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  • Washburn University School of Law, Certificate of Advocacy, Juris Doctorate
  • Florida State University, Bachelor of Arts, Middle Eastern Studies



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“Albert Kishek is a true professional. Leveraging his experience through so many different facets of the firm, Albert is able to create a detailed roadmap that secures fantastic results for our clients. With a zeal for helping accident victims, an eye for the details, and a kind and generous nature, Albert is the total package.” – Chuck Farah, Senior Partner at Farah & Farah


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Jacksonville personal injury attorney Albert Kishek helps his clients from Farah & Farah’s office right in the heart of downtown. After graduating from Florida State University with a Bachelor’s degree, Albert began a unique journey with our firm. Albert started as an operator in the call center, then worked as an intake specialist, in medical records, and in investigations. After graduating from law school, he worked with us first as a case manager and then finally as an attorney. 

Having worked his way up through virtually every position within the firm, Albert has a rare perspective of how every unit works together to get the fantastic results our firm is known for. With that kind of experience and knowledge on their side, clients can depend on Albert Kishek to be a game changer for their case.

Everybody Here Is Guided by a Greater Mission

Our firm gives each attorney the framework they need to grow and be able to provide their best efforts to each client. One of our greatest strengths is that there are always attorneys who are eager to help answer questions or just talk through a case. 

That mentality comes from the very top. Eddie and Chuck are extremely supportive and open, and they even check in to make sure we all have what we need. In a firm our size, that kind of personal attention from the partners is rare. 

I’ve had the pleasure of working with many different teams within the firm and have learned so many powerful lessons from the fantastic leaders we have in place. Every single member of the firm is guided by the greater mission of providing superior service to our clients. 

My collective experience here has shaped my legal thinking and molded me into a confident accident attorney. With so much support, I feel capable and ready to take on whatever challenges a case may bring, which is vital as I’m helping people who have been through traumatic incidents in their life. 

In Personal Injury, We Get Real Results for Real People

From a young age, I always wanted to be a lawyer. I’ve always cared about justice, and that’s what drew me to personal injury. Personal injury is a field of law where you can get results that make a massive, positive impact on someone’s life. As a personal injury attorney, I handle cases like car accidents, slip and falls, and more.

I love that this area of law allows me to represent the accident victim and not giant corporations or big insurance companies. To our clients, this case can mean everything. The accident may have turned their lives upside down, leading to truly difficult circumstances. To the insurance company, it’s just another claim.

But personal injury is just that – personal. With every case, I help clients rebuild equity in their lives and move forward.

Accidents Cause Chaos, But I’ll Help You Through It

An area I excel in as an accident attorney is making sure my clients have confidence in their cases. I’ve worked my way through so many different departments of the firm. I know every little detail of what goes into a successful case. Since I know the process so intimately, I can convey that to my clients and help manage expectations. 

Accident victims can go through an unimaginably difficult time. Something no one thinks about is the volume of calls they’ll start getting. The insurance company, their employer, the doctor’s office, law enforcement, the tow yard—there are so many different parties demanding attention and adding stress. By taking over many of these communications and putting their case on a path to resolution, I make sure my clients can overcome this and the other obstacles they’ll face. 

I Take a Trauma-Centered Focus From the Get-Go

More often than not, there is property damage from the accident and I make sure to start getting that taken care of right away. I include every detail to get the best valuation possible, and to ensure my client isn’t losing due to the collision. My goal is to get my client back to a normal lifestyle during the course of the case. 

I’ve seen many times where my clients’ employers were making things difficult because their performance wasn’t what it used to be. Adding stress and pressure on top of everything else is grossly unfair. I’ll help my clients recoup lost wages they incur as a result of the accident. Many don’t realize policies are available to help recover costs like these, but they are real costs that I’ll make sure are included when we seek the maximum recovery.

Finding All the Benefits Insurance Policies Guarantee

If you work as a personal injury attorney, there is no detail too small or one that should be overlooked when you’re putting together a case. Getting deep into insurance coverage is a big part of what maximizes my clients’ recoveries. 

With each accident case, I’ll go through all available forms of coverage to identify what benefits they are contractually entitled to under the terms of every policy. Insurance companies don’t always like to be upfront about all the different coverage options available to you after the accident. That’s why I examine the coverages and exclusions so we know exactly what’s on the table. 

A case I’ll never forget involved a client who had medical and future expenses that far exceeded her policy limits. Digging into all different policies available, I found additional coverage that we utilized in order to recoup her settlement. The client had almost given up but I encouraged her to stay calm and to trust the process. In the end, the details mattered and I was able to secure her a victory.

From Fishing in Mayport to Cheering on the Jags, I’m All Jacksonville

I was born and raised in Jacksonville.  I love being in my hometown and planting my own roots here with my wife, Areen. My heart is truly drawn to the outdoors like kayaking the St. Johns, fishing in Mayport, or relaxing at the beach in Neptune. I love seafood, so places like Safe Harbor are likely where you’ll find me on the weekends.

I’m a huge soccer fan and cheer on Arsenal F.C. If it’s football season, it’s a sure thing I’ll be rooting for my hometown team, the Jacksonville Jaguars, and my alma mater, the Seminoles. In my downtime, I love getting out and playing soccer or just enjoying a good book. Involvement in my local church is also very important to me. I love the opportunity I have there to help mentor youth and serve others. 

I also enjoy being active with the Arab-American community here in town and am overjoyed to have been involved with Farah & Farah when we sponsored a festival to educate the community about the rich history and culture of Arab peoples. Coming from a Middle Eastern background and speaking Arabic made that festival especially close to my heart. 


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