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Neil Gornto


  • Florida Coastal Law School
  • Florida State University, Criminal Justice


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Neil Gornto provides exceptional attention to detail to all of his clients. He’s always empathetic, tries to understand their unique circumstances and be their rock – even in the toughest moments. His experience in personal injury law truly makes an impact, and we’re honored to have such a humble, hard-working professional in our Jacksonville office.

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Neil Gornto is a Jacksonville personal injury attorney with 18 years of experience working in law. With his strong instincts and client-centric approach, Neil believes in helping people navigate life-altering challenges and giving them hope to move forward. If you’re in need of a personal injury attorney after a major incident to steer you through the storm, Neil is the sharp mind and compassionate guide you’ll want by your side.

For the Love of People and Family

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been a people person. I’ve always been social and loved being part of something bigger than myself. I studied criminal justice in my undergraduate years because of a desire to help those around me, but my sister was ultimately who encouraged me to go into law. We’re a close knit family and she has always been my role model.

During my law school education, I also held a full-time job. Although it wasn’t easy, it’s something I’m proud of because it taught me the importance of never giving up. On the long days, I kept my inspiration to move forward by reminding myself of my sister and the positive outcomes I could help others achieve in my practice.

Getting through that combination of law school while having a full-time job is something that I still look back on and feel a huge sense of accomplishment.

Nurturing Hope and Advocating for My Clients

I would say my biggest superpower as an attorney is my ability to relate to all kinds of people. I have a knack for reading people, and my instincts have often served me well. Gauging someone’s expectations can help me make very precise steps in the process of handling a case.

And in personal injury cases, people are often at their lowest. It’s my job to advocate for my clients, no matter how dire the situation may be. My focus is always on creating a positive outcome for them. On the most challenging days, that is truly what keeps me excited about the field of law.

Despite what someone may be going through in their case, I know I can provide a service and be a reliable source for someone. With all of the countless trials, I want my clients to be confident that they have someone by their side rooting for them.

Navigating the Playing Field of Life

Being present in my kids’ lives is a big priority for me. I have three sons, and each of them are exceptional in the athletics department. So when I’m not working on a case, I’m usually heading to a sports practice or tournament for my kids. One of them already has a scholarship opportunity to play at a university level. I usually tell people that if you can’t find me in the courtroom or the office, I’m probably watching my kids’ sports matches or just hanging out with my family at home.

To best serve my clients in their cases, I do spend some time recharging my batteries. From time to time, my family tries to have a weekend getaway in St. Augustine at the beach. Having my truck, the beach, and the fresh ocean air is always therapeutic and helps me unwind after a hectic week.