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Gainesville Car Accident Lawyers

Farah & Farah’s Gainesville car accident lawyers have been fighting for Florida crash victims since 1979, recovering more than $1 billion in damages. We’re here to help you assert your rights and maximize your recovery following an automobile wreck. Enlist the help of our qualified and experienced Gainesville car accident attorneys by contacting us today. 

You may have the right to file a legal claim for damages if you’ve recently suffered injuries or lost a close family member in a car accident in Gainesville. The experienced Florida car accident lawyers at Farah & Farah can help you stand up to powerful insurance companies and get the compensation you need to get back on track.   

We know Florida, Gainesville, and Alachua County. We’re award-winning trial attorneys who have dedicated our careers to fighting for crash victims and families. We offer a client-centric approach to litigation. This focus on putting you first allows us to pull from the experience, networks, and distinct expertise of everyone on our team to put you in the best position to get fair value for your injuries and other losses. Through this type of unique collaboration and teamwork, our law firm has recovered substantial settlements and jury awards 

On average, approximately a dozen or more accidents happen every day in Alachua County. According to FLHSMV data, in 2022 there were 5,124 crashes, with 50 people killed. In the first 8 months of 2023, there were nearly 3,000 crashes, including 26 fatalities.

Gainesville car accidents are an unfortunately common occurance. Don’t settle for less than your car accident injury case is worth. Put our highly skilled team of Gainesville car crash lawyers in your corner. We offer a free consultation, and there’s no cost to you unless we win your case. Call us at (352) 505-8093 to get started today.

Meet Our Gainesville Car Accident Attorneys

Bradley Latone | Gainesville Car Accident Lawyer | Farah & Farah

Why should someone hire the Farah & Farah Gainesville office?

The Farah & Farah Gainesville office is a good, close-knit office where all we all work hard together we treat each other like family, we treat our clients like family. Ultimately it goes into the results we get for our clients when we get the best results because we all do work really well together. We’re right around the corner if you need to stop in and drop off papers. If you need to meet with us, we’re here to meet with you. You don’t have to drive to the next town over, we’re right here in the community.

Why hire a car accident lawyer in Gainesville?

You should hire a car accident lawyer because insurance companies will take your case more seriously. We know how serious it is and we know that is important to you but the insurance company isn’t going to take you seriously. So when you hire a car accident attorney, we can negotiate with the insurance companies. We’re not scared of the insurance companies. It helps us to get the best result for you.

If I hire Farah & Farah what will you do for my case?

When you’re hiring an injury attorney the difference is we can negotiate with insurance companies and candidly insurance companies take you more seriously once you hire an injury attorney. They don’t just try to take advantage of you and we’re there to make sure that the insurance company doesn’t take advantage of you whether that be through a demand to the insurance company – helping to negotiate medical bills or ultimately securing the best settlement we can for you.

What is the fee to hire Farah & Farah?

If your case is won, the fee is paid through the settlement itself then it’ll be deducted from whatever we ultimately recover in the settlement. You don’t owe us anything unless we get a result for you. You don’t owe an upfront amount. You don’t owe us anything until we get a good result for you. If we don’t ultimately prevail, you won’t owe us anything.

Benefits of Working With Farah & Farah on Your Gainesville Car Accident Case

The insurance company is looking to offer you the lowest settlement possible. They would rather you quickly accept an initial settlement offer than hire an attorney. Why? Research shows you’re more likely to win your case and secure a higher payout when a skilled legal team represents you.  

Don’t choose just any attorney. Hire a law firm that prioritizes you and your case. Work with a firm that will work together as a team and collaborate with you to get you the results you deserve.  

Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t hesitate to choose our Gainesville personal injury lawyers to help you after a crash: 

  • Our family-centric law firm has fought for Gainesville crash victims since our 1979 founding. 
  • We’re deeply involved in the Gainesville community beyond our legal services. 
  • Our recent case results include a $2.5 million recovery, a $2.5 million verdict, a $1.8 million settlement, and a $650,000 recovery, among many others.  
  • Former client testimonials and reviews highlight the considerable benefits of working with us. 
  • Our attorneys are highly respected and successful litigators who have earned some of the top honors and awards in the legal industry.
  • There’s no cost to you unless we win your car accident injury case. Our fees are entirely contingent on receiving a recovery for your injuries.

Experience matters. Put ours to work for you. Call our law office in Gainesville, Florida, at (352) 505-8093 for a free case review today.

How Our Car Accident Attorneys in Gainesville Can Help You Maximize Your Recovery

Getting into a car accident can be incredibly stressful. It has the potential to change your life forever. The more time you have to focus on your recovery and figure out a game plan for the future, the better.  

Give yourself that opportunity by enlisting the help of our skilled car accident lawyers in Gainesville.  

We’ll take the lead on your fight for compensation and do everything in our power to get you a meaningful payout.

Our team will provide you with comprehensive representation and do the following:

If the insurance company or negligent motorist doesn’t accept responsibility for your wreck, our Gainesville trial lawyers will file a lawsuit and bring your case to court. Let our reputation as fierce and successful litigators work to your benefit.

