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  • Northeastern University (B.S., 1981)
  • Mercer University (J.D., 1984)


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Brian Flaherty is about as senior as you can get in our firm. He has seen us grow from a “mom and pop” into one of the largest law firms in the Southeast. Our success as a whole is due in large part to the efforts of heavy-hitting litigating attorneys like Brian. Brian stands before a jury and shows the entire court just why his clients deserve their full and final compensation. Because of everything I’ve seen him do, I am absolutely confident in the skills of Brian Flaherty to flat-out get the job done for our clients.

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Meet Brian Martin Flaherty

Brian Flaherty is a personal injury attorney at Farah and Farah in Jacksonville. Specializing in car accidents and accidents involving semi-trucks, Brian has built up a tremendous level of experience inside of the courtroom. With a career that started as an Assistant State Attorney, Brian has seen the toughest cases imaginable. From terrible drug crimes to sexual assaults, Brian prosecuted the worst of the worst to make our city a safer place. After this, Brian represented the City of Jacksonville and also helped in the General Counsel’s office of the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department.

His experience would prepare him well to come to Farah and Farah as a litigating attorney, where stands toe-to-toe with the insurance giants and showcases his immense skills in the courtroom. These skills are evidenced by Brian’s long list of giant wins for residents of Jacksonville and the surrounding areas.

When I Started Here, Eddie Was Still Emptying the Trash Cans

I started my career with Farah and Farah more than two decades ago. I can remember a time when Eddie Farah was emptying his own trash cans, we had a single water fountain, and we were all making house calls. Things have definitely changed and Farah and Farah now has locations from South Florida to North Georgia and is one of the largest firms in the Southeast.

The truly gratifying experience in all of that growth is to see that Eddie and Chuck Farah haven’t changed one bit. They are still very much involved in the day-to-day and I know if I ever have a question or just need to bounce an idea off of them, I can step through the open doors of their offices at any time. Having such great leaders is why we have been so successful. These men are incredibly hardworking, humble, and genuinely kind towards all of us here. Without a doubt, that consistency in our corporate culture translates into better experiences and better results for our clients.

As a Litigating Attorney, I Really Do Help Change People’s Lives

What really excites me about what I do is the difference I can make in people’s lives. For people going through some of the most difficult moments of their lives, I can honestly say it is not all about the money. People need guidance, they need the right medical treatment from the right doctors. Medical treatment is where we start making people whole again – it is the north star that helps guide everything else in the case. Once we make sure our clients are recovering physically, we can start building the financial aspect of the case.

After so many successful cases across auto accidents, truck accidents, and beyond, I have found this approach to be most advantageous in helping people get as close as possible to being made whole for everything that was taken after an accident. All the money in the world is meaningless to an individual who isn’t recovered physically to be able to utilize their compensation as they would like to. This is why we place such a huge emphasis on helping our clients get in to see the right doctors and specialists for their unique injuries.

The People Around Me Are Why I’ve Been So Successful

As an attorney at Farah and Farah, my single greatest asset is all the power-hitters around me. We have some of the top attorneys, paralegals, investigators, medical records personnel, and a number of other legal professionals that are all working together to make the wins we achieve everyday for our clients possible.

There’s one case I’ll never forget where a young lady was in an accident and needed our help to get the compensation she deserved. During the legal process, the defense team wanted to use our client’s online history as a way to downplay her injuries and ultimately the compensation she deserved. This case required me to guide this young woman throughout the process to help her achieve the best possible outcome. In the end, she received a great compensation package and told me that I had helped her grow up after going through the ordeal with me as her attorney.

Every case is different and presents its own unique challenges, which is why having such a great team in my corner makes big wins like this one possible.

Boating Accidents Around Jacksonville are Unfortunately Common

There was another case I’ll never forget where I helped achieve a $3.4 million jury verdict for my client who was injured when the pleasure boat on which he was riding collided with a barge under Blanding Boulevard Bridge. The case went all the way to the highest courts and the verdict was upheld at 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta. The precedent-setting case established that alcohol as a factor involved in a maritime event can be held to be a non-issue when the facts establish that the collision was otherwise unavoidable.

Similarly, I represented victims in a boating accident case where Jacksonville-based Superior construction company had to pay $19.2 million to eight people injured when the boat they were on slammed into Superior’s dimly lit construction barge moored in the Cedar River. While I don’t consider myself an expert in admiralty law, Jacksonville is the “River City” so accident attorneys here need to be well aware of details like how injuries on the water affect the body, the treatments required, damages to watercraft, and where responsible parties are liable in order to achieve the best results possible. 

Jacksonville is Such a Great Place to Live, Work, and Play

Those that live in Jacksonville know just what a special place the River City is. We have everything here and the people are some of the warmest and most genuine you’ll find. I guess that’s what really drives me when I have a client who has been so wronged, most often by their own insurance company. I have no issue with going to bat for my client and have stood in the courtroom countless times fighting for every single cent that they are due for what was lost.

I love the beach so that’s where you’ll usually find me outside of work. I’m also a diehard baseball fan and catch the Atlanta Braves or Boston Red Sox every chance I get. It’s this intentional downtime that really helps me to recharge in my free time to be that much more effective when I’m back in the office.

Hear My Podcast Features

I loved being asked to be on an episode of Legal Live with Eddie and Chuck Farah where I was able to discuss the “Stand Your Ground” law in Florida and qualified immunity related to local and national cases. You can listen to our discussion by clicking the Spotify link below.