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  • The University of South Carolina School of Law, Juris Doctorate
  • Florida State University, Bachelor’s of Science, Social Science


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Matt McKie is an incredibly enthusiastic and good-natured member of the Farah family. Matt’s people skills are what puts his clients at ease while he masterfully seeks every dollar they’re due. His experience in pre-litigation and litigation, as well as the financial sector, give him a huge leg up in case valuations. At the end of the day, those skills are used to get the absolute best recovery possible for his clients.

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Meet Matt McKie

Matt McKie is an Orlando personal injury attorney at Farah & Farah, working with our team located just off North Magnolia Avenue. As a litigating attorney, Matt is primarily helping people in the Orlando area file suit after they’ve had a car accident or slip and fall and the insurance company is refusing to offer fair compensation. With years of experience in litigation, where cases are settled or go to court, Matt has a unique, holistic view of everything it takes to win.

If you were in a car accident or had an injury at a place of business and insurance just wants to give you the runaround, it’s time to have an attorney like Matt McKie fighting for the maximum recovery you’re due under the law.

I’ll Make Sure Everything is Ready for Our Day in Court

In my experience practicing law, I’ve been fortunate enough to have extensive litigation experience. Clients are often confused about the process and shaken up after an accident. My job is to take the case, work out the details, ensure my client is receiving the treatment they need, and start working with the insurance adjuster to move the case forward. Having so much experience in this area of the law is invaluable as I know exactly what I need to move things along and how the defense side is likely to react. It’s far easier on the front end when you know everything that’s needed to make a case successful.

Being in litigation, I have a great working relationship with our entire legal team and can use my past experience to make sure important handoffs are smooth for our clients. When a case comes to me in litigation, it’s because we’ve had to file a lawsuit in order to get the insurance company to come to the table.

More often than not, a case will settle before it goes to trial. But at Farah & Farah, we are working from day one and using every resource at our disposal to work up a case like it was going all the way to court. Because we do it that way, each case I receive already has had an experienced legal pro laying the groundwork and giving me everything I need to take the ball and run with it for the client. In the end, that creates greater efficiencies and helps us maximize the client’s recovery.

We Can Stand Toe-To-Toe With the Insurance Giants

Growing up, I served as a camp counselor and I have some truly amazing memories from that time. My mom also owned a daycare that she formed simply because she wanted to help busy parents. Getting to tangibly help people is what drew me to this area of the law. The legal process can be complicated and it only makes matters worse when you’re injured and the other side is making things all the more difficult.

It makes my blood boil when the big insurance companies try to downplay my clients’ injuries. I’ve seen time and again where they either delay, deny, or try to underpay a rightful claim. When that happens, and you feel like you’re being cheated, please come talk to me. I like nothing better than to utilize my talents as a personal injury attorney to make big insurance come to the table and recognize everything you’ve been through.

Maximizing the Value of Your Case

Something I truly excel at in the legal process is maximizing the value of cases. It may seem straightforward, but there is a lot of nuance in deciding what a case is worth and then having the evidence to back up what we’re demanding. In a former life, I worked as a financial advisor and even obtained several certifications. I believe that experience serves me well as I look at the big picture financially with my clients.

I’ll work on valuing their case and we’ll make a game plan before heading into important case milestones like depositions and mediations. When the other side presents their number, I’m usually pretty close to that mark. We’ll typically negotiate to get the best possible outcome, but making sure you’re being straightforward with the defense is key to getting them to agree to our number and getting my clients their checks as soon as possible.

Another aspect of maximizing case value that rarely gets talked about is how we can help reduce medical bills. We have excellent relationships with doctors and hospitals around Orlando and can actually negotiate on our client’s behalf to have their bills reduced. When the case is over and done with, that means more money in their pockets. It’s details like this that truly maximize what we’re able to provide for our clients.

Some Cases Just Stick With You

A slip and fall case I’ll never forget involved an elderly gentleman who very much enjoyed heading up to his local gun range in Ocala every week. One day, the facility hadn’t cleaned up the shell casings on the ground, and my client slipped and shattered his hip. The facility didn’t want to admit any wrongdoing, but by working through the details, and showing them just how much damage their negligence had caused, I was able to secure a $350,000 settlement for a very deserving man.

Another case that sticks out to me was with a young girl who was rear-ended in her car. She was injured and had a $50,000 policy that we were able to get fully tendered for her accident. This girl and her family were so incredibly appreciative, they actually invited me and my fiancé over to their house for dinner and told us just how much the recovery had helped their lives for the better.

You see, personal injury is just that—personal. No matter what the insurance companies say, accidents drastically affect people’s lives, and I got into practicing law to give my clients a voice and help make them whole again.

Downtime Is Important and Mine Generally Centers Around Sports

Although I absolutely love what I do, I recognize that in order for me to be at the top of my game, I need some downtime away from the office too. In my spare time, I love catching just about any game of football that happens to be on.

I am partial to my alma mater, the FSU Seminoles, and will catch them in action as often as I can. My family and I grew up near Annapolis, MD, so the Baltimore Ravens are definitely who I’llroot for in the NFL. If you couldn’t already tell, I’m a detail-oriented person and I’ll dig into all the stats on the players ahead of time.

If there’s some extra time, I enjoy getting out and playing a nice round of golf. However, if it’s a true getaway, you’ll find me up in the mountains. Beech Mountain, NC is just about my favorite hideaway on the planet.

Here locally, you’ll probably find me and my fiancé at À La Cart Orlando, which is a funky little food truck village that always rotates and has an awesome outdoor space to eat and hang out.