Causes of Gainesville Car Accidents

At Farah & Farah, we’ve been representing Gainesville crash victims for over four decades.  

We represent clients in every type of car accident case, including those involving:  

  • Accidents involving distracted drivers. Distracted driving accidents are frequent on Gainesville roads, as motorists eating, texting, or talking on the phone, can cause dangerous collisions, property damage, and injuries to you and your family.
  • High-speed collisions involving drivers who are drunk or high on drugs can be catastrophic. We represent victims of drunk driving accidents and support preventative measures, including our Safe Ride Home initiative. Our DUI accident lawyers have extensive experience handling cases involving intoxicating motorists.
  • Rideshare accidents involving Uber or Lyft vehicles usually involve a motorist colliding with a rideshare vehicle. Passengers in an Uber or Lyft expect that they’ll be driven to their destination safely yet accidents can also occur when you’re a passenger. Farah & Farah’s Florida Uber and Lyft accident lawyers can help you navigate the complexities of an accident where you were a driver of a rideshare, a driver of a car that collided with a rideshare, or a passenger in a rideshare.
  • Head-on collisions 
  • Rear-end collisions 
  • Rollovers 
  • Speeding accidents 
  • T-Bone accidents 
  • Hit-and-run accidents 
  • Accidents involving uninsured drivers 
  • Intersection accidents 
  • Left-turn accidents 
  • Fatal car accidents 

We’ve developed considerable insight into how these types of incidents are different. We know the best ways to conduct an investigation and which evidence will be most helpful. Put our experience to work for you. Contact our law office to learn how today.

What Types of Damages Can I Get If I’ve Been Hurt in a Car Accident in Gainesville?

Insurance will be your first source of compensation after a car accident in Gainesville, Florida. Under the state’s no-fault system, you must submit a claim to your insurance company. This is true, even if you didn’t cause the car accident.  

Through your claim, you can recover compensation from your Personal Injury Protection (PIP) benefits and other coverage under your policy. In Florida, Personal Injury Protection covers the following

  • 80 percent of your medical bills 
  • 60 percent of your lost wages, up to $10,000  

However, your PIP benefits are subject to the policy limits you chose when you purchased your coverage. Florida law requires a minimum of $10,000 in personal injury protection (PIP).

What Happens if Your Insurance Doesn’t Cover The Full Costs of Your Car Accident Damages?

You can pursue compensation from another party for your economic losses, like medical bills and car repair costs. You can also seek damages beyond those economic losses if your injuries meet the definition of  “serious.” These typically include amputation, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, burns, and other debilitating trauma. Brain injuries are very serious and sometimes difficult to diagnose injuries. Contact our Florida brain injury attorneys if you believe that an accident may have caused brain damage to you or a loved one.

Through a third-party claim or lawsuit, you’re entitled to seek compensation for both economic and non-economic losses, including the following: 

  • Amounts actually paid for medical treatment 
  • Costs for reasonably necessary medical care in the future 
  • Property damage 
  • Nursing care and assistance 
  • Lost wages and income 
  • Disability 
  • Disfigurement 
  • Loss of enjoyment of life 
  • Inconvenience 
  • Pain and suffering 
  • Emotional distress 
  • Loss of consortium or loss of the benefits of a family relationship 
  • Funeral expenses  

Punitive damages, which punish a defendant for intentionally harmful or grossly negligent conduct, can also be awarded in limited circumstances if your lawsuit goes to trial.

Our Gainesville car accident law firm understands the nuances of filing both first and third-party insurance claims. Third-party claims against the other driver’s insurance company are common, while first-party claims against your own insurance company may also be necessary. 

What Factors Can Influence My Car Accident Settlement?

The types of damages available to car accident victims are standard. The amounts paid to car accident victims are not.   

Every case is different. Many factors will influence what your car accident injury case is worth. Among those factors are the following:  

  • Your age. 
  • Types of injuries you suffered. 
  • Whether you have a permanent disability. 
  • The difference in your earning capacity after the accident. 
  • The insurance coverage available. 
  • Your share of the fault.   

Hiring an experienced car accident attorney can help to improve the odds of a substantial payout. Farah & Farah has helped crash victims and grieving families in Florida win millions. Let us go to work for you.

Who’s Liable For My Car Accident Injuries?

To determine who’s financially responsible—or liable—for your resulting costs and suffering, our law firm will perform an exhaustive investigation and may determine that one or more parties are liable for your accident and injuries. 

Motorcyclists are expected to follow the rules of the road. While motorcycle accidents in Gainesville are far less common than car accidents, injuries from motorcycle crashes can be serious and fatal. In 2022, approximately 5% of motorcycle crashes in Alachua County were deadly, compared to approximately 1% of car crashes. Experienced motorcycle accident lawyers in our Gainesville office are on standby 24/7/365 to discuss the specifics of your accident.

