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  • Florida Coastal School of Law, Juris Doctorate
  • Ohio University, Bachelors of Specialized Studies, Business & Entertainment Pre-Law


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Perry Bailey’s level of experience in personal injury is truly impressive. A list of positive case wins a mile long is testament to his skills as an accident attorney. Even more, are the reams of positive reviews his clients have left after Perry handled their case. Our team in Jacksonville is indeed lucky to have such a heavy-hitting accident attorney sitting right down the hall.

Chuck Farah
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Meet Perry Bailey

Perry Bailey is a personal injury attorney at the Farah and Farah office in Jacksonville. Perry helps Georgians hurt in car accidents and other injuries like slip and falls. With an extensive history in so many different aspects of personal injury law, Perry has built up an incredible track record of successful case outcomes. From years spent with another large PI firm to successfully managing his own law firm, Perry is exactly the type of keen professional you want managing your accident case.

The Culture of Farah & Farah Helps Us Do More

From the moment I joined the firm, I felt a culture of positivity. I’ve worked in other large firms where attorneys don’t always click or have any real camaraderie but Farah and Farah is different. Talking with Eddie and Chuck and other managing attorneys you feel heard, valued, and supported.

Even from the first day of training, I could tell that something is different. Farah and Farah invests in what our team needs to go to the next level for our clients. I also know that Eddie and Chuck trust me to get the job done the best way I see possible. All of this support from the top down simply means we have a nicer place to work and therefore provide a better experience for our clients.

I’ll Make Sure You Understand Everything We’re Doing & Why

One of my favorite parts of being an attorney is client interaction. I’ve spent time at law firms where all I did was work behind the scenes, reading case law and doing a lot of book work. This was definitely a great learning experience but I love that personal injury lets me meet face to face with my clients. My experience allows me to take on cases I may have not seen before, tackle all the issues, and help a new client get everything they deserve for what they’ve been through.

Seeing so much over my career, I’m pretty good at taking complex legal issues and explaining the situation in terms my clients can understand. I’ve heard far too many attorneys use complicated legal jargon – and they can lose the client that way. I’d much rather take a little more time to really explain and talk through options so my client is 100% comfortable with the decision making process over the course of their case.

Negotiating and Getting Solid Offers is What I Do Every Day

After spending so much of my career as a Georgia accident attorney, I’ve gotten pretty familiar with the process. I even plan my day around the best times to get results. I’ll call the insurance company adjusters when I know they’re at their desks and most likely to negotiate towards a favorable settlement.

After I’ve made progress, then I’ll reach out to my clients with updates. Managing cases efficiently is a big part of why our team has been so successful all of these years.

Insurance Claim Denied? I’ve Turned These Cases Clean Around

Even when it seems like a case is heading nowhere, I’ve been able to get the wheels turning. One I’ll never forget was where the insurance company had outright denied a claim. Two other attorneys had looked at the case but decided not to represent the client. I was the third attorney she’d spoken to. The client had slipped and fallen at a restaurant and sustained serious injuries.

I started doing investigative work to find past employees and get a statement on the types of floor cleaner they used. I dug through county records to find that the restaurant had inspection issues in the past for using this dangerously-slick cleaner. Going back to the adjusters with two potential witnesses and those inspection records made the insurance company go from outright denial to coming to the table and producing a meaningful settlement.

Headquartered in Jacksonville, Helping Victims Across Georgia

I’ve worked in locations across Georgia, from Savannah to Atlanta, but am now actually headquartered in our firm’s Jacksonville office. Why am I located in Florida as a Georgia accident attorney? Farah’s Jacksonville location is our firm’s central location and headquarters. I’m surrounded by the top leadership in the firm and can literally walk into Chuck and Eddie’s offices whenever I need to. Being in such a crucial location, I’m able to leverage all of the resources around me to do even more for accident victims and their families in Georgia.

On my downtime outside the Farah and Farah Jacksonville office, I love getting to the beach with my girlfriend and our three dogs – Barkley, an American Foxhound mix, Kobe, a lab mix, and June, a big teddy bear of a pit bull. The St. Johns Town center is another favorite with the mix of restaurants, shopping, and fun things to do. If you couldn’t tell from my dogs’ names, I love basketball and still play as many pick-up games as I can. If it’s football season, you can bet I’ll be true to my roots and cheer on the Cleveland Browns every time they play.