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Farah & Farah Community Involvement

Eddie Farah and the members of Farah & Farah are very active in the communities they serve and have developed a number of programs to protect you and your family.

Empowering Youth With Disabilities

Farah & Farah proudly supports the Independent Living Resource Center of Northeast Florida (ILRC), a nonprofit that serves youth with disabilities by empowering them to achieve independence through access, education, and employment.

Recently, Eddie and Chuck Farah accompanied the youth advisory council on a trip to Tallahassee, meeting with legislators and advocating for the rights of people with disabilities. Farah & Farah was honored to host a Career Day as well, where attorneys, paralegals, and other staff members provided ILRC students with career advice.

“Liberty and justice apply to everyone. Disabled people want their liberty, justice, dignity, and respect. The ILRC gives them that opportunity. We want to be part of it.” -Eddie Farah

Honoring Those Who Served

Farah & Farah has proudly sponsored the Jacksonville Marine Corp Half Marathon and Freedom 5k for the past 15 years. This year's race will occur on Saturday, October 20th.

“Eddie has been with us through a sponsorship of the race from the first year,” says Gayward Hendry, president of the event and retired Chief Warrant Officer for the U.S. Marine Corp. Hendry says without Farah & Farah’s sponsorship, “We couldn’t put on a race, pure and simple.”

In addition to this sponsorship, Farah & Farah supports the Five Star Veteran’s Center in their mission to reduce veteran homelessness. The firm sends community volunteers to support the Center’s various needs, from grounds maintenance to gardening.


Giving Bike Helmets to Children

Wearing a bicycle helmet isn’t just smart - it’s the law. Farah & Farah wants to help keep your children safe by offering free helmets to anyone under the age of 16. As part of the Safe Kids Initiative, Farah & Farah community volunteers were trained by Wolfsons Children’s Hospital to properly fit bike helmets to children.

Recently, at Safe Kids Day held at the Jacksonville Zoo, Farah & Farah community volunteers gave away 161 properly fitting bike helmets to children. Farah & Farah also gave away helmets at the Stuff the Bus event, which the firm proudly sponsors.

If your child needs a helmet, stop by our office in downtown Jacksonville. Be sure to bring your child with you, so they can be paired with a helmet that fits perfectly.

Empowering Students to Lead

Farah & Farah stands behind the I'm A Star Foundation. This non-profit organization provides an outlet for students to develop solutions to help their peers overcome negative statistics. 

Farah & Farah supports the I'm A Star Foundation's many projects, including Farah's Readers are Leaders and the Rosa Parks Produce Market.

Learn more about Farah & Farah's involvement with the I'm A Star Foundation

Offering Free Cab Rides Home

In an effort to reduce drunk driving and auto accidents, Farah & Farah offers free cab rides in select cities on holidays like New Year's Eve and St. Patrick’s Day.

Since launching this initiative in 2015, Farah & Farah has proudly given away 1,959 free cab rides.

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These guys have such a high rating for a reason. I received excellent service from multiple attorneys and paralegals. And the case outcome was actually even better than what I had hoped for. I can’t thank them or refer them enough!!! Thank you again

-Danny S.

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Was involved in a rear end accident in Gainesville. Called Farah and Farah and had a lawyer assigned to deal with insurance company etc. Made it very easy. Got a great settlement. Wish I would have called them sooner to get a better settlement for my car that was totaled. I negotiated those terms myself and bet I would have gotten much more cash with less work if I had Joseph do it for me. Joseph Presutti was very friendly and I felt he was very straight with me. If you are in an accident it would be in your interest to get a lawyer. Farah and Farah worked for me maybe they’ll do the same for you.

-JesSay N.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Farah and Farah. Generally, I haven’t had the best experience with lawyers in the past. My mom had had previous experience with the firm as well, and so I decided to give it a try. I thank God I did. As a college student away from my home (I attend school in Tallahassee), Amanda kept me updated at all times. Her and my attorney Randy Rutledge took care of EVERYTHING, which allowed me to focus on healing from my auto accident and my studies. Any questions that I may have had, Amanda never hesitated to answer them, and if she didn’t know, responded as quickly as possible with an answer via phone or email later on. Thank you guys for everything! #TeamFarah&Farah

-Icy Eley

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