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Will Oglesby is an experienced personal injury lawyer in St. Augustine, FL. With over a decade of law experience, Will has helped countless personal injury victims get the compensation they deserve. Because of his background of owning a law firm previously, Will has developed key skills to guide his clients from start to finish through their cases. He is exceedingly competent and cares personally for those he represents. Prioritizing open communication with his clients makes him a valuable advocate for those in need of legal representation.

When Will Oglesby takes on a case, he brings his wealth of inside knowledge and wisdom to the table. With him as your personal injury lawyer, you can rest assured that he will help instruct you through the process at every turn. Bottom line, if Will Oglesby is on your case, you’ll have a veteran attorney on your side.

The Client’s Experience Is Highly Important to Me

When someone comes to me with a personal injury, automobile accident, or slip and fall case, they are often in a desperate situation. I get to help them by making their experience as a client as smooth as possible. People who have sustained an injury have enough to worry about already. By making my clients a top priority, I can aid in relieving some of their stress and worry. 

I make a considerable effort to engage each client personally to learn best how to present their case. As I meet a client, one of my goals is to put them at ease with thorough and clear communication. Doing this work takes time and a personal approach. I want every client to know that they are my first concern. 

Though I’ve worked on countless personal injury cases, each client has a unique situation and needs. Every case is important and can have a significant impact on the lives of my clients. There is no such thing as a cut-and-dry case in personal injury. Each injury and incident has its unique details and impact. I work hard to get all the facts right and understand the unique attributes of each case. Once I’ve uncovered all the facts, I form a strategy to represent my clients to the best of my ability. 

I Know the Goal and Walk My Clients Through the Process

As a personal injury attorney in St. Augustine, my goal is to get my clients the compensation they deserve after they’ve been hurt. Getting to that goal, however, can be a process. More often than not, my clients don’t know where to begin when it comes to their cases. That’s where I step in to help them understand the process, what their opinions are, and what are the next steps. 

A lot of lawyers have a bad habit of speaking “legalese” to their clients, and it can be hard to understand. I want my clients to have a good understanding of how we will proceed with their case. I know that it can quickly become overwhelming when you get into legal jargon and terminology so I like to break down the specifics with my clients and use plain language. 

There are many steps in a personal injury case. I serve as a guide to help my clients navigate the entire process. I’ve been a personal injury lawyer for some time, and I get to put my years of experience and insight at my client’s disposal. 

Representing Personal Injury, Auto Accidents, and Slip and Fall Cases in St. Augustine

Over my career, I’ve worked in a few different areas of legal representation. Though I’ve had experience in both corporate law and financial law, personal injury is one of the most rewarding. Victims that are injured in an automobile accident or in a slip-and-fall case need help to get the compensation they deserve. I enjoy the satisfaction I get from assisting clients in winning their case. 

My background and knowledge have equipped me with the skills and insight into several areas of personal injury law. This makes me a valuable representative for my clients and allows me to fight well on their behalf. Having the competency and skills to represent these cases enables me to give my clients the best advocacy I can. 

When you’re hurt, getting appropriate compensation means more than a dollar amount. Winning a case means getting the help you need for medical fees, your livelihood, and even future unforeseen expenses. I know what it means to my clients to win their case and what’s at stake.  That’s why I work so hard to fight for everything an accident victim is due under the law.

It’s Good to Contribute to a Firm that Does So Much Good

Coming from corporate law and owning my own law firm, I have been thoroughly impressed with the culture here at Farah and Farah. Eddie and Chuck Farah are genuinely caring people who prioritize community involvement and doing good for those around them. This mentality is shown to their clients, employees, and the community at large. Working with such outstanding individuals every day makes me excited to come to work. 

My family has had cases handled by Farah and Farah in the past, so I know firsthand how they operate. The team members here are some of the best I have ever worked with. It’s good to contribute to a firm made up of so many top-tier professionals.  

I also get the privilege to work with some of the sharpest legal minds in Florida and benefit from the wealth of resources at Farah and Farah. It feels good working in an environment where I can always trust my fellow attorneys to help out when needed. Everyone is accommodating and willing to jump in wherever a need arises. As a part of the St. Augustine branch, I also get to work with my wife, who is a star litigator for the St. Augustine office. With so many heavy hitters on our side, I am confident that we are doing the most good for our clients and community every day. 

Life in the Nation’s Oldest City Is Pretty Good

Being a native of Jacksonville, I’ll be a Jags fan for life. Now that my wife, kids, and I live in St. Augustine, there is always something fun to do. My family loves going to the beach and enjoying the Florida weather or the great restaurants around town. When we need a change of pace, I love to travel and plan family vacations around the world. There is so much to see and new adventures to be had. I love sharing those experiences with my family, for whom it’s all about for me. 

“As a member of our St. Augustine team, Will Oglesby is a key component of Farah and Farah. Not only does he work tirelessly for his clients, but he takes time to communicate with them thoroughly. His kindness and personable nature make him an exceptional advocate for his clients. The client experience that Will Oglesby creates is exactly what we want at Farah and Farah.” – Chuck Farah, Senior Partner at Farah & Farah

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