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If you’ve suffered injuries in a Tampa car accident caused by someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation. However, getting an insurance company to pay a fair settlement can be challenging. 

You may have the right to take legal action and demand compensation if you’ve recently suffered injuries or lost a family member in a car accident in Tampa, Florida. Set yourself up for success by hiring our experienced Tampa car accident lawyers. Contact us today for a free consultation. 

Why We're the Best Personal Injury Law Firm Tampa, Florida

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We are a family-centered personal injury law office in Tampa that provides compassionate advocacy and representation to people injured in car accidents. We pride ourselves on always putting clients first. Our attorneys work as a team rather than individually to be there for you during this difficult time and fight together to maximize your results. 

Successfully fighting large insurance companies requires a significant financial investment. Our car accident attorneys in Tampa have full access to the resources of our large law firm. We invest our own resources to fight insurance companies and win you the compensation you deserve, and you won’t owe us anything unless we win. 

Our Tampa Car Accident Lawyers Have Experience You Can Count On 

We have over 44 years of experience helping clients recover substantial compensation from large insurance companies that don’t want to pay. Each of our attorneys brings valuable experience to our Florida car accident law firm in Tampa. By pulling together as a team, our combination of experience, skills, and resources makes us a powerful ally in your fight for justice. 

Joseph Nemeh 

Joseph Nemeh spent his early career protecting consumers from shady car dealerships, giving him valuable trial experience from the very beginning. Afterward, he gained valuable experience defending insurance companies. These early experiences shaped Joseph into a capable trial lawyer with insider knowledge of the strategies insurance companies will use to evade accountability. 

Matthew Podolsky  

Matthew Podolsky is a seasoned car accident lawyer in Tampa with an extensive background in finance. He previously owned his own law firm, where he focused on family law and bankruptcy. He joined our law firm specifically to help injured individuals because he has compassion for those in need.  

Our Car Accident Case Results Are No Accident 

Our experience makes all the difference for our clients, and it’s why we’ve won more than $2 billion in compensation in the face of some of the most difficult challenges in our clients’ lives. Below are just a few examples of our successful case results

  • $2.4 million for an injured driver who could not return to work. 
  • $1.8 million for a father who became disabled in a low-impact collision while driving a company vehicle. 
  • $1.4 million for a United States Army veteran severely injured in a car accident. 
  • $1.2 million for a master electrician who suffered spinal cord damage in a rear-end accident. 
  • $1.1 million for a retired Navy man severely injured in a rear-end collision. 

Our Clients Know We Care 

We get results through caring, understanding, and hard work. We show our clients how much we care by answering their phone calls at all hours of the day, visiting them in the hospital, fighting aggressively for them to receive the compensation they deserve, and more. Below are a few examples of unsolicited testimonials we’ve received from our Tampa area clients:

I would personally like to say thanks to a great team of attorneys, but most importantly say thanks to one of the absolute best lawyers I’ve worked with. She is punctual, responsible, and very reliable. She returns calls and emails promptly. I couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer. Kaley Dreyer is the best you can ask for!

– Markquis M.

From the initial handwritten note from Mr. Farah himself, to help finding medical providers to suit my specific needs, to the months of hard work and diligence on behalf of my attorney, Apple Santibanez, and finally reaching a resolution to my claim that kept me from waiting even longer…I could not be happier with my experience using this law firm to handle my auto injury case. If I ever need an attorney in the future, I will not hesitate to work with them again. 10 out of 10!

– Rachel A. 

Excellent service. I would highly recommend this firm. Melanie Quinones took care of my husband and my auto accident case. Mrs. Quinones and her team who took care of all the information for us were very helpful and prompt in getting everything set up and notifying us of the status of the case each time in a timely manner through calling and texting. Thank you all (Melanie, Danelies, and team). We truly appreciate your help.

– Janet 


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We Give Back Because We Care 

Our Tampa Bay car accident lawyers lead with compassion, one of the key values of our law firm. One of the most important ways we show we care is by giving back to the communities we share with our clients.  

