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Social Security Disability Lawyers in Fort Myers, FL

Our experienced team of Fort Myers Social Security Disability attorneys can help you meet the Social Security Administration’s tough requirements so you can receive your benefits as soon as possible. If you have already been denied, don’t lose hope. Call us today at (239) 558-0750

Without an experienced disability lawyer, navigating the application process for Social Security disability can seem overwhelming and complex. At Team Farah & Farah, we know you have worked hard to earn these benefits, and now we’re ready to go to work for you.

Why Choose Farah & Farah To Help With Your Social Security Disability Application?

We have been helping disabled workers get approved for Social Security Disability (SSDI) since 1979. Our Fort Myers personal injury lawyers have an in-depth understanding of the application and appeal process that we’ll use to help you get the benefits you deserve.  

As a family-centered law firm, we lead with compassion and treat every client with dignity, respect, and honesty. We care deeply about the needs of disabled Americans, and we show it by actively supporting worthy organizations throughout Florida that help people with disabilities, such as the following: 

  • The Center for Independent Living 
  • Five STAR Veterans Center 
  • Legal Aid 

We consistently get outstanding results for our clients, which is no accident. We win through caring, understanding, and hard work. This is reflected in the client testimonials we regularly receive, such as the following:

“Farah and Farah exceeded my expectations of the services I was provided. They were attentive and professional during all of my interactions. I would recommend this company to represent you in legal action. Phillip Brizel, the associate that worked on my case was great, thank you.”

TJ Williams

Our Fort Myers Social Security Disability lawyers help clients throughout Southwest Florida, including Port Charlotte, Cape Coral, Punta Gorda, Naples, and Lehigh Acres. 

How Farah & Farah Can Help You Get the Benefits You Deserve

Adjusting to a new disability is hard enough without dealing with an overwhelming application process. Our talented Fort Myers SSDI lawyers can take the stress out of the process by doing the hard work for you.  

Assess Your Eligibility

We use the same methods as the Social Security Administration (SSA) to determine whether you are eligible for Social Security Disability. This enables us to do the following: 

  • Set your mind at ease about your eligibility. 
  • Anticipate how the SSA will view your application. 
  • Obtain the documentation necessary for approval. 
  • Determine what medical information will be needed. 
  • Potentially speed up the approval process. 

Prepare and Submit Your Initial Application

The SSA requires extensive documentation and information regarding your medical condition and work history. Our experienced Fort Myers disability lawyers can help you gather this information and ensure that your application has all the elements necessary for the best chances of approval.

Represent You Until You Are Approved

If the SSA has questions about your application, we will answer them on your behalf and provide any additional information requested. In some cases, the Social Security Administration will require an additional medical examination. We can help you coordinate this with doctors in our network and ensure that it works in your favor.  

Appeal a Denial

With our help, a denial can be reversed on appeal. If you have already passed the time limit, we may be able to show the SSA good cause for the delay and still file your Social Security Disability appeal. The appeals process involves the following steps: 

  1. Reconsideration – A new examination of your application by an SSA claims examiner who did not participate in your denial. 
  2. Administrative law judge (ALJ) hearing – A private, informal hearing where expert witnesses may be required to testify. 
  3. Appeals Council review – A complete review of your application, reconsideration, and ALJ hearing, which may result in the ALJ review result being dismissed, confirmed, or redone. 
  4. A civil lawsuit – A request for a denial to be reversed that is filed in federal court. 

Our caring and dedicated attorneys will not give up until you receive the approval you deserve.  

What Is SSDI?

Social Security Disability Insurance provides monthly payments to workers who become disabled after paying into the program through social security taxes. Most workers have paid into the system through withholdings from their paychecks.

Do I Qualify for Social Security Disability?

To qualify for SSDI benefits, you must have sufficient work credits and a condition that meets the SSA’s definition of a disability. 

Qualifying Disabilities

The disability must have the following characteristics:  

  • It prevents you from performing work the SSA considers a substantial gainful activity. 
  • It is expected to last at least a year or result in death.  

In 2023, a substantial gainful activity is a job where you can earn up to $1,470 per month. If you are blind in both eyes, this amount is raised to $2,460. These amounts are adjusted annually based on the cost of living.

