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  • Florida Coastal School of Law, Juris Doctorate
  • University of West Florida, Bachelors of Arts, Legal Studies


  • The Florida Bar
  • Florida Justice Association
  • Jacksonville Justice Association
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Savannah Cooley is hands-down one of the hardest working human beings I’ve ever known. She literally worked her way up from the ground floor of our organization, mastering each new position and always moving forward. Her depth of experience is virtually unrivaled and it’s this experience that gives her an uncanny insight into the inner mechanics of progressing a case. I believe this to be a major contributing factor as to why she’s been so successful in her current role.

Chuck Farah
Senior Partner at Farah & Farah


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Meet Savannah Cooley

Savannah Cooley is a personal injury attorney in Jacksonville. Savannah has held many different roles at the firm and even worked as a paralegal before coming onboard. All of this legal experience makes her all the more knowledgeable in how to expertly handle even the toughest personal injury cases. With a no-nonsense approach, Savannah knows just what it takes to get big-box retailers and businesses to the table when someone is hurt on their property. Her long list of wonderfully positive outcomes for her clients is one of the best testaments to just how effective Savannah is as an accident attorney.

Working My Way Up Makes Me Really Good At What I Do

Over the years I’ve spent with Farah and Farah, I’ve worked my way up from our intake department all the way to practicing attorney. Working all these different roles gives me a true appreciation for every step we take to deliver the best results to clients. Our entire team works together at each level to build the best case possible. That kind of combined effort from so many top-notch legal professionals means we are a force multiplier for justice and is a major reason why we have so many great results for our clients.

When my clients are hurt in an accident at places like a big box retailer, a hotel, business, or other commercial property, my experience is immediately put to work. This experience allows me to hit the ground running and start formulating the best strategies to secure maximum compensation for my clients.

When No One Believes What Happened, I Make Them See

With so many successful cases under my belt, there aren’t too many things that surprise me anymore. Whether that was a tool box falling at the home improvement store, a display that wasn’t set up correctly at a giant retail store that came crashing down, or a piece of balcony furniture at a hotel that wasn’t secured during a storm and struck my client, I have a deep level of experience in these types of cases.

Some of the cases I’ve seen are almost too wild to believe and that’s just the problem. The big chain store you were shopping at set up a situation where you were hurt and no one believes your side of the story. The work truck you ran into didn’t have working brake lights, which caused you to run into them – yet they deny any responsibility. When it seems like no one believes you, come talk to me. These types of cases require my client to trust in me just as much as I need to trust in them. When you’re hurt because of another’s negligence, I will find the evidence, gather the security footage, talk to witnesses, and all the other steps we need to take to prove exactly what you say happened. 

When we confront a business or insurance company with all of this evidence, it’s a lot harder for them to just turn a blind eye because if they do, they know they’ll see me in court. When I finally get the verdict my clients were waiting for, it means that the courts believed them too.

Farah and Farah is the Biggest “Mom and Pop” Law Firm I Know

What you see on TV and around town is the real deal. Our firm feels like a small, family-owned business and yet, because of our size, we have so many additional resources at our disposal that I get to utilize to benefit my client’s case. The level of support we have at Farah and Farah means my team has everything we need to justify why we’re seeking the maximum compensation available under the law.

A lot of my cases are in Jacksonville but because I have such great experience specifically with accidents like slip and falls, I handle these types of cases all over Florida. When I’m not in the office downtown, you can probably find me unwinding on the racquetball court or just spending time with my husband at any of the beautiful natural offerings we have around our home in Fleming Island.