in a crash in the line of duty. In this case, a semi truck swerving across the interstate caused an accident that would leave my client with injuries that will likely last a lifetime. As I’ve seen so many times in my career, the tractor-trailer company refused to accept responsibility and the insurance company offered an amount that would not even pay for my client’s medical bills. So, my team and I set to work gathering everything needed to take the case to trial.

After a five-day trial where the defense spent tens of thousands of dollars on doctors and experts to say our client was not really injured, the jury returned a $1.4 Million jury verdict. It is days like that which remind me why I do this job. No matter how large these insurance companies are or how much money they spend, we will always fight for our clients so the jury has the information and tools to see through the defense’s tactics and be able to provide our client’s the justice they deserve.

Doing What’s Right By Victims in Jacksonville

I had another case where a homeless man here in town was struck by a vehicle as he crossed in the crosswalk. One of the country’s largest law firms said this man had no case and they had no way to win, so they dropped him as a client. The client then reached out to Farah & Farah for a second opinion. I’m proud I was able to take on this case, do the right thing, and secure this man $250,000. Being a personal injury attorney in Jacksonville means helping people with real problems, giving them a voice, and an opportunity to be heard.

On those rare occasions I’m not in one of my offices in the firm’s Jacksonville, Valdosta, or Brunswick locations, you can probably find me at one of the Jacksonville area’s beaches with my wife and two daughters.