Work Credits

You are considered insured if you pass the following two tests: 

  • Duration of work test – You have worked long enough. 
  • Recent work test – You have worked recently enough.  

Some workers who are blind are only required to pass the duration of work test. The length of time and recent work history vary based on the age when you became disabled. Generally speaking, the older you are, the more years of work you will need. 

What Are My Options If I Don’t Have Enough Work Credits?

If you meet the SSA’s criteria for disability but have not earned enough work credits, you may qualify for Supplemental Security Income (SSI). SSI provides a monthly benefit to disabled people with limited resources. To qualify, you must meet the following criteria: 

  • Be permanently disabled or over 65 
  • Have limited assets 
  • Have limited income 

You do not need work credits to qualify for SSI. The income and asset limits are adjusted annually. If you are married, your spouse’s income and assets are also considered. We can determine your eligibility and help you apply. 

Can I Receive Social Security Disability and Workers’ Compensation at the Same Time?

Yes, you can receive both workers’ compensation and SSDI at the same time when your disability is the result of an injury that occurred at work. We can help you with your workers’ compensation claim as well as your SSDI claim. 

If your total benefits exceed 80 percent of your earned income before your disability, your disability benefits will be reduced accordingly. A workers’ compensation lump sum may also affect your SSDI benefits. 

When you reach retirement age, your benefits convert from SSDI to retirement income. These benefits will not be affected by your workers’ compensation.

When Should I Call a Social Security Lawyer?

To receive your benefits as soon as possible, you should contact our Fort Myers Social Security Disability attorneys before you submit your initial application for SSDI. You can also hire us any time after you have applied.  

If your claim has been denied, you will need our assistance as soon as possible. You have 60 days from the date you receive your denial letter, and the SSA assumes you receive it five days from the date on the letter.   

Social Security Disability Frequently Asked Questions

You are always welcome to contact our Fort Myers office with questions about Social Security Disability. Below are answers to some of the most common questions we receive.

Do You Need a Lawyer To Apply for Disability in Florida?

You are not required to have a lawyer to apply for Social Security Disability. However, you have a significantly greater chance of being approved with the assistance of a qualified SSDI lawyer. 

If you have already been denied, you can benefit from an experienced disability lawyer to help you navigate the appeals process. The appeal process is more complex than the initial application, and you may have to attend a hearing. 

What Information Do I Need To Apply?

When applying for SSDI on your own, you will need to gather numerous documents, including the following: 

  • Names, addresses, and phone numbers of your health care providers 
  • Dates of your health care visits 
  • Names and dosages of your medications 
  • Medical records already in your possession 
  • A list of laboratory and test results 
  • A summary of where you worked and the types of work you did 
  • Your most recent W-2 Form or tax return if you’re self-employed 

When you hire the Fort Myers Social Security Disability attorneys at Farah & Farah, we can explain the specific documents you’ll need and help you gather everything for your application.  

How Long Will It Take To Reach a Decision?

It takes the SSA an average of three to six months to process the initial application. It can go faster if you have an attorney who can accurately anticipate the documentation the SSA will need. This prevents the SSA from having to ask for additional information or documentation, which can delay the process. 

If your application has already been denied, the appeals process can take significantly longer, particularly if a hearing is required. Our Social Security Disability team is meticulous during the first stage of the appeal process to help you receive approval as soon as possible. 

How Much Disability Will I Receive?

Your disability award will vary depending on your age, salary, and work credits. The SSA offers an online benefits calculator to assist you in estimating your benefits. Our experienced disability lawyers in Fort Myers can also provide you with an accurate estimation.

Can My Family Receive My Benefits?

It is possible for certain family members to receive SSDI benefits in certain circumstances. A minor child, a disabled unmarried adult child, or a spouse may be eligible for your SSDI benefits.

Call Us for a Risk-Free, Confidential Consultation

If you have become disabled, put our Fort Myers Social Security Disability attorneys to work for you. The initial consultation is free, and there is never an upfront cost for our services. Call us today at (239) 558-0750 or contact us online using our easy contact form. 


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