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Andreas Study


  • Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad College of Law, Juris Doctorate
  • Florida State University, Bachelors of Arts, History


  • The Florida Bar
  • Florida Justice Association
  • U.S. District Court, Middle District of Florida
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Andreas Study impressed me from the very first interview. He has many years of experience and certainly has the track record of successful cases to prove he knows this area of the law. However, it’s Andreas incredible intellect, his ability to put together even the smallest pieces and get the solution to whatever problem he faces that makes him such an invaluable member of our team.

Chuck Farah
Senior Partner at Farah & Farah


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Meet Andreas Study

Andreas Study is a first party insurance claims attorney at the Orlando office. Whether for your home or business, when an accident happens and you file an insurance claim, you expect your insurance company to be easy to deal with and fair in how they cover your losses. Instead, many insurance companies delay, deny, or try to underpay on legitimate claims. Andreas Study is an absolute powerhouse in this arena, with extensive experience in holding insurance companies responsible and negotiating for everything his client’s claim deserves.

Getting a Fair Value for Your Insurance Claim

Before I came to Farah and Farah, I worked at a much smaller firm so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect coming onboard. But when I arrived at Farah and Farah, I was blown away by the level of support and the family atmosphere you are surrounded with even in a firm as large as it is. I have input and direction from the very top of the organization because our whole firm is that accessible. I love that I get to focus my attention on an area of the law I’m very good at.

Whenever a disaster strikes and damages your roof or even with everyday calamities like water backing up, your homeowner’s or commercial insurance is supposed to kick in and cover the loss, up to your policy limits. Well, if you’ve ever filed a claim before, you’ve met the reality of the insurance adjuster. The adjuster may come out to your property and try to define certain damages as “pre-existing” or has other reasons they don’t want to pay full value on the claim. Often, the property owner disagrees with the adjuster’s valuation which is where a dispute arises. I’ve seen many times where this leads to what feels like a “take it or leave it” situation with your insurance carrier.

If you ever feel pressured to go ahead and sign off on a claim, please talk to me first. I’ll help review the facts around the case and see what your policy details about any additional funds that may be available. I’ve worked all aspects of these types of cases, from intake all the way to court, and know just what it takes to get a fair valuation for your insurance claim in Orlando.

Solving Even the Most Complex Cases

I like to simplify complex issues which is exactly what I’m in a position to do with insurance claims cases. Whenever I meet with my clients over an insurance dispute, I’ll walk through the policy and pour over the details to understand all the nuances of the contract. Having an insurance policy is a great thing because it’s a contract that the insurance company entered into with you and we can hold them accountable for paying everything they’re responsible for.

While there’s no two days the same, whether I’m in court, talking to clients, or writing or drafting motions, I help take what can seem like a complex series of actions and boil it all down for my client. That way, they know exactly where they are in the process and what happens next.

Helping Get Your Home or Business Back Online

In Florida, major storms and hurricanes unfortunately are fairly common. Each year, many Floridians are hit with roof claims or hurricane claims that insurance companies won’t pay a fair amount on. That’s where I come in and help to get operations running again. Whether that’s in your home or at your business, having your property back online means eliminating the disruption this has caused.

I find great satisfaction in my job in that often I’m literally getting to help put a roof back over my client’s heads. By bringing all of my legal skills and experience to bear, I’m able to prove my client’s case has merit and finally help their claim move towards a fair settlement.

Active in My Orlando Community

I was born just up the road in Winter Park and absolutely love this part of Florida. Getting to represent people and businesses in my area and across the state is extremely gratifying. Whenever I’m not busy working on my next case, my wife and I are really active in sports and the outdoors and we love going to places like Delaney Park to play ultimate frisbee. If it’s football season, it’s a sure bet I’ll be watching FSU football whenever they play.