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  • Nova Southeastern University-Shepard College of Law, Juris Doctorate
  • University of North Florida, Bachelors of Arts, English, Minor Philosophy


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Joseph Abdel-Malak is a tremendous asset to our Jacksonville office. He is a personable attorney who makes his clients comfortable upon first meeting. He works hard to get to know them and every aspect of their case so that he is fully equipped to win them the compensation they deserve. We are fortunate to have him working with us.

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Meet Joseph Abdel-Malak

Joseph Abdel-Malak is a personal injury attorney in Jacksonville at Farah and Farah. An expert in personal injury cases ranging from automobile accidents to slip and fall accidents, Joseph has extensive experience seeking compensation for his clients. He is a no-nonsense, detail-oriented attorney who will research all leads in order to find the evidence that wins his cases. Joseph feels that by looking at a case from every angle and taking the time to truly know his clients, he can provide the legal representation and advocacy they’re entitled to.

Getting My Clients Heard is What I Do Best

I see people when they are facing very difficult circumstances and are frustrated with the inability to get the compensation that they deserve. People can easily lose patience and need to feel that their attorney is listening and working on their behalf. The wheels of justice sometimes move very slowly, so by keeping communication open with my clients, I can assure them that I am continuing to pursue their case and have not lost sight of the desired goal of getting them the help that they need.

Working All Sides of the Case Gives Me More Perspective

I see clients from all walks of life and pride myself on being able to relate to many different people. I look at cases like I look at people, both require time to get to know. Each case deserves to be researched fully and from all perspectives so that I can fully understand what it takes to win. Many times I have been able to find that one piece of evidence that is the thing that swings the case in my favor.

In one memorable case, my client’s insurance company actually misapplied the benefits of their own contract. They were dramatically underpaying my client’s claim and trying to say that’s all that was available. After going through every page of the policy, I gathered the necessary information to show there were additional limits that applied and was able to get the insurance company to come to an agreement. In just a few months’ time, the client received every dollar that was due from their policy. If my client would have taken the first offer from the insurance company (even though they were emphatic that’s all that was available), they would have walked away with tens of thousands of dollars less than what they actually deserved.

Doing What Others Call Impossible to Win for My Client

I appreciate that at Farah and Farah we work together as a team for our clients. I am relentless when it comes to working a case, even if other firms have said it’s not worth it. Many clients have come to me from an accident or slip and fall incident where they have endured significant injuries through no fault of their own. Other legal firms have turned down their cases for various reasons. They are discouraged and think their situation is impossible. I can help them clearly determine if compensation is possible and put together a winning team for them.

This firm is a family-owned business that really works together like a family. When one of us wins a case, we have all won that case. My clients deserve that kind of persistence and team-effort.

Not In Jacksonville? I Handle Auto Accident Cases Across North Florida

Auto accident injuries are my concentration and the area in which I have the most experience. I am licensed throughout the State of Florida and very willing to make myself available to serve clients wherever they are located throughout the state. That really is the beauty of hiring a firm the size of Farah and Farah, you are hiring experience throughout our state to get the best representation for your case.

When I’m not in the Farah and Farah Jacksonville office, I love the beach, volunteering with the American Red Cross as a lifeguard or just walking with my dog. It clears my head and helps me think. Those down times are like a reset button that helps to make me a better attorney.