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Steven Bridge


  • University of Miami School of Law, Juris Doctorate
  • University of North Florida, Bachelor of Science, Political Science, History Minor


  • The Florida Bar
  • Jacksonville Bar Association
  • Jacksonville Justice Association
  • Jacksonville Women Lawyers Association
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Steven is an instantly relatable type of person, which makes him incredibly skilled as a personal injury attorney. His friendly and personable demeanor may be one of his greatest assets as he helps clients through some of the toughest situations they’ll likely ever face. His ability to manage so many different moving parts simultaneously is why he continues to be trusted with ever-increasing responsibilities within the firm.

Chuck Farah
Senior Partner at Farah & Farah


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Meet Steven Bridge

Steven Bridge is a Jacksonville personal injury attorney at Farah and Farah. Steven specializes in effective legal representation for victims hurt in accidents. Whether that’s an auto accident or a slip and fall, Steven has a wealth of experience within an incredible array of accident cases. Expertly navigating the legal process in North Florida, Steven is a tremendous asset for his clients, as well as the firm. Steven is often utilized across different departments at Farah and Farah for his unique ability to immediately plug in and be a leader no matter what the situation is.

Resources Are Everywhere at Farah & Farah

Being a firm as big as we are but being family owned and operated is huge. I know I can always go directly to Eddie and Chuck to get advice. Whenever I’ve wanted to bounce ideas off of someone for an upcoming case action, I’ve always got another top-notch attorney nearby who’s not only willing, but actually eager to help me. You just don’t get this level of support as an attorney in other places. The atmosphere at Farah and Farah truly contributes to a better client experience because someone who’s happy in what they do and who they’re doing it with is simply going to do a better job.

Truthfully Listening to Understand My Client’s Experience

From helping so many accident victims, I know just how difficult it can be to describe exactly what you’re going through. After the accident, you may have injuries that can last a lifetime or, worse – you may have just lost someone you loved dearly. You know what happened, why you were put in this situation, but it’s hard to articulate exactly what’s going on emotionally, financially, and physically. I empathize and listen to my clients to truly understand where they are coming from to then identify the best course of action to move them towards recovery. 

One case that will always stay with me was where a client was rear-ended and needed back surgery. The initial offer from insurance was just $7,000. For anyone who has experienced back surgery, you know you are simply never the same. Having to experience this for the rest of her life and getting an offer that didn’t even cover her medical bills was disheartening to say the least. My client endured this pain while my legal team and I set to work to gather more evidence and build a solid case for the recovery they deserved. 

At the end of this crucial auto accident case, we were able to get her $100,000 for her injuries. Bringing the insurance companies to the table and presenting an effective legal argument for every penny my client deserves is something I love doing. 

How I Can Help Reduce Your Case’s Medical Bills

Something not every law firm pursues as heavily as we do at Farah and Farah is working with the right medical providers to treat the specific types of injuries our clients face. We even have a team of in-house medical personnel to help us evaluate cases. One area our team is always keen to pursue is talking to the medical providers our clients are seeing and advocating for a bill adjustment. 

Working with some of the most well-respected treatment centers in our area, I’m often able to help get my client’s medical bills reduced. When we reach a settlement or jury verdict, this means more money going directly to my client’s bank account rather than paying what could otherwise be high medical bills. 

I Love What I Do Here in Jacksonville

Even though most of my cases are from Jacksonville, because of my experience I do help with cases from other Farah and Farah offices around Florida like Fort Myers and Tallahassee. 

Outside of work in the Farah and Farah Jacksonville office, there’s this little park on the river down from my house with a swing and bench that I love taking my dogs up to and just watching the water. Jacksonville is a beautiful place and I’m proud I get to make it even better by doing real, tangible good in our community.