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  • The Florida Bar 
  • Board Certified in Workers’ Compensation Since 2017 
  • The Judge William Wieland American Inn of Court 
  • AV-Rated by Martindale-Hubbell 
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Jennifer Killen is the pinnacle of perseverance. Her competitive demeanor and drive to always continue learning is something that continues to produce positive results for our injured workers. We’re thrilled to have her expertise and excited to see her continued contributions to the Orlando team.

Chuck Farah
Senior Partner at Farah & Farah


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Jennifer Killen is an Orlando Board Certified workers’ compensation attorney with a go-getter attitude. After graduating from the University of Florida with Honors and in the top percentile of her class, Jennifer carries that intellectual drive into her legal profession today. She pursued board certification in workers’ compensation to continue her education in the field and prove her expertise in the area. As many people continue to injure themselves while on the job, Jennifer believes that everyone deserves to have a strong advocate by their side to guide them through the legal process. 

With over 20 years of experience handling workers’ compensation claims, Jennifer is excited to continue her legal career collaborating with other attorneys at Farah & Farah’s Orlando office. If you’ve been injured at work and need legal support, Jennifer is here to help you navigate the complexities of the courtroom and get you to the end zone.

From Media Law to Workers’ Compensation Law

I’ve always been a go-getter. When I was young, I started school studying broadcasting. I was eager to work in the media, but soon everything changed. I took a media law class and suddenly the entire field of law drew me in. I became fascinated with the intricacies of the legal process and started to see that becoming a lawyer could be a possibility.  

During law school, I was the articles editor of the Journal of Law and Public Policy. All of the communication skills I developed in school helped kickstart my career as an attorney. 

As the years have passed and my experience has grown, I’ve cultivated a deep passion for protecting workers’ rights and ensuring that my clients are getting the help they deserve.

I Look at Law Like a Game of Chess

In the courtroom, you always have to think on your feet and anticipate the other person’s next move. I look at law like a game of chess. Being able to adapt to evolving situations and understand someone else’s point of view is an invaluable skill. 

Every moment in the courtroom is a complex process of taking in new information, evaluating the different points of view, and pivoting toward whatever the next best step is. It’s a lot to manage, but when you love what you do – it’s a thrill.

Fighting for the Benefits They’re Entitled To

There was one case in particular where a construction worker sustained a minor injury which became infected and ultimately required amputation of most of his foot. The claim was denied by his insurance company; they cited his diabetes as a pre-existing condition and the primary cause of the need for the amputation. It’s common for people with diabetes to have problems with their feet, but in regard to the amputation, the primary need for the treatment was clearly the injury he received while on the job.   

Workers themselves often don’t have a strong voice in the legal system to support themselves. That’s where I come in to fight for the benefits these workers are entitled to with dedication and perseverance. In this case, I was successful in obtaining a significant settlement for this client so he could move forward with his life. 

For me, that is what makes this work so rewarding. I know that the work I do can truly make a difference in someone’s life, whether that’s making sure they have enough money to put food on the table or helping them get the essential medical care they need.

Learn From As Many People As You Can

My advice to young people wanting to pursue a career in law is to truly learn from as many people as you can. Start shadowing professionals, and don’t be afraid to try new things. As an attorney, you can craft your own style because there are so many paths to achieve a positive outcome for a client. 

The opportunity to continue learning from other people is one reason why I chose Farah & Farah. The combination of having a large firm with big resources and a small, family feeling means there is always room for open collaboration on cases with other attorneys. We all have unique skills to offer.

Adventurer & Wine Aficionado

When I’m not working on hearings or mediations, I love to spend time unwinding at home or enjoying a good meal at one of our local restaurants. I also enjoy traveling, boating and scuba diving. Most people are surprised to learn that I also have a motorcycle and enjoy taking weekend trips to our surrounding towns and beaches.  

One thing I’ve become particularly passionate about outside of work is wine education. I’m on the board of the Alliance of Sommeliers and also a member of the Women for WineSense: Central Florida Chapter. I love connecting with people about different types of wine and meeting up with my friends over the weekend on Park Avenue.


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