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  • Florida Coastal School of Law, Juris Doctorate
  • University of Washington, Bachelors of Arts, Society, Ethics, and Human Behavior


  • The Florida Bar
  • Florida Justice Association
  • Jacksonville Justice Association
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Kassandra is the type of person you want as your personal injury attorney. Her depth of experience is why she trains new attorneys in what it takes to be a lawyer at Farah and Farah. You’d be hard pressed to find another attorney who cares as deeply and puts in as much work as Kassandra Farnsworth. That’s what makes her such a valuable member of our firm.

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Meet Kassandra Farnsworth

Kassandra Farnsworth is a Jacksonville personal injury attorney at the Farah and Farah downtown office. As soon as clients speak to her in the initial consultation, they know Kassanda is who they want to represent them. With an exceptional knack for never backing down from a fight and getting her clients everything they deserve, Kassandra is exactly who you want in your corner when you’re in the legal fight of your life.

You Can’t Take the Easy Way Out

I do litigation and training for new attorneys at Farah & Farah because it’s something I truly enjoy. Being skilled as an attorney and getting to see how my work benefits my clients is what makes this work so fulfilling. I love when I’m able to use my tenacity and skills to get everything my clients need. There are other firms out there that only seek the quickest settlement possible so they can cash out and move onto the next case. That’s never what I do. I’m here for my clients every second of the day because that level of support can be exactly what they need to start recovering.

Taking on Even the Toughest Personal Injury Cases

One of my most memorable cases was with a client who had a spinal injury requiring very advanced surgery. This client’s health insurance carrier was applying the claim in such a way that my client would have been left with nothing left after all of his hospital bills. But I kept pushing until the giant insurance carrier agreed to provide the amount my client was seeking. The experience taught me to dig in rather than backing down, and I saw firsthand how much sheer grit and determination can pay off.

Even with the statutes being largely in their favor, I was able to secure a favorable outcome for my client because I didn’t quit when things got hard. Insurance companies will try all kinds of tactics to derail a case. They’ll delay their communications with you, ignore you altogether, or try to convince you that settling immediately is your only option. I love being able to go toe-to-toe with the insurance giants and absolutely own them for my clients.

Having the Foundation I Need To Propel Cases Forward

I am proud to have earned a scholarship to Florida Coastal School of Law. My drive to put in the work earned me several book awards for various courses, which means I scored the highest grade in the class.

I also obtained advanced legal research accreditations and certifications which makes it a lot easier for me to zero in on the right information I need to progress my client’s case as quickly as possible.

Fighting for Victims in Jacksonville

When I was in law school, I performed a lot of pro bono work in our area, and even received honors for the amount of hours I put in. After law school, I continued to volunteer and perform pro bono work with the Jacksonville Legal Aid. I’m proud to have built my legal foundation on helping people that truly needed legal assistance. Being a part of this community, you can’t help but fall in love with Jacksonville, which is why I came here for law school and never left.

On the very few occasions I’m not pouring myself into a case or training new attorneys, you can probably find me on the beach at Hanna Park with my lovable pet Husky, Dory. I also enjoy traveling and spending quality time with my family and friends.