We champion community involvement throughout the state by giving away college scholarships, supporting veterans’ organizations, and supporting organizations that promote independence for people with disabilities. Many of our car accident clients benefit from these programs. 

Our Tampa Bay attorneys also take it upon themselves to offer individual support to worthy causes, and they are all active members of our community. Below are just a few examples of the area organizations our Tampa personal injury lawyers support

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Our Top-Rated Tampa Car Accident Lawyers Can Help Maximize Your Recovery

When you suffer an injury because of someone else’s negligence, we won’t let the insurance company get away with paying you less than you deserve. Our passionate and skilled attorneys know what it takes to force insurance companies to face up to their liability. You can count on us to do the following: 

  • We will perform a thorough, independent investigation of your accident. This includes hiring our own accident reconstructionists and forensic experts to analyze all the factors that helped cause your accident. We will also locate witnesses, camera footage, and other critical evidence. 
  • We will prove who is really responsible for your accident. Our accident investigation will provide us with valuable evidence to protect you from being unfairly blamed for the accident. It will also enable us to identify all the responsible parties and prove they owe you compensation. 
  • We will deal with the insurance company for you. Insurance companies take advantage of injured accident victims. Our award-winning Tampa car accident lawyers will stop them in their tracks and keep them accountable. 

We will work with medical and financial experts to fully understand the long-term effects of the accident on your quality of life, earning capacity, and future medical bills. This helps us calculate an accurate case value and prove that the amount is fair and just.

We Handle All Car Accident Cases in Tampa

At Farah & Farah, we have over four decades of experience representing clients who’ve been injured in all types of car accidents, including: 

Regardless of what type of accident you or your loved one experienced, you can count on our nationally recognized car accident lawyers in Tampa to have the skill, knowledge, and determination to pursue the compensation you deserve. Contact us for a free consultation. 

The most important thing you can do at the scene of the crash is document as much as you can. Take photos of the two vehicles but make sure your photographs show not only the damage but the position of the two vehicles at the scene

- Khalil Farah

What Types of Damages Are Available in Tampa Car Accident Cases?

When you are injured in a car accident, you may be eligible to pursue financial compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, lost earning capacity, and pain and suffering.  

Damages for financial losses, such as medical expenses and lost wages, are known as economic damages. 

Costs may be higher in some cases, especially when considering the costs of future medical care, which you can also pursue in a car accident lawsuit. These losses may be even higher if you had a high-paying job before the accident and your injuries prevent you from returning. 

Non-economic damages, also known as pain and suffering. These damages include your physical pain and the additional difficulty your injuries may bring upon your life, such as the following:

If you are the grieving family member of someone tragically killed in a Tampa area car accident, our compassionate Florida wrongful death lawyers in Tampa can help you pursue compensation for the loss of your loved one’s income, your loved one’s medical expenses, funeral expenses, your family’s emotional losses, and more. Call us at (813) 358-0490 for a free consultation. 

Some car accidents in Tampa are caused by drivers whose behavior is inexcusable. If we find clear and convincing evidence of intentional misconduct or gross negligence, we will help you pursue punitive damages. Florida law allows you to receive punitive damages of up to $500,000 or three times your economic and non-economic damages.

Is There a Deadline To File a Florida Car Accident Lawsuit?

Yes. With limited exceptions, Florida’s car accident statute of limitations states you must file your car accident lawsuit within two years of the crash date

If a family member dies in a fatal Tampa car accident, you’ll have two years from the date of their death to pursue damages in a wrongful death claim. 

Once the deadline passes, you may lose your right to get the compensation you deserve. Therefore, contacting a reputable Tampa car accident attorney as soon as possible after your accident is crucial. Call us now at (813) 358-0490.

Understanding Liability for Car Accidents in Tampa

Determining liability after a car accident is one of our most important jobs as skilled car accident lawyers in Tampa. Identifying all the liable parties is one way we can maximize your compensation. It can also help us prove that you were not at fault. 

