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Justin Stevens


  • Fredric G. Levin College of Law at the University of Florida
  • University of North Florida


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Justin Stevens is the definition of determined. His expertise and confidence in the legal field are unmatched, and I always know I can rely on him to achieve a positive outcome for our clients. We’re excited to continue working with Justin and seeing his intentional case management be an example for everyone on the Jacksonville team.

Chuck Farah
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Justin Stevens is a Jacksonville personal injury attorney with an unparalleled steadfast determination and reliability. With prior experience in criminal defense and investigation, Justin believes in an outcome-based approach with his clients. As victims undergo the physical and emotional trauma of personal injuries, he is there for them every step of the way.

With previous experience advocating for personal injury victims, Justin is excited to continue finding points of connection with clients to help them find future-based solutions. If you need a Florida attorney with unwavering perseverance and organization, Justin is the professional you want by your side.

From Law Enforcement to Law School

Growing up my father was a police officer. Seeing him in action, it was only natural to pursue a similar career path, but everyone in my family knew I was destined to become a lawyer. Ultimately, that’s how I ended up studying law at the University of Florida. In school, I was privileged enough to participate on the school’s trial team and even won three prestigious Book Awards for earning the highest grade in the class.

After succeeding in school and getting out into real trials, I saw how fulfilling this profession truly could be. Previous clients have painted pictures for me, sent cards, or tried to stay in touch after a case closed.

It’s those moments that showed me the human side of law. Seeing people come back to life after an important resolution to their case is what continues to inspire me to move forward to this day

Be Observant and Use Your Resources

In a courtroom, it’s vital to think on your feet and communicate ideas well. You have to have confidence in what you say, without coming across as rehearsed. By remaining observant and utilizing the resources around me, I’m able to think on my feet in the courtroom and catch discrepancies in real-time. That ultimately helps my clients get the compensation they deserve and so I consider it an invaluable skill.

I See Every Case as a New Opportunity to Learn

One thing that keeps me excited about my work is that every day is different. Every case has its own nuances, with different research involved and different arguments that could help win the case.

When I come into the office each day, I like the excitement of not necessarily knowing what is coming around the corner. I see each new challenge and each new case as an opportunity to continue learning in this profession.

Stay Determined and Find a Way

Many people think that going into law you simply have to be good at arguing. While you do need debating skills, I think your writing skills are just as important, if not more so. Becoming a better writer can enhance your case communication throughout the process, which can have a major impact on the outcome for your client.

Not only is legal writing important, but to truly make it as a personal injury attorney, you need to be determined. You have to lean into challenges and find a way, no matter what.

Two Kids, One Supportive Dad

To unwind after a busy week I love spending time with my two kids. If I’m not hanging out with my family or helping with my kid’s baseball team, you can probably find me watching an Atlanta Braves game.

Ultimately, being a supportive role model is really important to me. Whether that’s with my kids or my clients, I want to jump in and help wherever I can with faithfulness and devotion.