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  • Barry University School of Law, Juris Doctorate
  • University of Central Florida, Bachelor of Science, Legal Studies


  • The Florida Bar
  • U.S. District Court, Middle District of Florida
  • U.S. District Court, Northern District of Florida
  • Florida Justice Association (FJA)
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Alec Weber is a driven personal injury litigation lawyer with years of experience. His dedication to hard work is evident throughout the course of his career. As a member of our Orlando team, Alec continually demonstrates his commitment to his clients and to the community in which he lives. As a whole, Farah and Farah is the better for having such committed lawyers on our team.

Chuck Farah
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Meet Alec Weber

Alec Weber is a personal injury attorney based out of Orlando. With over a decade of experience, Alec has mastered the art of getting the job done. Though there are times when the workload seems insurmountable, Alec has never been afraid to take it on. Being well-versed in the litigation arena, Alec works tirelessly towards his goals and for his clients.

As a personal injury lawyer, Alec has been able to see some remarkable victories for his clients. He is highly motivated to fight on behalf of his clients and takes each case seriously. Alec has a knack for handling his caseload with clarity and dignity by focusing his attention on the case at hand. When he is determined to get the work done, not even the biggest insurance companies can deter him.

I Believe in the Cases I Take On

As I have been in litigation for a while now, I know a thing or two about people. I have seen everything from the best cases to the worst cases. That’s how I ended up in personal injury law. I knew that working on behalf of my clients after they have been hurt in an automobile wreck or on another’s premises would be exactly what I wanted to do. When I take on a client, I know the process of how to fight for their best interests.

One thing my clients know about me is that I get the job done, even when it can seem overwhelming for them. When my clients have been injured and are facing a lot of uncertainty, I am honored to be able to provide them with the commitment and guidance they need. Working as a personal injury lawyer gives me the opportunity to help people when they need it most.

I work hard on each and every case that I take on and truly fight for my clients with everything I’ve got. Because I am relationally motivated, I believe in cases I take on and work as though I were fighting for my own family.

My Relationship-Driven Motivation Sees Results

When I first meet with my clients, I know they are likely going through one of the worst times in their lives. What they need at that time is not someone that will handle their case like any other day but take the time to understand their situation. Every case presents its own unique set of challenges and requires specific attention. I strive to thoroughly grasp the details of each case and build a relationship with my clients.

Once I understand the client’s unique situation, I walk them through exactly what the next steps will be. When a client comes to me, they can expect that I will explain thoroughly my strategy and how we should proceed with their case. My clients are already going through enough, and my action plan starts with not adding additional confusion to the process.

At Farah and Farah, We Enjoy a Wealth of Resources

At Farah and Farah, I have been impressed by the ample resources I have available to me. Not only do I work with some of the best legal minds around, but I also have a wide range of connections and insight at my disposal. I have found my colleagues to be friendly, accommodating, and ready to come to my aid should I need another mind on a situation.

Working for a family-owned law firm is definitely a different experience than I have had in the past. For one thing, the team at Farah and Farah is genuinely motivated to help the communities around their locations. I am humbled to be a part of an organization that takes seriously its responsibility to give back to the local area. As a member of the community in which I work, it makes me proud to serve alongside Farah and Farah as we serve clients across Florida.

Every Case Has its Process

Over my years as a personal injury lawyer, I have grown accustomed to the process that litigation involves. Litigation is hard work, but with personal injury cases, there is a distinct process to follow. It is in working through the process of litigation that I thrive. I bank on my years of experience to help walk my clients through this process with each case on which I undertake.

When my clients come to me to help them sort out the aftermath of an accident, I take the time to listen and help clarify the next steps and how they need to proceed. It can be a tough time after someone has sustained an injury. I am here to help make that tough time a little easier for my clients.

If you have been hurt in a wreck or in a premises liability case, I am here to help you get the compensation you deserve. I help walk my clients through the litigation process and break down the proceeding steps so they can easily follow and understand. I know it is challenging to get back on your feet after an injury; that’s why I am here to help.

Farah and Farah Cares About the Community, and So Do I

Something that is very important to me is being an active member of my local community. The team at Farah and Farah fully embodies this belief and puts it into practice. I knew from my first day that the folks at Farah and Farah have a passion for helping people. Though the Orlando office is an outpost of Farah and Farah, I still feel a deep connection to the community-mindedness.

As a personal injury lawyer at Farah and Farah, I have had the opportunity to invest in the area around where I work and live. Like Farah and Farah, I believe that we have a responsibility to our local community to provide fair representation and give back however we are able.

Being located in Orlando, I have the unique opportunity to indulge in one of my passions—music. One thing about the Orlando area is that there is never a shortage of concerts and events. One of my favorite pastimes is to attend local concerts. When I am not working hard on a case, I enjoy spending time with good friends, enjoying live rock music at the Amway or just hanging out with my dog, Texas, at the many dog parks we have around. As a member of the Orlando community, I never want for something fun to do.