Who’s Liable for My Injuries? 

Under Florida law, anyone whose negligence or wrongful actions contribute to your mental health due to a car accident can be financially responsible for your damages. Depending on the specific facts of your case, this might include the following: 

  • Drivers of passenger vehicles 
  • Motorcyclists 
  • Truck drivers
  • Pedestrians 
  • Bicyclists 
  • Bus drivers 
  • Public transit companies 
  • Employers of negligent parties 
  • Property owners 
  • Government agencies responsible for road design and maintenance 

Negligence refers to a failure to exercise reasonable care, causing an injury or death. Anyone who is careless and causes you to get hurt can be on the hook for your damages. 

However, liability isn’t limited to negligent parties. It’s possible to pursue compensation based on strict liability, too. This is most often the case when a vehicle or a vehicle component, such as brakes or an airbag, is defective. The vehicle or auto part manufacturer can be liable for crash-related damages in these situations. 

Determining liability can be complicated and time-consuming. Our dedicated Tampa car accident lawyers will take care of that for you. We have the resources and experience needed to pinpoint who’s at fault and aggressively seek compensation on your behalf. Contact us now for a free case review. 

Can I Recover Compensation If I’m Partly at Fault? 

Under Florida’s modified comparative negligence system, you can recover compensation for a car accident if you’re no more than 50 percent to blame. 

If you share some—but not most—of the blame for a wreck, you’re entitled to limited damages. Your damages are reduced proportionately to your fault. For example, if you’re five percent at fault for a Tampa auto accident and your damages were $100,000, your award will be reduced by five percent (or $5,000) and you will be awarded $95,000.  

If someone claims you are at fault for an accident that severely injured you, call our Tampa personal injury office at (813) 358-0490 for a free case review. The results of investigations by law enforcement or insurance companies may be inaccurate. Our forensic investigation is much more detailed, and we may be able to reduce or eliminate the fault attributed to you.

What If I Received a Traffic Ticket?

If you received a traffic ticket in connection with the accident, don’t let this deter you from contacting us. It doesn’t prove that you were at fault, and we can help you fight it. Traffic tickets are allegations, and they don’t prove anything. 

Although an insurance company may have a heyday if you receive a ticket, it is inadmissible in court as evidence of fault. The insurance company will also try to use the police report or any statements you made to police against you, but these are tactics meant to intimidate you. Neither the police report nor your statements to the police can be used against you in court. 

Insurance companies hope you never learn the truth about what evidence is admissible. If they can make you believe that the police report or a ticket is final, they can minimize your compensation. Let us protect your rights and fight for the compensation you deserve. Call us today at (813) 945-2157.

How Does Insurance Work After a Tampa Car Accident?

Insurance will be your primary source of compensation after a car accident in Tampa, Florida. Here’s what you need to know. 

Florida’s No-Fault Insurance System 

Florida’s no-fault system means you must submit a claim to your car insurance company after an auto accident. It doesn’t matter who’s at fault or liable for the crash. When you submit your claim, you can recover damages up to your policy limits. 

Under Florida law, all motorists must purchase at least $10,000 in Personal Injury Protection, or PIP, benefits and $10,000 in Property Damage Liability coverage. 

What Do PIP Benefits Cover? 

Personal Injury Protection benefits will cover: 

  • 80 percent of your medical bills 
  • 60 percent of your lost wages, subject to a $10,000 cap

For minor accidents, these benefits can be enough to cover all crash-related costs and losses. However, when accidents are more severe, PIP benefits and other auto insurance coverage can miss the mark. 

What If My Damages Exceed My Policy Limits? 

Florida allows you to seek damages from a liable party—and their insurer—if your injuries are classified as “serious.” 

Serious injuries typically include traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, severe burns, amputation, and death. Any injury that causes a “significant and permanent loss of an important bodily function” can be considered serious. 

What Happens If the Other Driver Doesn’t Have Insurance? 

