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  • Barry University – Dwayne O. Andreas School of Law
  • Florida Atlantic University


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Devan Hill is steadfast and confident in her legal approach. Despite any challenges that are presented to her, Devan is driven by her curiosity and competitive spirit to fight for what clients need. She’s not afraid to speak up in tense moments and do whatever it takes to get the job done right. We are grateful to welcome such a strong member to our family-oriented team.

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Devan Hill is a Jacksonville personal injury attorney who believes in acting as a champion for her clients. With a committed and determined approach, Devan is not afraid to push the limits and fight for injured people to be heard. With years of experience in courtrooms, trials, and hearings, Devan’s experience allows her to be a guide for people in need and help them understand the complexities of the law. 

Always inspired by her colleagues, Devan is elated to work in a team environment at Farah & Farah’s Jacksonville office. She values collaborating with professionals who continue to elevate their legal skills and push her to never stop expanding her depth of expertise in law. If you need a personal injury attorney who carries a passion for the law, Devan is here to provide unwavering support.

Having a Cause and Seeing It Through

I’ve always loved public speaking. Even at a young age, I loved speaking about a cause, having a stance, and seeing it through to the end. Since I liked the adversarial aspect of the law, I ended up getting into debate courses and Model United Nations in college, eventually leading me to join the trial team.

One accomplishment in particular that I pride myself on was being voted “Advocate of the Year” when I was in law school. I know I can be determined and competitive, but above all I know I have the power to be a champion for people and speak up for those voices that are left unheard.

Representing the People

Before working in personal injury cases, I worked in civil litigation and as a state attorney. This work was invaluable, but I’ve loved getting to make a direct impact on someone’s life the way that I can in personal injury cases. 

I find my working style is to focus on being relatable for my clients, because this helps to build trust in our working relationship. Many of them are going through a hard time, and trying to understand the nuances of the courtroom can be exhausting. I like to take off my lawyer hat and meet people where they are, so that there are no surprises and they can know what to expect.

At the end of the day, people just want to be heard. While getting them the settlement they deserve is crucial, it’s also important to me that clients can begin to realize their full worth, even as we continue to fight for justice.

I’m Not Afraid to Dig In and Do the Research

There was one premises liability case in particular that was very rewarding, albeit challenging. A client had fallen down the stairs of a rental home and eventually needed surgery due to an injured arm. There were structural issues with the stairs in the building, but in this case, every defendant tried to point the blame elsewhere to escape any liability. 

It was very grueling taking on so many depositions, but I’m not afraid to dig and do the research needed to get the clients what they deserve. My team and I fought tooth and nail and were willing to put in the work.

A Diversified Future

Something that keeps me excited about the future of law is seeing the changing demographics of people coming to work in the field. There are more women attorneys today than ever before, as well as people who come from different cultural backgrounds. I believe this changing trend helps strengthen our knowledge and perspectives as lawyers, and above all helps our clients since some attorneys may be able to relate more to people’s unique circumstances.

Family & Football

Outside of work, my priority is my family. I have a three-year-old and a seven-month-old, so I wear many different hats. On the weekends we like to go to the zoo with our little ones, head to the Atlantic beach, or even tune in to Gators or Notre Dame football games. For me, recharging my batteries means being with my family and getting outside as much as possible.