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  • Florida State University, College of Law, Juris Doctorate
  • University of Georgia, Bachelor of Arts, Political Science
  • University of Georgia, Bachelor of Arts, English Language & Literature


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Getting to see Khalil work his way up through our firm has been an incredible honor. Far from being handed anything, Khalil continues to excel in everything he undertakes. As one of the top legal writers in our firm, Khalil is frequently assisting other attorneys in aspect of their own cases. As a family-owned firm, having extremely capable and accomplished attorneys like Khalil making everything a team effort is exactly what Farah and Farah is all about.

Chuck Farah
Senior Partner at Farah & Farah


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Meet Khalil Farah

Khalil Farah is a personal injury attorney at the Jacksonville office. With a strong background in legal writing, Khalil is often a go-to resource for other attorneys. Khalil is one of only a handful of attorneys at Farah and Farah who have been admitted to both the Florida and Georgia Bars. This flexibility is one of the keys to Khalil’s success at representing injury victims when they need an advocate.

An Entire Firm Helping Me Ensure My Client’s Success

Growing up in a family law firm, the line between work and family blurs. Whenever I had a school break I was in the office doing what I could. I’ve worked nearly every role at Farah and Farah from the mailroom, to intake, to personal injury litigation. I’m proud to have that experience. Knowing how we take a case from the very first consultation all the way to the settlement table, gives me a better understanding of everything it takes to win for my client.

With any case I’ve ever had, my Dad, Eddie, and Uncle Chuck have always been available to talk out the details. Family is simply a big part of the work we do at Farah and Farah. Our clients are trusting us and that commitment really means everything to us.

Building a Solid Case Starts With Getting the Right Treatment

In almost every case, I tell my clients that I will never be able to make them as happy as the right doctors will. Helping them manage their day-to-day pain level or even eliminate it altogether is one of our priorities. We have two nurses on staff here at Farah and Farah. We frequently do medical training and have doctors and specialists come and educate us on injuries and advancements in treatment options.

After an auto accident injury, finding the right doctor for treatment is critical. Often, these doctors will be deposed as expert witnesses and someone like your primary care physician may not be comfortable with that. Getting our clients to the right specialists, who have treated these types of injuries before, is key to the overall success of our efforts.

Making a Case for My Client Takes Good Writing

One of my greatest strengths as an attorney is legal writing. Crafting an authoritative demand letter or motion takes creativity. But when you nail it, your argument cannot be ignored.

The best way to build a solid case from the ground up is to dig as much as possible at the onset. My whole team works to collect everything from photos to vehicle blackbox downloads right at the start. Once a case makes it to litigation I work on securing depositions from as many involved witnesses as we can. This process can take time, but at the end of the day, I’m able to put together a more solid argument for what my client deserves.

Seeing the Effects of Accidents Makes Things Personal

A case I’ll never forget was where a man was driving to work on a rural highway when he lost control and hit a brick mailbox. The driver was killed in the accident and left behind young children. Investigating this case for the family, we found that the homeowner was supposed to construct this mailbox to break apart easily since it was on a highway. The out-of-state owners ignored regulations when they built a brick mailbox.

Because of their actions, an ordinary day ended with a father never coming home. In the end, I was able to secure a substantial recovery for the family and we set up trust funds for his kids.

But, in the end, the kids would rather have their Dad back. They’d give all the money in the world to see their Dad again. These human costs are raw, real, and personal. My work as an attorney is to make sure these costs are addressed and those responsible pay for what was taken. And maybe, by pursuing those who do act recklessly, we create a safer city for everyone.

Doing What’s Right By Victims in Jacksonville

I love getting to work as a personal injury attorney in my hometown. It makes me feel like I’m making a real difference in people’s lives in a community I love. Jacksonville is a rarity—the biggest small town in America. I feel like Farah and Farah is a lot like that. We are a big firm with offices across Florida and Georgia and an entire team of legal professionals, medical experts, and support staff to bring about a successful resolution to our clients’ cases.

But we are still very much a family working together simply for the benefit of our clients. Even as big as we are, it’s not about the size of our firm, but about how much we can do for our clients and the positive impact we can make on their lives.

When I’m not in the Farah and Farah Jacksonville office, you can probably find me near Jax Beach with Kamaya Sushi being one my favorite spots. If it’s football season, you can bet I’ll be downtown watching the Jags or back in Athens watching the Georgia Bulldogs play.