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Tyler Pettingill


  • Florida Coastal School of Law, J.D., magna cum laude (top 3%)
  • Brigham Young University, B.A., Business Management, Marketing Emphasis


  • Portuguese
  • Spanish


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Tyler Pettingill is a true professional and man of the people. His extensive professional experience and people-first attitude are making a profound difference in the lives of our clients on a daily basis. We’re grateful to have such a hardworking and persistent attorney on our Jacksonville team.

Chuck Farah
Senior Partner at Farah & Farah


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Meet Tyler Pettingill

Tyler Pettingill is a Jacksonville personal injury attorney who believes that helping people on an individual level can create an immense impact. With extensive experience in vehicle negligence, trucking accidents, construction premises liability, and catastrophic personal injury, Tyler resolves cases for clients and supports them each step of the way until they receive justice after their injury.

After having previously worked with large-scale law offices, Tyler is excited to have his finger on the pulse of his own community, working with a family-owned business that takes a client-centric approach. If you’re looking for a friendly and personable professional with a “never give up” attitude, Tyler is your guy.

From Business to Litigation: Driven by Outcomes and a Passion to Serve

Before receiving my law credentials, I worked in marketing and sales for a decade. Working in a different industry, I learned how to be an active listener and dig deep when understanding my clients’ needs. I also learned how to leverage big-picture thinking to help resolve different obstacles clients might face along their journey to recovery. It all boils down to an attentive ear and a little creativity at times.

Since I’m an analytical person at my core, I knew that working in law was a possibility for my future. I have always had an interest in dispute resolution, and so my transition to studying and working in law felt natural. As a student in law school, I was a member of the Florida Coastal Law review, and I received a certificate in advanced legal writing and drafting. I also received multiple book awards and was on the mock trial team. All of these experiences led to my development as an attorney and my journey working through different litigation cases for clients in need.

Relationships Are Everything

While I enjoy digging into the legal paperwork, my preferred activity is getting to know my clients and how I can relate with my clients current challenges and struggles. I think my variety of life experiences has helped me create positive relationships with people from all walks of life and the variety of challenges that they face.

I used to live in Brazil, and my travels in general have introduced me to people from so many different cultures. I’m fluent in Portuguese and I speak a little Spanish (I would love to improve my Spanish skills someday!). I’ve heard stories of people’s joys, triumphs, and even failures and hardships. All of these experiences have helped groom me for my work as an attorney.

I Can Anticipate the Other Side’s Next Move

Something else that has given me a unique perspective is my experience with defense cases. These cases can often be traumatic for clients, and I have about six years of first-hand knowledge of how these cases are defended. Resolving these kinds of tough cases takes a certain amount of patience and ongoing persistence on the defense side of things.

Having seen the defense side of personal injury actions including catastrophic truck accident cases, I know what their strategies will be in the process of litigation. From the first day a client walks through my door, I can start preparing them for these twists and turns. I work on gathering evidence in a way that considers the defense’s response in advance, so there are fewer surprises and a little less stress for my clients.

I Help Clients Recover – So They Can Move Forward

One of the most rewarding things about working in personal injury is helping victims find justice. When people are involved in an accident, they often have no idea who to turn to. Knowing that I’ll be able to help them navigate complex legal processes and take that weight off their shoulders is very fulfilling.

When the litigation is done and we’ve achieved a result that provides the best possible outcome for my client, I can see a tangible difference in their lives. Throughout their recovery journey, I get to know my clients and watch them evolve from an often painful place. They become more hopeful and more optimistic, and the light returns to their eyes.

Witnessing and contributing to this transformation is a big reason I found myself gravitating toward personal injury.

My Family Is My Cornerstone

My personal life is very family-centric these days. Our time together is so special to me and I’ve found it’s my favorite way to recharge after work.

A typical weekday for me usually starts by helping to get my kids ready for school and then heading off to work at the firm. After work, I get back into “dad mode” and play with the kids by the pool. I’ve found swimming is a great trick to get them tired enough for bed!

As for the weekends, my wife and I like planning little family adventures when it’s possible, but more often than not – you can find us all hanging out at home together. And there is the occasional round of volleyball with some friends. I used to play in college, and volleyball is still my favorite sport to this day. Sometimes I’ll even travel to Tampa or Daytona for a tournament.

If there’s nothing volleyball-related going on, I’ll usually tune in for some Boise State Broncos games or attend a Jaguars game here in Jacksonville.