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Jonathan Apolinario


  • Florida State University College of Law, Juris Doctor, Pro Bono Service Distinction
  • University of Florida, Bachelors of Science, Communication & Media Studies


  • The Georgia Bar
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Jonathan Apolinario is the total package. He is a consummate legal researcher who can see what others don’t and connect the dots that win the case, but he’s also an empathetic communicator who can relate to just about anyone. That duality is rare, and I believe it is a key ingredient to Jonathan’s long list of professional accomplishments.

Chuck Farah
Senior Partner at Farah & Farah


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Meet Jonathan Apolinario

Jonathan Apolinario works hard as a Valdosta personal injury attorney championing victims’ rights here in our local Farah & Farah office located on Norman Drive. With years of experience as a personal injury attorney, as well as time spent in the State Attorney’s Office and various clerkships along the way, Jonathan carries a broad depth of experience he draws from to determine the absolute best plan of action for each and every client’s case. His prioritization of clear and direct communication ensures Jonathan’s clients know that they are valued, and their voices are heard.

If you’re injured in an auto accident, slip-and-fall, or other unfortunate mishap in the Valdosta area – or anywhere in the state of Georgia – Jonathan Apolinario is the attorney you want paving the way forward for your case.

Meeting People Where They Are

I’ve worked for other “volume firms” in the past where the size of your caseload was all that seemed to matter, and cases were just numbers filling quotas. My personality and professional philosophy as an attorney doesn’t mesh with that mentality. Here at Farah & Farah, I’m able to prioritize my relationships with our clients to genuinely get to know them and better serve their individual needs.

When I meet our clients where they are, I’m able to put their minds at ease. The legal process can be intimidating, and the many different steps involved can feel overwhelming without the right counsel. I try to take the “legalese” out of the process and boil it down to a more digestible series of steps forward toward the best resolution. I work directly with my clients at every stage of their case so they know I’m standing with them every step of the way. The culture here at Farah & Farah emphasizes the same kind of client-first mentality that made it an immediate fit for me, both professionally and personally.

It All Comes Down to Communication

I earned my undergraduate degree from the University of Florida, majoring in Journalism & Communications. I really appreciated the journalistic mindset bent around researching a complex topic in depth and then drilling down to what really matters to the reader, because it serves me very well in my practice as an attorney. Every single case presents an overall picture broken down into dozens of puzzle pieces that need to be fit together in the right order to secure the absolute maximum recovery due my client under the law.

Learning the black letter of the law and procedural rules is what you go to law school for. But in practice, good communication is essential to providing the best service, experience, and results for the client. In my experience, frustrated clients often feel a failure of communication from their attorney. Being able to provide clarity and stability for my clients as their puzzle comes together takes more than just knowledge of the law – it takes solid problem-solving skills, subject matter expertise, and, above all, open lines of communication from intake to resolution.

My Experience Makes Me a Better Attorney

In law school, I took every opportunity I could to develop practical experience with organizations that often held competing legal perspectives. I spent time working with the State Attorney’s Office puzzling together criminal prosecutions, but I also worked with the Innocence Project fighting toward freeing those who had been wrongfully convicted by the same SAO.

On one case in particular, I had the opportunity to meet a gentleman who was imprisoned for 25+ years for a crime he did not commit. Through the Innocence Project’s work, he was exonerated and ultimately released. Hearing him share his experience in his own words was powerful and heartbreaking to see the impact of all that he missed in the time he was away. I think being a good attorney means being able to hear those perspectives and make real connections with folks coming from all walks of life and backgrounds. Connecting those dots, both for the client and for the case, can make the difference in delivering the best results.

My experiences give me an understanding and perspective that allows me to meet people exactly where they are; to connect with them on their level; and to help them best move forward with their recovery.

I Love Working at a Large Firm with a Local Feel

Having worked in a variety of legal settings, I can say that Farah & Farah is truly unique among law firms. Every attorney here is provided with the infrastructure and support to focus on what our clients need rather than moving cases along and counting the numbers. The family atmosphere at Farah & Farah is real and what you see in the commercials is exactly who Chuck and Eddie really are.

The availability of the resources to let me do what I feel is best for my client is an incredible motivation. All Farah & Farah attorneys are able to swing for the fences on each and every case we undertake. Having so much firepower in a firm that still feels like a family is rare.

Time Off Helps Me Be that Much Better

Part of that family feel comes from being able to have downtime too. If I’m not in the Farah & Farah Valdosta office, you’ll likely find my daughter and I enjoying the outdoors. Fifth Day Farm is an awesome little gem with a full petting zoo that my daughter absolutely loves. If I have time to myself, I’ll likely be watching football or Formula 1, pretending I’m still young in a pick-up basketball game, woodworking, or just making things with my hands. I guess putting things together is just in my DNA.