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  • Florida Coastal School of Law, Juris Doctorate, Magna Cum Laude
  • Georgia College State University, Bachelors of Science, Criminal Justice
  • Georgia Military College, Associates in Science


  • The Florida Bar
  • U.S. District Court, Middle District of Florida
  • Florida Justice Association
  • Jacksonville Justice Association
  • Jacksonville Bar Association
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Kevin Moore is one of those rare attorneys who holds a tremendous depth of experience and the clout to stand toe-to-toe with insurance giants but who also can instantly connect with clients from all walks of life. It is his ability to meet people on a very human level that is perhaps his greatest strength. We are indeed lucky to have such heavy hitters like Kevin on our team here in Jacksonville.

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Meet Kevin Moore

Kevin Moore is a Jacksonville personal injury attorney at Farah and Farah and specializes in auto accident cases, slip and falls, and also has extensive experience in medical malpractice. As one of only a few hybrid litigation attorneys, Kevin is accustomed to handling his cases from the very beginning all the way through court if that’s what’s needed to get everything his clients deserve.

Kevin started his career in plaintiff’s work, where attorneys represent victims, before moving into defense work at a large defense law firm here in town. It didn’t take long before Kevin knew he wanted to be back representing everyday people instead of big businesses but his experience in defense work is invaluable in his present work. Kevin leverages his experience to strategize the best path forward in seeking maximum recovery in each and every case he undertakes.

I’ve Worked Both Sides of The Courtroom So I Know The Whole Playbook

I began my career working in personal injury but before joining Farah and Farah, I was actually working at a big defense law firm here in town. Representing big businesses and insurance companies, my job was to try to shield them from liability as much as possible whenever an accident occurred. This added a great deal of experience to my resume but I knew it wasn’t where I wanted to focus my career. Now I get to represent people who have been injured in car accidents and cases like slip and falls and go against those same big businesses I used to protect.

Since I’ve worked on the defense side, I know their playbook and the paths they’ll likely take throughout the legal process. This gives me an edge where I can effectively map out the best course for my clients to seek everything they’re entitled to under the law.

From Intake Through Closing Arguments in Court, I’ve Got You Covered

I’ve spent a large part of my career litigating cases, which means taking them to court. The majority of cases don’t actually make it to court and can be brought to settlement before that happens. By being both a pre-litigation and litigation attorney, I’m skilled in handling a case from start to finish. So when you bring your case to me, I have the experience and ability to bring it all the way to a successful outcome.

I’m also barred both in the State of Florida and also the Federal court system which is the U.S. Middle District of Florida. This means that pretty much any type of car accident or slip and fall you have here in Florida, I can handle it. Whether you’re rear-ended by a USPS truck or slipped at a grocery store, I’m able to represent you every step of the way towards getting everything your case deserves.

Being Good at Research Can Really Help Maximize Clients’ Recoveries

In law school, I was the staff editor for our school’s law review. This position required many hours of research to make sure every piece we wrote was legally accurate. That experience laid the groundwork for a skill I use every single day. I use my skills in research to put together a complete picture for my clients’ injuries, the best course of treatment, and the legal strategies available to help secure the best outcome possible.

Good research early in the case process also helps build a stronger foundation to go off of. When I present my client’s argument for why they deserve everything we’re seeking, I already have solid facts and figures to reference. One case I’ll never forget really had me relying on my ability to research. There was a chef who had a wisdom tooth removed and suffered a lingual nerve injury during the procedure. This type of injury isn’t something many attorneys have experience with and one that I had to really dig into to help my client’s case move forward.

The case went all the way to trial but with the facts behind our case, the case was tried in our favor and turned out to be the largest verdict for this type of injury in Broward County. After such a big success, I started getting more cases focusing on dental malpractice which is definitely a niche area but also very much needed here in Florida.

I Love Helping Clients in the “Biggest Small Town in America”

I love Jacksonville and have volunteered often with Jax Legal Aid. This organization sets up free clinics in the community where people can get answers to their legal questions. It’s rewarding but hard to see people going through so many tough experiences which is why I appreciate getting to be their advocate. 

I also love that being in Jacksonville means you’re so near the water at all times. I’m a huge scuba enthusiast and dive in nearby gems like Jupiter Beach every chance I get. Having the beach nearby is something I definitely don’t take for granted and a place I go to relax and recharge so I’m that much more effective when I’m back in the office. If it’s baseball season, it’s a sure bet you’ll catch me watching the Atlanta Braves whenever they play along with my two daughters, our French Bulldog, Ziggy Bruce, and our cat, Sasha.