Truck drivers are responsible for the safety of those who share the road with their 18-wheelers. Due to negligence, distracted drivers, poorly maintained semis, or over-worked and tired drivers, serious and deadly accidents can occur. Contact our Gainesville truck accident attorneys if you were in a truck accident. We’ve recovered over $1 Billion dollars for our clients, including a $2,000,000 verdict for a 47-year-old rear-ended by a tractor-trailer.

There were 115 bicycle crashes in Alachua county in 2022. Our Florida bicycle accident lawyers at Farah & Farah understand the intricacies of accidents involving car vs. bicycle crashes. 3 of the Alachua bicycle accidents in 2022 resulted in fatalities.

In addition to motorcyclists, truck drivers, bicyclists, and other negligent motor vehicle drivers, liability may also lie with a:

  • Bus driver 
  • Pedestrian 
  • Rideshare driver for Uber or Lyft 
  • Transit company 
  • Employer 
  • Property owner 
  • Vehicle manufacturer 
  • Government agency  

More than one party can be at fault for your accident. Liability for a car accident is shared proportionately to each party’s degree of fault.

Can I Recover Compensation If I Share the Blame For My Florida Car Crash?

Potentially, yes. However, if your own negligence contributed to the accident, it will affect your right to recover compensation.  

Florida law provides that damages are barred when a victim’s proportionate responsibility for a car accident is not more than 50 percent. If you’re 50 percent or less to blame, your financial award will be reduced proportionately to your share of the fault.  

Suppose you’re injured in a rear-end collision in Gainesville and suffer damages valued at $100,000. It’s determined that you’re 60 percent at fault for the crash. You will not be entitled to a third-party recovery. Now,  let’s say you’re assigned 50 percent of the blame. You can recover compensation, but you’ll be entitled to a maximum payout of $50,000.  

Negligent motorists, liable parties, and insurers won’t hesitate to point fingers and try to blame you for the wreck. Our Gainesville car accident attorneys will work hard to counter these efforts and protect your ability to recover compensation.

What Steps Should I Take After a Gainesville Car Accident?

Decisions made in the immediate aftermath of a car accident can greatly impact your future and the potential for a successful recovery.  

Here’s a list of what you should and shouldn’t do after you are in a Gainesville traffic accident:  

  • Go to a local hospital for medical treatment and to create a formal record of your injuries. 
  • Call 911 and report the crash to the police. 
  • Exchange insurance and personal information with other parties at the scene or provide that information to the police when they arrive. 
  • Document the accident as best you can. Take pictures, save clothing, get contact information from witnesses, and note physical evidence like debris, property damage, skid marks, and traffic signals.  
  • Resist the urge to admit fault or apologize—it could do far more harm than good in the long run. 
  • Direct all conversations with the insurance company and other parties to your attorney.  

Hiring an attorney is one of the most important steps to take after a car accident. At Farah & Farah, a member of our legal team is always available to take your call at (352) 505-8093—24/7/365.

Car Accident FAQs

You have questions after your car accident in Gainesville. We have the answers you need.

When Should I Hire an Attorney After a Gainesville Car Accident?

You should hire a lawyer right away.  

First, it’s important to know that a two-year statute of limitations applies to most car accident lawsuits. Once time runs out, so does your right to seek damages from an insurer or liable third party.  You generally have two years from the date of the accident to file a claim.

Time limits aside, you’ll want to get started on your case as soon as you can. Evidence can degrade or get lost over time. Witnesses to the accident will have trouble remembering important details as time goes on. You certainly don’t want to let the insurance company control the process, which can happen if you let them get started before you.

What Are the Most Common Types of Car Accident Injuries?

Commonly reported car accident injuries in Gainesville include the following: 

What Causes Most Gainesville Car Accidents?

Simple acts of negligence and lapses of judgment can potentially cause devastating auto accidents in Gainesville. Some of the most common causes include the following:  

  • Speeding 
  • Distracted driving 
  • Texting and driving 
  • Drunk driving 
  • Unsafe passing 
  • Tailgating 
  • Failing to yield the right of way  
  • Merging errors 
  • Illegal turns 
  • Running red lights and stop signs 
  • Vehicle defects 
  • Road defects 
  • Road rage  

Our legal team will work hard to get to the bottom of how and why your car accident happened. The more we know about the cause, the better prepared we’ll be to secure a meaningful financial payout from those responsible.

Trusted Gainesville Car Accident Lawyers Ready to Fight For You

Don’t try to take on a powerful insurance company by yourself. Call Farah & Farah at (352) 505-8093 and let our award-winning Gainesville car accident lawyers lead your fight for compensation. We’ll provide your case with individualized attention, but we have to resources to stand up to the biggest insurance companies, law firms, and corporations.    

You’ll benefit from a team with decades of experience, a demonstrated track record of success, and a passion for helping crash victims like you.  

We offer a free consultation, so don’t hesitate to contact our law office in Gainesville today. Farah & Farah’s Gainesville accident attorneys work out of our office located at 1511 NW 6th St, Gainesville, FL 32601.

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