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  • Florida Coastal School of Law, Juris Doctorate
  • Stetson University, Bachelors of Business Administration


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Tara Conner is exactly who I would want as my own attorney if I were ever in a bad accident. Your attorney should be organized, focused, attentive, and actually skilled in the practice of the law. Being fearless in the courtroom helps too, and Tara is all of these things and so much more. She has been instrumental in helping our firm achieve the high level of success we have enjoyed as we’ve grown from humble beginnings to one of the largest personal injury firms in the Southeast.

Chuck Farah
Senior Partner at Farah & Farah


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Meet Tara Conner

Tara Conner is a Jacksonville personal injury attorney at Farah & Farah. Having worked as an in-house counsel at one of the largest, heavy equipment dealers in North America, Tara knows exactly how big businesses can stack the cards against the average person. Tara now works as a litigator which means she represents plaintiffs who have been injured or lost a loved one through no fault of their own. From million dollar wins to helping mentor less experienced attorneys, Tara Conner is a leader within the firm and just the type of top-notch, no-nonsense attorney you want taking your case across the finish line.

Consistently Doing What’s Right for the Client Starts at the Top

Every single day that I come in to work as an accident litigation attorney, there is a client that’s had some kind of terrible injury that really needs my help. I feel quite fortunate my skills and experience allow me to help in a meaningful way. There’s a case I’ll never forget where a very young man was injured in an accident but the case didn’t look very promising. This young man only spoke Spanish and the case required a lot of hard work and heavy lifting, but, in the end, I secured him almost a million dollars. This young man received the justice that the law promises and it truly changed his life. He went on to graduate from UNF here in town and plans on being a nurse practitioner. He even referred his own sister to me when she too was in an accident.

How many times in your career can you actually say you changed someone’s life because of the work you do? I love working here because of results like these and because Eddie and Chuck 100% support the decisions I make. From the very top of the firm down, there is definitely a huge push for always doing what’s right for the client—no matter what.

I Like to Make Sure My Clients Know Exactly What to Expect

I was a Division I volleyball player during my time at Stetson University and that competitive spirit, along with a need for solid teamwork, really has helped me be incredibly effective as a litigator. Managing expectations is a skill I’ve honed over my years as an in-house counsel, in private practice, and with all the time I’ve spent with Farah and Farah. Working through so many different cases and with so many highly-seasoned attorneys surrounding me, I have all the tools I need to construct a framework for seeking maximum compensation while making sure my client always knows where we are and what’s coming next.

Starting from day one with clients, I like to make sure they understand the timeline and what to expect along the way. This takes really knowing the process, the local players like judges and defense attorneys, and how a case is going to progress through the system. In the end, I want to be graded as an attorney based on a comparison between what I said would happen and how things actually turned out.

Farah and Farah doesn’t just accept the easy cases that are open and shut, we have many that require us attorneys to think outside the box and figure out a solution for our clients. I’m proud to be known in the firm as a problem solver, who isn’t afraid to take on cases that other firms may have even turned down. So if you’ve been told you don’t have a case, don’t give up just yet. Call me and let’s talk about your options first.

I’m Very Much Your Local Jacksonville Accident Attorney

I love Jacksonville, from my time spent here during law school, to presently getting to help people in our area through arguably one of the toughest fights of their lives, Jacksonville is my community too. When I’m not at the Farah and Farah office off Adams Street, there’s a good chance you’ll still find me just about anywhere else downtown. The Southbank Riverwalk is one of my favorite places to walk the dogs and just take in the beautiful sights of downtown like dolphins and other wildlife gliding past in the glassy water.

I’m also a huge kayaker and paddle boarder, so the Fort George Inlet or Little Talbot Island State Park are other gems we have right in our own backyard. Time spent outside helps me recharge and refocus so when I get back in the office I’m at the top of my game and ready to hit the ground running.