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  • Western Michigan University Cooley Law School, Juris Doctorate
  • Florida Gulf Coast University, Bachelors of Science, Legal Studies


  • The Florida Bar
  • U.S. District Court, Middle District of Florida
  • Florida Justice Association
  • Lee County Bar Association
  • Cuban American Bar Association
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Amanda Olivert is one incredibly keen attorney. She is a fierce and determined advocate who doesn’t quit until her client receives everything they are entitled to under the law. Her long list of fantastic outcomes is a testament to her prowess as an attorney. Our Fort Myers team, as well as the firm at large, is indeed fortunate to have her on our side.

Chuck Farah
Senior Partner at Farah & Farah


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Meet Amanda Olivert

Amanda Olivert is a personal injury attorney in Fort Myers. Fort Myers is a beautiful place for residents and tourists alike, but more visitors simply means more chances for accidents to occur. Amanda’s extensive experience in personal injury and auto accidents makes her an ideal advocate for victims. And being bilingual in English and Spanish allows her to help a great number of people in our community.

Everybody Says It, But Farah and Farah Truly is Like a Family

One of the very first things you notice when you walk through the doors of Farah and Farah Fort Myers is just how genuinely kind everyone is. When I met Eddie and Chuck Farah, I got the sense that they have purposely built this firm to always feel like family no matter how big we get. It may be something that everyone says, but when so many are all saying the same thing you know there’s truth behind it. Being supported by a team that has had my back since day one makes me feel so empowered. I didn’t really understand until I started working here how much more you can accomplish when the entire firm is behind you 100%.

This level of support and collaboration isn’t something you typically find with larger law firms. This is what makes Farah and Farah so unique. I know if I ever have any sort of question or want to bounce an idea off someone I can go to Eddie and Chuck directly. I also always have my local Fort Myers team right beside me.

I’ve Put in the Work to Go From Law Clerk to Practicing Attorney

Working my way up in this profession has helped me appreciate how every little piece contributes to better case results. I understand how the front-end research ties into solid case management and how empathy can make or break your case. All of this experience makes me so much more appreciative of the work my legal team does everyday and so much more mindful of how all the moving parts work together to secure a great outcome for our clients.

I love where I’m at currently, which is pre-litigation for auto accident and premises liability cases (think slip and falls and other injuries at a place of business). Pre-litigation means I get your case from the very beginning, build a solid case framework, start treatment, and put the wheels in motion to pursue a successful resolution as quickly as possible.

The Best Recoveries Involve Both Medical & Financial Breakthroughs

Everyone has a professional niche that they really like and/or excel in. For me, that’s research. I love researching case law and precedents in order to build a rock solid case from the start. Doing our homework upfront helps through every step of the case. It can help us find the right doctors to treat the types of injuries your accident caused, utilize the right investigators to piece together every aspect of what happened, and provide an outcome that seeks to make the client whole. Being made whole is two parts—medical and financial. Without healing, a client could get all the money in the world and still be miserable. This is why I place such a big emphasis on finding the right course of treatment from the start. It lets my client focus on healing while I seek the absolute maximum financial recovery.

I’m Advocating for Friends & Neighbors in SW Florida

Southwest Florida is my home. It’s where I went to school and where I want to put down my own roots. I love the people here, so getting to be their advocate in a time of intense need is incredibly rewarding to me.

Downtown Fort Myers is most likely where you’ll find me during my downtime running around with my two dogs, Zeus, a beautiful goldendoodle, and Max, a small but fierce Lhasa Apso.