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  • Florida Coastal School of Law, Juris Doctorate
  • Florida State University, Juris Masters of Law, Magna Cum Laude
  • University of Florida, Bachelor’s Degree, English Literature, Minor in Philosophy


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David Standish is a highly intelligent, yet down-to-earth attorney who strategically puts the pieces of his clients’ cases together to achieve the best results possible. David’s way of connecting with his clients while going the extra mile to build a strong case is the exact embodiment of what it means to be a client-first firm.

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David Standish is a Jacksonville personal injury attorney working with the Farah & Farah team at our offices downtown. With significant experience in litigation support and an accomplished education in legal studies, David is the one-two punch clients need to build a great case from the start. 

David’s personable style meshes well with his eye for detail. This approach helps him connect with clients so they can be at ease while he fights tooth and nail for the recovery they deserve.

Putting My Clients at Ease Is the First Step Towards Their Positive Outcomes

Clients who decide to contact an accident attorney and come to us for help are dealing with one of the most intense moments of their lives. What I do as an attorney is help guide them through the legal process to get them compensation. That compensation is meant to put them back as close as possible to the day before their life changed.  

My father had a traumatic injury before I was born and that greatly influenced my decision to become a lawyer. I love getting to connect with people from every walk of life and helping put them at ease. I’ll always level with my clients so they know exactly where we stand.

Every Client Deserves To Be Heard; I Help Give Them the Mic

It surprises people when I say I graduated college with a degree in literature, but I believe being able to tell a client’s story is vital to being an effective attorney. My role as a pre-suit attorney means I’m connecting with people from the very start of their case. When I begin looking over the details, my mind is working to connect the dots and build the strongest case possible. I’m great at problem-solving, so I can help my clients with their more immediate needs. Then I get to work creating a narrative that demonstrates why my clients deserve every penny we’re seeking in the case. 

I Look Beyond the Present to Help My Clients Plan a Meaningful Future

An element of any case I work with is looking not just at the medical bills and property damage associated with the accident, but also thinking about how emotional or mental health could affect my client down the road. No matter what type of injury you receive in an accident, there will be visible and invisible wounds that can last a lifetime. Part of being an effective attorney is being forward-thinking so that your client can be properly taken care of, now and in the future.

A case where this mindset came into full view was with a client who was rear-ended while he was riding in a panel van that had a tow hitch installed. This unique situation creates a single impact point that can greatly amplify the forces involved in the collision. I made sure to find the right experts to bolster the facts of our clients’ cases, such as a biomechanical engineer who can explain how the accident affects the human body, and a physician life care planner, who can accurately project future medical costs. 

In the end, putting all of the pieces together like this helps create a rock-solid case that’s impossible for the insurance company to downplay.

Unwinding Outside of the Office Is Equally Important

My wife Reema and I love fun projects around the house and have recently undertaken a number of DIY projects while our two cats, Simon and Rami, watch in amusement. I grew up playing baseball and I love the Tampa Bay Rays, but will also catch the Buccaneers playing on Sundays. If I have some time to myself, I like to draw with pen and ink or play a few songs on my guitar. 

Since we’re here in Jacksonville, I also love just being able to get outside. With Farah & Farah’s office downtown, I’ll often take a stroll at lunch just to recharge. Any other extra time means you’ll likely find me playing disc golf – there’s a great short course right in downtown Jacksonville here that’s a lot of fun!