Who We Are

When Eddie Farah was admitted to the Florida Bar in 1979 and began his law practice in Jacksonville in that same year, he was decidedly a generalist. The law firm was built for over decade by serving the needs of locals fighting all kinds of different legal issues – from insurance rights, to divorce and family law, bankruptcy, and personal injury cases.


After ten years of doing so much, Eddie decided to focus the firm on a true passion – being a personal injury attorney. This type of law focuses on victims who have been hurt through no fault of their own but their insurance company or the entity that caused their injuries is refusing to help make them whole again. Knowing that a victim and their families deserve so much more justice than that, Eddie went to work, fighting for every penny that a personal injury victim is entitled to after their accident.


In 1990, the Farah law team added Eddie’s brother, Chuck Farah, and named him as a Senior Partner. With the addition of Chuck, Farah and Farah would now handle personal injury, bankruptcy, and family law cases again.


While Chuck has since transitioned back to his passion of personal injury cases, as well, Farah and Farah has continued to add attorneys, paralegals, case managers, investigators, and a cadre of legal support staff in order to increase our firm’s capabilities. Every member of Farah and Farah must demonstrate great aptitude, as well as great attitude to embody our culture of being a client-centric firm of integrity.


Client-centric means just that. It’s not a sales pitch or a gimmick we say once and forget. It dictates everything we do. From Eddie and Chuck Farah on down, every member of our team is held to a high standard of always putting the client first. This level of commitment is what has distinguished our law firm and helped us to grow with many locations across Florida and Georgia. To date, we have made recoveries for our clients in excess of $1 billion.

What We Do

Despite our humble beginnings, Farah and Farah has grown to heights we could have never reached if we didn’t focus on remaining true to ourselves as a client-centric firm. With some of the very best and brightest attorneys and support staff, we are able to go toe-to-toe with even the biggest insurance companies and corporations.

With many different capabilities, the Farah and Farah team now has dedicated attorneys handling cases within twelve distinct practice areas, including:

These types of cases can pertain to all manner of different injuries from negligent security and dog bites, to swimming pool accidents and nursing home medication errors.




After an accident, haggling with your insurance company shouldn’t be on your list of to-dos. We take on the burden of getting everything you deserve so you can focus on healing. These cases can be with cars, motorcycles, bikes, pedestrians, and even boats.

Accidents with semi-tractor trailers can be absolutely devastating. Our experienced team of semi-truck attorneys handle nothing but these types of cases.




When you’ve put in your time at work and get injured, you expect your company’s insurance to cover your costs. That’s not always the case so our workers compensation attorneys fight for the justice you’re entitled to while you focus on recovery.

Some clients are embarrassed by their fall but the accident wasn’t their fault. Injuries from slip and falls can be incredibly severe so we go to work seeking maximum compensation for these types of cases.


Accidents involving trains can turn deadly in an instant. With train accident attorneys on our team, we can handle even the most complex cases to get our clients the compensation they deserve.



Most healthcare workers are extremely dedicated and careful practitioners. But all it takes is one lapse in judgement or one mistake to cause permanent harm or even death. Our medical malpractice attorneys are trusted and experienced with these types of intricate cases.

When pharmaceutical giants push out a product too early, the unsuspecting patient using the drug can suffer irreparable harm. Our dangerous drug attorneys are highly-experienced in handling these kinds of cases.


When a consumer buys a product, they expect it to be safe to use. Sadly, that’s not always the case. 





The process for getting social security disability is incredibly complex and unfair denials are all-too-common. Our social security disability lawyers focus on the fight to get clients the social security benefits they’re entitled to.


Patients trust that the medical devices being used in their operation are safe and fit for use but there are many instances where a product proved defective and caused serious injury or even death. 


When an insurance company refuses to give a fair offer for something that’s covered under the policy, policyholders can seek compensation under the law. Our insurance claim attorneys focus on this area to get our clients the maximum compensation they deserve.

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