Car accident claims can get complicated when a driver is uninsured. In these situations, you can file a claim to recover benefits from your Uninsured Motorist Coverage if you added it to your policy, or you can bring a lawsuit directly against the uninsured motorist. You can also pursue compensation from another liable party, if applicable.

How Do I Deal with Insurance Companies?

It is crucial to allow an experienced Tampa car accident lawyer to handle the insurance company for you, beginning as early in the process as possible. Insurance companies have decades of experience handling car accident cases, and they use this to take advantage of injured car accident victims who are often dealing with a car accident for the first time. 

The Adjuster 

Typically, your primary contact with the insurer will be an adjuster. An adjuster’s job is to calculate your claim value according to the insurance company’s guidelines. Adjusters often seem friendly and helpful, but it’s important to remember that they work for the insurance company and are driven by its bottom line.  

Insurance companies are in business to make money, and their objective is always to pay out as little as possible. It is easy to let your guard down while talking to the adjuster, but this is a mistake. The adjuster can use innocent statements against you as evidence of fault.  

It’s hard to determine the right and wrong things to say when you’ve been injured in a car accident. You shouldn’t have to worry about this while you’re in pain and trying to recover. Instead, let our award-winning Tampa car accident attorneys put our experience to work for you. We know what to say and what not to say. Call us now at (813) 358-0490 for a free consultation. 

Don’t Give the Insurance Company Evidence Against You 

The insurance company may try to persuade you to provide a recorded statement. We don’t recommend this. You could be asked about details about the car accident and unknowingly make statements that the insurance company can use to say you were at fault. 

Even if you think you may have been at fault, it is impossible to determine this without a forensic analysis. Once the insurance company has a recording, your statements become evidence the insurance company can use as it wishes

Don’t Accept an Early Settlement Offer 

It is common for insurance companies to make an offer shortly after your accident. This offer is almost always significantly lower than your case value. Accepting this offer requires you to forfeit your right to file a lawsuit or pursue additional compensation for the accident later. 

Knowing the full cost of your injuries without knowing your maximum recovery level is impossible. It can take several weeks or even months to determine this. The insurance company hopes you will accept an early offer so it won’t have to pay your full case value if the long-term impacts of your injuries are costly. 

What to Do If the Insurance Company Contacts You 

If the insurance company contacts you, the safest course of action is to inform the representative that you have hired counsel, and all inquiries should be directed to your counsel. Do not sign any documents from the insurance company without your lawyer present. Contact us today to talk to a nationally recognized Tampa car accident lawyer who will always be on your side.

How Common Are Tampa Car Accidents?

Hillsborough County roads are some of the most dangerous in the nation, according to County Commissioner Gwen Myers. 

That’s not surprising considering the Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater metropolitan area has the fourth worst commute, according to a recent study, with an average one-way commute of 26.7 minutes and a population density of 1,279.7 people per square mile. Even the Los Angeles area ranked better than the Tampa Bay area. 

The traffic safety problem in Tampa is only getting worse. Since 2014, deadly crashes in Hillsborough County have increased by 40 percent. 

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles reported that 28,356 traffic collisions occurred in Hillsborough County in 2022. As many as 657 of these accidents involved pedestrians, and 476 involved bicycles. Traffic accidents in our county resulted in the following: 

  • 19,275 traffic injuries. 
  • 230 total traffic deaths. 
  • 59 pedestrian deaths. 
  • 18 bicyclist deaths. 
  • 483 drunk driving crashes. 
  • 292 people injured by drunk drivers. 
  • 35 drunk driving deaths. 

Approximately 26.5 percent of crashes in Hillsborough County were hit-and-run collisions in 2022. These collisions caused 1,874 injuries and 14 deaths. Pedestrians and bicyclists are often the victims of hit-and-run crashes, which frequently go unsolved. In February 2023, Fox 13 reported that the state had assigned a trooper to the Tampa Bay area to investigate hit-and-run accidents exclusively. 

