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  • University of Baltimore School of Law, Juris Doctorate, Litigation & Advocacy Concentration
  • The University of Central Florida, Bachelor of Arts, Political Science


  • The Florida Bar
  • U.S. District Court, Middle District of Florida
  • U.S. District Court, Northern District of Florida
  • U.S. District Court, Southern District of Florida
  • Florida Justice Association
  • Orange County Bar Association
  • UCF Alumni Association, President’s Circle
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Jared Lerner has more courtroom experience in his little finger than many attorneys see in their careers. He is a master articulator and the steady hand his clients require to see their case to the end. The combination of zeal and skill is the key to Jared’s long list of significant case wins. Our team in Orlando and the firm at large is indeed lucky to have such heavy-hitting litigation attorneys among our ranks.

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Meet Jared M. Lerner

Jared M. Lerner is an Orlando attorney covering slip, trip, and fall cases from our Farah and Farah office just off I-4 in downtown. Working in premises liability, Jared also handles cases like dog bites and negligent security. Anytime a business puts profits over patrons’ safety and people are hurt, the law provides a means to be compensated. Jared does also take on auto accident cases when his skills can be put to use, but predominantly, he focuses on premises liability.

Having spent so much time in the courtroom, he has developed a sixth sense of how a jury may think. Jared leverages the legal process to secure fantastic outcomes for his clients, using his honed skills acquired as a prosecutor for the State Attorney’s Office and then defending insurance companies in personal injury cases. All of Jared’s experience boils down to a highly-experienced attorney with the skills, know-how, and perseverance to stand toe-to-toe with any corporation, any business, any insurance company—and win.

There Is Definitely Something About Farah & Farah

In my career practicing law, I’ve worked in many different areas. I started in the State Attorney’s Office as a prosecuting attorney for several jury trials for felonies and misdemeanors. With over a dozen cases under my belt, I learned much about managing a case through trial. 

From there, I went on to the defense side of personal injury. I learned how the insurance company operates with premises liability cases like slips, trips, falls, negligent security, and dog bites. 

After two years, I realized I wanted to stop defending the big corporations who are always trying to figure out how to pay less, and I went to the plaintiffs’ side, where we fight to get people more. I went on to one of the “bigger is better” law firms, and my experience there taught me what a gift Farah and Farah is. 

Coming to Farah and Farah in Orlando, my team is fantastic. The leadership of this firm is always approachable. From the very top, an open-door policy lets us work together through any obstacles a case may bring. The Orlando Managing Attorney, Ricky Favors, is awesome to work with and helps cultivate the Farah and Farah way. Even though we are a satellite office, our team collaborates rather than competes against one another. Leveraging our collective strengths makes us that much better for our clients. 

Having worked in many different areas of the law, I can attest that how Farah and Farah operates is genuinely different.

When a Business Prioritized Profit Over Your Safety, Call Me

I was brought on board Farah and Farah because of my specific experience as a premises liability attorney. These cases typically revolve around a place of business or property owner who was negligent in their actions to prevent an accident. In my experience, slip, trip and fall, dog bites, and negligent security are the most common. For example, a big box store may have a bad policy for keeping their floors clean, and maybe you wouldn’t have slipped if the aisles were cleaner or checked more frequently. Some stores do a great job of this. I’ve even seen stores instituting a barcode system where each aisle is scanned after it’s been cleaned or inspected, so the store has a log. 

However, safety systems like this require time and money from the owners, and not every business has its patrons’ safety as a priority. When profit comes over safety, and you’re hurt, it’s time to know your options. When I was on the defense side, I learned all of the tips and tricks for how the insurance company approaches cases like these. Having defended them myself, I know the playbook and can use that knowledge to my client’s advantage. 

The entire process is about the client. When the jury reads the verdict or a case is settled, the look on a client’s face is amazing. The fight is over, justice was served, and we are simply done. That’s what it’s all about for me. Case in point, I’ll never forget my first civil jury verdict, the elated feeling of profound relief your client feels is just too powerful.   

Convincing A Jury Means Believing In Your Client’s Fight

You tend to learn a thing or two when you’ve spent as much time in a courtroom as I have. When I’m in a trial inside a courtroom, I have six jurors I’m trying to persuade to believe my client. In that role, you are almost acting as a salesman. You’ve got to sell your version of events. To do that effectively, I must believe in what we’re fighting for. Being a good presenter and speaking confidently in front of a crowd when it matters most is a skill that takes work to develop. Over time, though, an attorney can undoubtedly build a set of skills for advocating for plaintiffs.

Every case is a process made up of many steps and moving pieces. My greatest asset to my clients is my courtroom ability. Helping jurors see what my client went through, the extent of their injuries, and what they face going forward. If a case isn’t presented well, a jury may never believe the client I represent or me. This skill is vital to secure the amazing verdicts you or your clients never forget.

One case that instantly comes to mind was my first trial win. The case was what appeared to be a straightforward slip, trip and fall on a sidewalk but turned out to be anything but. In a premises liability case, the other side will quickly ask why the victim didn’t avoid the obstacle. In this case, it was a raised sidewalk with a lip of a few inches. My client was about to cross the street, so she watched for traffic instead of a tripping hazard and fell hard, striking her face on the ground. She cracked her dentures in half and got a concussion, and the post-concussive symptoms, including severe headaches, vertigo, and memory impairment, persisted.

The doctor’s prognosis was grim, and my client’s condition was expected to worsen. Her husband testified at trial how his wife used to handle household chores like feeding the dogs, but after the accident, she couldn’t remember if she had each day. This dear, sweet lady didn’t do anything wrong. But she trusted me to do my job and help secure her future. Fighting throughout the trial for everything she went through, the life-changing verdict of nearly one million dollars was a fantastic victory. My client would now be able to ensure nursing care is available and future care is taken care of. My client’s gratitude after the case was won is a feeling I never hope to forget.

I’m a UCF Knight Through and Through

When I’m not in the office or preparing for my next case, my wife Melissa and I stay busy at home with our small but mighty Bichon Frise, Elroy. Elroy and I enjoy daily walks before I come into the office, which tends to be early. If I have a little extra time in my day, I’ll take a Fightcamp class and go a round with a heavy punching bag. Fitness helps me relax and unwind and be more on-point when I’m back in the office.  

Melissa and I cook a lot together and love trying new meal kits. Afterward, we are always up for a solid streaming session and tend to lean toward comedy. One of our favorite local escapes is to head to downtown Winter Park with all the shops and restaurants. Now, if it’s football season, I am a UCF Knight football fan through and through. Getting over to the “Bounce House” (the nickname for UCF’s stadium) is a highlight for us as we cheer on the UCF Knights as often as we can. 

As a volunteer coach and judge, I’m also active with the UCF Mock Trial Team. Helping encourage the next generation of legal leaders is important to me because I’ve had many great learning experiences. That’s especially true here at Farah and Farah, where sharing your gifts and lending a helping hand is what we do because it’s who we are as a firm.