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  • Ave Maria School of Law, Juris Doctorate
  • Florida Gulf Coast University, Bachelors of Science, Legal Studies


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From the very first meeting with Martin, you can tell that this is an attorney who has been through so much just to get where he is. I’ve never seen him back down from a challenge and instead, time and again, he rises to the occasion. He truly embodies everything it means to be an attorney at Farah and Farah.

Chuck Farah
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Meet Martin Tapia

Martin Tapia is a personal injury attorney at the Port Charlotte office. Martin has an absolute wealth of experience dealing with insurance-related claims making him a powerful force for good on the many auto accidents and slip and fall cases he handles. As an experienced, bilingual attorney in both English and Spanish, Martin is able to help victims from various walks of life understand exactly where their case is headed.

Treating Every Accident Like It Happened to Me

Being a personal injury attorney in Port Charlotte takes real empathy. Seeing what my clients are going through and feeling their pain and frustration is a key part of the way I work. Most of the time, our fight is with the big insurance companies who are refusing to pay a fair amount for what was taken. Whether that’s the loss of the use of a vehicle, the cost of repairs, hospital bills, or worse with the loss of a loved one – my job is to get the victims the compensation and justice they deserve.

After an injury, you’re simply never the same. The bodily injuries and emotional scars can last a lifetime. My first goal is connecting my injured clients with the right medical specialists so that my clients can work to regain their health. Once I can help them get on that road to recovery, I set my sights on seeking the maximum compensation available.

At the end of the day, my clients are happiest when I’m able to put money in their pocket that they can use to start putting the pieces of their life back together.

My Journey From No English to Top-Rated Attorney

I attended one of the top law programs in Peru at the National University of San Marcos. In order to be admitted, I had to pass a series of examinations. Typically, only around one in ten applicants are actually accepted for this prestigious program and it was thrilling for me to see how my hard work paid off. After completing my studies at UNMSM’s law school, I started my legal career working first for the Peruvian Department of Education, then the High Court of North Lima, and later several different law firms throughout the capital city.

Even with all of this experience, when I came to the U.S. I was very self-conscious about my poor English and the only work that was available was in construction. During this time, I was able to put myself through school at Florida Gulf Coast University, where I earned my Bachelors in Legal Studies. That diploma earned me a job as a paralegal for a law firm specializing in homeowner’s insurance claims, with a particular focus on sinkholes. Inadvertently, I became an authority on this major issue in Florida.

After several years as a paralegal, I decided I wanted to go to law school. I continued to work while I attended law school in the evenings in order to support myself. Even though working full-time and attending school was tough, I loved what I was learning and earned several awards while serving in the estate and probate clinic and performing pro bono work for immigrants seeking citizenship. I don’t consider my long road to becoming an attorney in the U.S. an obstacle. It added to my experience and perspective, which informs how I handle even the toughest personal injury cases in the Port Charlotte area.

From Being Told “No Case” To Getting a Full Settlement

I’m serious about being an attorney. I love what I do and put a lot of time and effort into getting the best possible outcome for my clients. Over my career, I’ve had many instances where another firm told a client they had no case. Then, when they brought their case to me, I was able to get them the full compensation they deserved.

If you’ve been told by another law firm or the insurance company that you have no case, let’s look into it together. Call me, email me, or come see me in person—my contact information is at the bottom of the page. I’ve been involved in some of the most complex civil litigation cases in the State of Florida, with many successful cases against insurance companies. I’ve seen every trick in the book they use to delay or underpay. This experience influences the strategies I use to benefit my client’s case.

Soy Tu Abogado: What It Means Serving in My Community

I’m an attorney who actually cares. I listen to people and show them I care by actually doing something about the problems they’re facing. My clients get to experience that while I handle their case. During law school, I performed a lot of pro bono legal services in the community for immigrants seeking to be naturalized and become U.S. citizens. Here in Port Charlotte, we are so diverse, it is one of our greatest strengths. I love that I get to represent the people here when they need a caring advocate.

When I’m not at the Farah and Farah office in Port Charlotte, you’ll almost always find me walking any one of the beautiful beaches we have here or enjoying a good read in my home library.