We have our own investigative team that can help. If a hit-and-run driver has injured you or your loved one, call us immediately at (813) 358-0490 for a free case evaluation. 

Tampa’s Most Dangerous Roads and Intersections 

The most dangerous road in Hillsborough County is United States Highway 301, which has the three most dangerous intersections. The most dangerous intersections include the following: 

  • U.S. 301 and Gibsonton Drive. 
  • U.S. 301 and Big Bend Road. 
  • U.S. 301 and State Road 674. 
  • North Florida Avenue and East Waters Avenue. 
  • Lakewood Drive and East Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. 
  • Fishhawk Boulevard and Boyette Road. 
  • Big Bend Road and Summerfield Boulevard. 
  • Big Bend Road and Summerfield Crossing Boulevard. 
  • County Line Road and U.S. 41. 
  • Bill Tucker Road and US 301. 

Our area is also home to two of the nation’s deadliest highways—Interstate 4 and United States Highway 92. Interstate 4 is considered the most dangerous highway in the nation, and U.S. 92 ranks fifth, with Tampa ranked as the most dangerous area along this highway. 

What Causes So Many Accidents in Tampa? 

In June of 2023, a distracted driver in Brooksville was sentenced to 30 years in prison for vehicular homicide and reckless driving with serious bodily injury. Gregory Andriotis was using his cell phone to surf the internet while driving 100 miles per hour when he hit a car occupied by a family of four. A nine-year-old boy was killed instantly, and the other family members were seriously injured. 

It is against the law in Florida to text and drive, but the law falls short of banning all cell phone use. However, distracted drivers can be held liable when they cause an accident, regardless of whether they are breaking the law. 

Other common causes of car accidents in the Tampa Bay area include the following: 

  • Drunk driving 
  • Drowsy driving 
  • Speeding 
  • Aggressive driving 

Poor driving habits are especially dangerous in congested conditions, which are common in and around Tampa, especially during rush hour and snowbird season, when traffic levels are the highest. 

Unsafe road designs are often to blame for accidents involving pedestrians and bicyclists. According to WUSF, there are 1,200 miles of roads in Tampa with no sidewalks. Where there are sidewalks, some are right against heavy traffic areas with no protection.

Car Accident FAQs

What Are the Most Common Car Accident Injuries? 

Car accident injuries may occur from being crushed, struck by objects, slammed against surfaces inside the car, or ejected from the vehicle. The resulting injuries can be permanent and severe in any of these scenarios. 

Broken Bones 

During an accident, you have little or no control over what happens to your body while it’s tossed around by the massive forces from the accident. As a result, it is not uncommon to sustain multiple broken bones during an accident. The most common broken bones are as follows: 

  • Back or neck vertebrae 
  • The collarbone 
  • Pelvic bones 
  • Upper and lower leg bones 
  • Various bones in the skull 
  • Facial bones 
  • The breastbone 
  • Ribs 

Internal Organ Damage 

One of the most important functions of the bones is to protect the internal organs. When bones are broken, nearby organs become vulnerable. Broken bones can impact and damage internal organs, or the force of the accident itself can damage the organs, particularly in the abdominal area. The most commonly injured abdominal organs include the spleen, liver, abdominal wall, and intestines. 

Organ damage can lead to life-threatening internal bleeding, and the organ can stop functioning properly.  

You cannot see internal bleeding, which can cause it to go unnoticed until it is life-threatening. This is one reason why seeking medical attention as soon as possible after a car accident is important. 

Neck and Back Injuries 

Whiplash is one of the most common car accident injuries. It affects the neck and occurs when the head is suddenly thrust forward and backward. Whiplash is a painful injury that often resolves in a few weeks but can cause long-term complications

Among the most serious car accident injuries are spinal cord injuries. If the spinal cord is damaged, you can lose sensation from that point in your body downward, resulting in full or partial paralysis. The lower part of the back, known as the lumbar spine, is the most vulnerable area in car accidents.  

