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  • Mercer University School of Law, Juris Doctorate
  • Georgia Southwestern State University, Bachelor’s Degree, Computer Science


  • The Georgia Bar
  • Georgia Trial Lawyers Association
  • Middle Georgia Trial Lawyers Association
  • American Association of Justice
  • Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys
  • The National Trial Lawyers Top 100
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Mark is a fierce litigator who has built his practice around staunch advocacy for the injured after their accident. Mark’s reputation and compassion is well-known throughout the Macon area. We are indeed lucky to have such heavy-hitting litigators like Mark representing those who need it most.

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Mark Pitts is a Macon personal injury attorney working in the Farah & Farah offices off Riverside Drive. With more than twenty years of experience as a litigation attorney for accident cases, Mark has built a tremendous track record for achieving the best results possible for his clients. As a personal injury attorney in Macon, Mark’s practice revolves mainly around car accidents and premises liability cases, although he’s built an emphasis on tractor-trailer accidents. 

With a keen eye for legal strategy and a kind and generous nature, Mark Pitts is who to call if you’re ever injured in Macon.

I Know How To Handle Injury Cases

Building my career around accident cases, I’ve seen every twist and turn a case going to court can take. I build my strategy based on experience and how I can maximize the returns I’m able to get for my clients. Coming out of law school, I went straight into private practice where I mainly handled criminal cases. I built up expertise in this unique area of the law before moving on to personal injury, where I’ve spent more than two decades honing my skills. 

Having worked in both pre-suit (when a case first comes in) and in litigation (when a case goes to court), I have seen cases from start to finish countless times. All that experience has taught me the best strategies to employ at the right times to secure the best possible outcome in car wreck cases.

No Two Cases Are Ever Exactly Alike

Something that really excites me even after all these years as a trial lawyer is that no two cases are ever exactly the same. There are always differences in the way wrecks unfold and of course, every victim and their experience is completely unique. Accidents happen in all manner of ways and their effects on people’s lives need to be understood and captured in order to seek the maximum compensation available under the law.

Hard Work and Grit: I’ll Outwork Anyone

A skill that simply cannot be taught is work ethic and it’s something my dad instilled in his children early on. I believe tenacity is a strength for litigation attorneys because you’re often facing a giant insurance company that either wants to delay, underpay, or deny the rightful claim of your clients. You have to dig deep into the facts of the case and find the right blend of experts to support every fact presented in your client’s case. 

The defense team aren’t necessarily bad people, but it’s their job to fight you in court. While not every attorney is in the courtroom, that’s what I was hired to do here at Farah & Farah and where I’m most comfortable.

Fighting for Everyday Victims

A case I’ll never forget involved a pedestrian who was struck by a vehicle while he was walking. The impact was so severe it broke the man’s arm, which required surgery. While we prepared for trial and chose the jury, the case resulted in what’s called a “hung jury,” where they were not able to provide a verdict. When that happens, the case is retried. Once we put together our entire case plan again, the insurance company ultimately saw the merits of our client’s case and decided to pay my client. 

Suffice it to say, our client was ecstatic to finally receive the compensation he deserved after such a long legal fight. That situation goes back to what I said before: You have to have grit as a trial lawyer in order to see a case through to the end.

Weekends Are for Family, Football, and Good Food

I can tell you that as an attorney, you need downtime outside of work in order to rest and recharge in order to provide the best representation possible. My wife and family love going to Piedmont Brewery and Kitchen for the good eats and fantastic atmosphere. 

If it’s football season, it is a sure thing that you’ll find me cheering on my favorite team, the Georgia Bulldogs, every time they play. My wife and I also love traveling and have a bucket list goal of seeing a game in every SEC stadium (we are well on our way there!). 

Whether it’s spending time with my children and grandkids or taking care of all our animals, my heart is here in Macon.