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  • University of Miami School of Law, Juris Doctorate
  • Rutgers University, Bachelor of Arts, Political Science, Minor in English


  • The Florida Bar
  • Florida Justice Association
  • Jacksonville Justice Association
  • Jacksonville Bar Association
  • American Bar Association
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Lloyd Manukian is one of the most successful managers I have ever witnessed in action. A huge list of his own case wins is a testament to his legal prowess, but the results achieved by attorneys he has mentored are true indicators of his skill. Our success as a firm is largely attributable to attorneys like Lloyd, who lead from the front and demonstrate what client-first really looks like.

Chuck Farah
Senior Partner at Farah & Farah


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Meet Lloyd S. Manukian

Lloyd Manukian is the Senior Managing Attorney for Farah and Farah located in the Jacksonville law firm. With thousands of successful case wins for his clients, Lloyd Manukian has seen more than most in his career. He uses that experience now to manage and mentor litigation and pre-litigation attorneys and case managers at the firm to make sure that the client is always put first.

Since Lloyd came on board in the early 90s, the firm has exploded in size and prestige throughout the Southeast. Knowing the opportunities and challenges in personal injury law because he’s lived and breathed it for so many years, Lloyd is the perfect candidate to ensure our team is always striving for excellence.

Consider the Client First

Since day one, the firm has always had a client-first approach. It starts with Eddie and Chuck and goes down through the ranks. That means being upfront with people and treating them as if you were the one who needed an advocate.

Being a Jacksonville personal injury attorney is not for the faint of heart. Some of the cases I’ve seen have been absolutely heart-wrenching and it can be tough to leave that at the office at the end of the day.

Clients hire us because they need help and guidance. To properly advocate for our clients, we as lawyers need to listen to the client and their concerns with our eyes, ears, and heart. It’s what the client deserves and expects.

What’s My Day Like?

I absolutely love the people I work with. My daily task is to form relationships, mentor, and teach our team how to do their jobs and be better attorneys. Managing people is not easy and it takes a lot of skill to do it well. One of the things I pride myself on is my ability to find solutions to problems that no one else could see. When someone hits a roadblock in their case, they bring it to me and I help them find a path forward. I like to refer to my role as the “Chief Fire Fighter” because it often feels like I am always helping people resolve issues that they are not sure how to handle.

My day-to-day can be hectic. I’m often handling a couple of hundred emails and what can seem like a never-ending amount of calls and people knocking on my door. I’m constantly assessing and evaluating cases, helping deal with the really tough cases, finding new directions, and resolving any issues we need to get out of the way. I’m able to do this so successfully because I’ve done this for so long.

Since 1994, I’ve Successfully Managed More than 10,000 Cases

Every day at Farah and Farah is a total team effort. We are an entire body of legal professionals working together to simply get things done for our clients. Over my career, I’ve had so many big wins for clients and have successfully resolved more than 10,000 cases with many six and seven-figure recoveries. Having all those appreciative clients simply wouldn’t be possible without the collective strength we have as a team here at the firm.

Prioritize Family & Find Your Beach

After doing this line of work for so long, one of the biggest threats to new attorneys is simply getting burned out. You’re taking on a lot with a full caseload. Clients are often in a rough spot and are counting on you to get them through to the other side. I teach a lot of our new attorneys that downtime is arguably just as important as anything they do professionally.

On those rare occasions when my phone isn’t chirping with another email, I love to just be with my family. Sometimes it is just the simple things such as dining out, walking around the mall, or even just sitting in the backyard around the firepit (weather permitting). We also enjoy traveling if we get the opportunity. Music is probably my biggest passion right along with football—Go Jaguars! The trick is to find ways to turn off the work switch and relax, unwind, and recharge. Whatever it takes to find that beach.