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  • Florida Coastal School of Law, Juris Doctorate
  • University of North Florida, Bachelors of Arts, English, Minor in Political Science


  • Spanish


  • The Florida Bar
  • Florida Justice Association
  • Jacksonville Justice Association
  • Jacksonville Beach Bar Association
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Natalia Hawkesworth is very much your local accident attorney in how she instantly relates to clients from every walk of life. Connecting with clients isn’t something they cover in law school and frankly isn’t something that can be taught but is a skill which is invaluable towards getting the client the best possible resolution during their time of need. Our Jacksonville office is indeed lucky to count such a skilled attorney among our ranks.

Chuck Farah
Senior Partner at Farah & Farah


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Meet Natalia Hawkesworth

Natalia Hawkesworth is a personal injury attorney in downtown Jacksonville. Natalia dedicates her career to helping people hurt in car accidents and premises liability cases (like slip and falls) here in the River City. As a pre-litigation attorney, Natalia handles cases from the very beginning.

Utilizing her skills in investigation and solid case management, Natalia starts fitting all of the pieces together to seek the absolute maximum available in each and every case. Natalia is a master at the insurance fine print, skilled in finding insurance coverage that her clients did not even know they had. Speaking both English and Spanish, Natalia has the ability to help an even greater number of accident victims in our area.

The Camaraderie of a Family Business is Hard to Beat

I grew up helping my family business so I was very much used to the camaraderie and support you find in a close knit group. Coming onboard Farah and Farah, I was blown away by the family atmosphere this firm has, even though we’re as big as we are. Eddie and Chuck Farah have done an amazing job of keeping the family feel. We all chip in to help one another, and that ultimately benefits the service we’re able to provide to our clients.

If I have any questions, I have an entire team of absolute top-tier legal professionals all around me that I can turn to at any point. With an open door policy coming straight from Eddie and Chuck, I am surrounded with a support structure that gives me everything I need to do my job most effectively. In the end, this all translates into being able to do more, go farther, and maximize the recovery we’re able to seek for our clients.

Building Strong Cases From the Start is What I Do Best

Before coming to Farah and Farah, I gained a lot of experience in family law. These cases are incredibly tough emotionally. I did my best to help children involved in some truly unimaginable situations. I learned that being an attorney really takes grit and being able to see the whole picture in order to chart the best path forward for your client.

As an accident attorney in Jacksonville, my clients are coming to me at a really tough point in their lives. They need direction and they need an advocate. I help with finding the right doctors for the treatment my client needs, explaining insurance coverage, and dealing with the adjusters. In the end, I help provide direction on where we can go from here, and work towards a solid resolution. From the very start, my strategy is to get things moving. This means I’m immediately on the hunt for the missing key information that we need to get the case moving forward.

Being an Empathetic Injury Attorney is a Must For Me

My time spent in family law really helped shape who I would become as an attorney. You absolutely have to be empathetic towards your clients, who are arguably going through the toughest moments of their lives. Being attentive to their needs, supporting them through treatment, and communicating exactly where we are going from the very start all contribute towards the client feeling confident in my ability to get things done for them. 

Growing up in a hispanic household, I have a special place in my heart for Spanish speaking clients. Sometimes they speak little English and are frightened and confused with the American legal system, especially after an accident. For all of these people in our area, soy tu abogada. I’ll help you find the right treatment, look at your insurance coverage, contact all of the parties involved, and start getting results. 

Jacksonville is Such a Great Place to Live, Work, and Play

When I’m not in the Farah and Farah office, I love spending time at the beach. I grew up near the beach and still live in the area today. I feel so lucky to have such a beautiful spot right in our own backyard to unwind. I also love globe-trotting and experiencing different cultures , and am always eager to learn new styles of cooking wherever I go.

If it’s football season, you can bet I’ll be catching my hometown team, the Jacksonville Jaguars, every time they play along with my husband, Cevin, and my two dogs (and world’s best cheerleaders), Mavis, a small but mighty Chihuahua, and Frankenstein, a big teddy bear of a Boxer.