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Eddie Farah


  • Samford University, Cumberland School of Law, Juris Doctorate
  • University of Florida, Bachelor’s Degree


  • The Florida Bar
  • U.S. Court, Middle District of Florida
  • Florida Justice Association
  • Jacksonville Bar Association
  • Academy of Florida Trial Lawyers
  • Association of Trial Lawyers of America
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Eddie has been a fighter for the underdogs for as long as I can remember. I have been honored to spend my career alongside him making sure victims have a voice. Stepping back and seeing all of the good we’ve been able to do is indeed humbling. Even as his younger brother, I can honestly say I see Eddie as a man whom I truly respect and admire.


Chuck Farah
Senior Partner at Farah & Farah

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Meet Eddie Farah

Eddie Farah is a Jacksonville personal injury attorney and Founding Partner at Farah & Farah. Born and raised right here in the River City, Eddie knew this was where he wanted to run a law practice solely dedicated to helping accident victims recover. By creating a firm that emphasizes a client-first, team-oriented, and collaborative family atmosphere, Eddie, along with his brother, Chuck, has grown the firm from a single office in downtown Jacksonville to dozens of locations all the way from Atlanta, Georgia to Fort Myers, Florida.

Bottom line, if you or your family has been hurt in an accident of any kind, the Farah & Farah law firm has the resources, experience, and winning track record to seek the absolute maximum compensation available for your case.

I’ve Been Leveling the Field Against Insurance Giants Since 1979

I love that personal injury law gives us the opportunity to go up against giant corporations and insurance companies. To be successful, our firm has the financial resources in place to stand toe-to-toe with these giants, and win. We operate on what’s known as a contingency fee basis which means our clients pay nothing unless we win. From the get-go, we invest in a client’s case – advancing all the costs needed to get the job done right. We don’t put a budget on what’s required and allow our attorneys the freedom to make the best decision based on their experience.

Other firms may not have the financial resources to pursue justice and may need to cut corners in areas like what experts they can afford to bring in. We’re not like that. Whoever we need to call in to expertly demonstrate your damages and what you went through, we’ll call. When you have experts in their field coming to testify, you level the playing field against the insurance company or big corporations who can afford to pay big bucks to try and minimize their payout after an accident.

Our firm makes it so it doesn’t matter how big the other side is, we use our keen experience in Florida and Georgia injury law to hold people accountable and help victims recover what was lost.

It’s Humbling to Have Employees Who Have Been Here For 10, 20, and 30+ Years

We have people who have been here for 10, 20—even 30 years. People stick around because they like it here. No matter how big we grow, we’ll always emphasize our home-grown roots. While we can get on each other’s nerves at times, I love working with my brother Chuck. We compliment each other well and our synergy is what’s helped our firm be so successful—I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

When you are surrounded by an entire organization of top-tier legal professionals all working together to do that much better for each and every client who comes through our doors, it’s powerful. The long list of huge wins we’ve achieved for our clients is a testament to just how skilled our team is at getting everything our clients deserve for their case.

Jacksonville Will Always Be the Place I Call Home

When I was a kid, I started working with a paper route around Jacksonville. That’s actually where I got my first exposure to the law as I’d pour over the paper’s legal section to get what I thought was the most interesting “scoop”. We came from humble beginnings and my father owned a grocery store just off Fairfax Street for close to 30 years. We grew up seeing that hard work was all you needed to achieve your dreams.

There’s something truly special about our area that makes me know this is always where I want to call home. My wife, Reem, and I have raised a beautiful family here and it is the honor of my life to already have two of my children working here at Farah & Farah. They are both gifted attorneys in their own right and our firm is truly the better having them here. My daughter, Dalya, and son, Khalil, can both attest they don’t get any special treatment but have had to earn their spots just like any other member of the team. No matter what path they choose, I’m so proud of each of my children and consider it an absolute blessing to get to see how each has developed their own set of unique talents.

To try and sum up everything we are and everything we stand for, if you’re looking for a family-centered law firm that’s big enough to stand up to the biggest corporations in the world but still puts the client at the center of everything we do, then Farah and Farah is the law firm for you.

What “Here For You, Here for Good” Means to Me

A commitment to community stands out at our firm, with hundreds of thousands given in volunteer hours and monetary donations over the years to an incredible array of deserving community organizations and initiatives. One of my favorites is the Empowering Greatness Scholarship which helps provide financial assistance to underserved youths to help them pursue their dreams of graduating college. Another is the FIVE Star Veterans Center here in town which helps homeless veterans get back on their feet. Still another is Rethreaded, which helps survivors of human trafficking find meaningful employment and support.

We encourage our attorneys and support staff to all give back to the efforts in their own communities where they see they can do the most good. When you have that many force multipliers working to make a positive difference, it becomes a powerful force for good and where our motto “Here for You, Here for Good” came from. To continue in that effort, we also put out an incredible amount of free legal resources, from guides and videos, to fielding legal questions on WOKV’s Legal Live radio show.

At the end of the day, our firm is all about people. We make sure our firm is a great place to work so that all of our staff feel supported and empowered to do that much better for the client. Client-first means our decisions are based on doing what’s best for them, rather than always looking at our bottom line. After decades in personal injury, I’ve found this mindset to be absolutely critical to our success.

Where You’ll Find Me Outside the Office

On those rare occasions when I’m not in the Farah & Farah office in downtown Jacksonville or visiting the team at one of our many other locations across Florida and Georgia, I love being outside. Hiking the Appalachian Trail is a favorite pastime of mine and kayaking is probably my favorite local activity to do outdoors. I feel so lucky that Jacksonville provides so many wonderful opportunities to get outside or on the water.

If it’s football season, you can count on me cheering on my alma mater, the Florida Gators, or my hometown team, the Jacksonville Jaguars, every chance I get. It’s so important to take this down time to relax and recharge so you can be that much more ready to roll when you’re back in the office.