Although less common, the most serious spinal cord injuries are injuries to the cervical spinal cord, the top portion of the spinal cord where the neck meets the back. If the spinal cord in this area is severed, it can result in full-body paralysis, or quadriplegia. 

Herniated discs occur when the cushioning between the spine’s bones bulges due to the pressure your spine experiences during a car accident. These injuries can cause painful pressure on the nerves and damage the nerves over time. 

Traumatic Brain Injury 

When the forces of a car accident cause a sudden jolt or a blow to your head, it can cause the brain to become injured. Such injuries can occur when broken skull bones injure the brain or when the brain moves inside the skull. A mild traumatic brain injury is known as a concussion and usually resolves within a few weeks, although long-term complications are possible. 

Moderate and severe brain injuries can occur when rotational forces in a car accident cause nerve fibers in the brain to tear. Swelling of the brain in the hours or days following a car accident can also cause severe damage to the brain. 

Moderate and severe traumatic brain injuries can cause you to lose your ability to think clearly and function. This is especially devastating if your livelihood requires a high level of mental skill. Moderate and severe brain injuries can also cause mood changes, physical impairments, and loss of bodily functions. 

If you or your loved one has experienced this type of injury in a car accident, our Florida brain injury lawyers in Tampa can direct you to resources that can help and aggressively pursue significant financial compensation. Call us now at (813) 358-0490 for a free case review. 

Loss of Limbs 

In some cases, car accidents can lead to limb amputation. Amputations can result from crushing injuries, especially if the vehicle or a component sits on top of a limb for a long period while waiting for help to arrive. These types of injuries are most common in accidents involving high speeds upon impact, according to a recent study. 

Severe Burns 

Burn injuries are among the most devastating car accident injuries. They can occur when you’ve been in a car accident that involved an explosion or a vehicle fire. Our Florida burn injury lawyers in Tampa have seen such injuries result from high-speed accidents, big-truck accidents, rollovers, and motorcycle accidents.  

Severe, widespread burns are life-threatening and can result in lifelong complications. If someone else’s carelessness has caused severe burn injuries, you deserve significant compensation. Contact us today for a free case evaluation. 

What Should I Do After I Get into a Car Accident in Tampa? 

When you’ve been injured in a car accident, everything you say and do from the moment the accident occurs can impact the outcome of your case. Your highest priority after an accident is always your health and well-being; your next priority is protecting your claim. The following actions after a car accident will accomplish both: 

  • Complete your medical treatment. This will serve as important evidence that you were injured. The insurance company has a right to access your medical records during your claim. If you skip treatments or fail to follow your doctor’s advice, the insurance company will use it as evidence that your injuries are less serious than claimed. 
  • Report new symptoms to your doctor. Car accident injuries are not always immediately apparent. New symptoms can emerge days or weeks after the car accident. You must report new symptoms to your doctor to document them. Our medical experts can help you connect new symptoms to your accident. 
  • Stay off of social media. Insurance companies will look for evidence against you anywhere they can find it. They may even spy on your social media. If you post pictures of yourself on a good day, the insurance could use it against you to say you’re faking your injuries. If you discuss your accident on social media, your statements become written evidence your insurance company can use against you. 
  • Save the names and contact information of witnesses. Our nationally recognized Tampa car accident lawyers will make contact with eyewitnesses to your accident. This can prove to be crucial evidence in your favor.
  • Contact an experienced Tampa car accident lawyer as soon as possible. Early involvement by a reputable car accident lawyer is crucial because it allows your attorney to access evidence while it’s still fresh. Camera footage can be erased, and skid marks can fade over time, making it more difficult to prove how your accident occurred. Call us now at (813) 358-0490 for a free case review.

Contact Our Car Accident Attorneys for Help Today

If you or a loved one was injured in a car accident in Tampa, you shouldn’t have to bear the burden alone. Our compassionate Tampa car accident lawyers are here to help you in your time of need. Call our experienced and supportive Tampa car accident attorneys today at (813) 358-0490 for a free, no-obligation case review. 


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