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Ryan E. Thompson




  • Florida Coastal School of Law, Juris Doctorate, Cum Laude
  • Furman University, Bachelors of Arts, Business Administration
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Ryan Thompson is a natural leader, an accomplished attorney, and someone you definitely want on your legal team. He tirelessly fights for every penny the client deserves, putting in the work and the hours to build their case. He has a rare pairing of relatability to people combined with a fierce tenacity as an attorney, which contributes in large part as to why, time and again, he is able to garner such positive results for his clients.

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Meet Ryan E. Thompson

Ryan Thompson is a personal injury attorney in Yulee. A proven leader, Ryan honorably served our country in the U.S. Army during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Graduating Cum Laude from law school would precede what has been an incredible career as a personal injury attorney, with a long list of decidedly favorable outcomes for clients. Ryan is a passionate litigator with the background and experience to seek the maximum recovery available for each and every case he undertakes.

From Commanding the Battlefield to the Courtroom

After completing my undergraduate degree, I went on active duty with the 1st Battalion 22nd Infantry Regiment in the United States Army. During my time in the service, I was deployed twice to Operation Iraqi Freedom, first serving as a Tank Platoon Leader and later as the Executive Officer of a Mechanized Infantry Company. My service would earn many commendations and awards, including two Bronze Star Medals.

Once my tours of duty were completed, I decided to head to law school at Florida Coastal School of Law in Jacksonville. I took the same hard-nosed work ethic I’d developed in the Army to law school and wound up graduating Cum Laude, with a whole list of book awards which are given to the student with the highest grade in a course.

Being a personal injury attorney in Yulee and the North Florida area is still about being a leader who is all in, all the time. My client is trusting my experience and my counsel to navigate their road to recovery as efficiently as possible. I take this trust seriously and do all of the work necessary to move each case towards a favorable resolution.

Taking on Federal and Local Cases Right Here in Yulee

Personal injury cases cover a wide range of different accidents. The most common I see are car accidents and those involving premises liability, which includes things like slip and falls. A huge advantage to being near Jacksonville is with the U.S. Middle District of Florida Court right downtown. I’m one of only a handful of attorneys who have been admitted to both the Florida bar, which is our state court system, as well as the U.S. Middle District Court, which hears federal cases. 

The Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) is a special area of federal law that I’ve honed my experience in over the years. Under the FTCA, if you get injured by a federal employee or on federal property, such as being hit by a USPS truck or tripping on a loose brick at the post office, the case would wind up under federal court jurisdiction. These cases follow their own set of laws and procedures that are vastly different from Florida’s. 

Having the ability to help auto accident and slip and fall victims in either state or federal court means I have more opportunities to use my unique skill set to get positive results for my clients’ cases.

Building Every Case Like It’s Going to Trial

At Farah and Farah, we have the resources and the know how to resolve cases without jury trials. This is by far the most efficient way to get a settlement for a personal injury case. However, just because we’re skilled in the pre-trial aspect, doesn’t mean we don’t prepare from the get go like the case could go to trial. From the first client interaction onward, we build our cases like they are going to trial.

Creating that framework means our team already has a game plan in place should the case need to go to trial. That way, no matter where we are in the process, we always have a consistent case methodology to turn to. This all boils down to helping accident victims receive the compensation they deserve as quickly as possible. The legal process can be slow at times which is why we put forth the effort to build a case that’s ready to take to trial from the start.

Total Team Effort Equals Maximizing Recoveries

I’ll admit, I have a bit of a competitive side. So when the insurance company presents a ridiculous offer for my client’s injuries, I get fired up. My job is simple, I want to get the most money possible for my client. But it’s a total team effort to get there. I have to present all of the facts of the case and show just why my client deserves every penny. When the opposition is faced with a list of costs along with the justification behind each and every one, it’s hard for them to argue, which helps produce better settlement offers, faster.

Even though we are very much a family-oriented law firm, we have an incredible array of resources available to solidify the facts of a case. Whether that’s being able to utilize a construction expert to spot code violations that led to an injury at a business or consulting with Farah and Farah’s panel of medical experts, our team simply has more tools at our disposal.

Understanding Exactly Where Your Case Is

Something I’m really good at is taking all of the high level legal theories, jury instructions, and other case proceedings and breaking them down to explain them to a client. Being a leader in the Army, it was my job to make sure those under me understood their roles and responsibilities at all times.

As a personal injury attorney in Yulee, my role is still very similar. I help my clients understand where they are in the legal process and feel comfortable with where we are going. We may need to discuss negotiation strategies, what the case value is, cover proper medical treatment, and any one of a thousand other tasks that contribute towards a solid recovery for the client.

Standing Up For Injury Victims in North Florida

A recent case that will stick with me involved a nationwide construction company where a client was sitting in traffic on I-95 when they were rear ended by a construction truck. My client had to have neck surgery and therapy to recover. Even so, the defense team and insurance adjusters for years said there was no way the accident caused the injury and they offered my client absolutely nothing. Using our case methodology, I worked this case up just like it was going to trial. I worked with experts and had everything I needed when the case went to mediation. Through that process, we were able to take what was a $0 offer all the way to a $600,000 settlement.

When I’m not helping people get great results for their case, you can probably find me on a boat fishing or enjoying just being on the water. I grew up playing soccer so I also love following all of the professional teams. If I have a little extra spare time, I may be enjoying any one of the many great golf courses we have around North Florida.


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