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Christopher Baker


  • Barry University School of Law, Juris Doctorate
  • Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Bachelors of Arts, Criminology & Pre-Law



  • The Florida Bar
  • Orange County Bar Association
  • Florida Justice Association
Won Cases
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Christopher Baker is the real deal. He is friendly and approachable, always working to get better and to do what is best for his clients. I really like that he sees his job as his mission and will do what it takes to be successful. He can be the first guy in the office making the coffee to get everybody else going and he can be the one to seal the deal with that final signature, either way you know you are going to get his best effort.

Chuck Farah
Senior Partner at Farah & Farah


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Meet Christopher Baker

Christopher Baker is a personal injury attorney at Farah and Farah in Orlando with an impressive skill set in auto accident and premises liability cases. He has what it takes to go after justice for his clients and he works tirelessly to see that the case is resolved to their maximum benefit. His record of winning cases is evidence that he is an attorney who is not afraid to do the work necessary to seek maximum compensation for his clients.

We Never Stop Training To Be Better

The atmosphere in our office is so supportive that I knew this was a place where I could continue to learn and grow as an attorney. It is amazing to see that we are all working together to achieve the best for our clients. Even with a long list of great results for my clients, I love that I have other highly experienced attorneys that are always available to help if I ever need it. Farah’s open door policy starts with Eddie and Chuck and goes down through every office. This ensures that our communication lines are always open and no one ever feels like they’re working a case alone.

This family feel is what Farah and Farah is all about and what attracted me to the firm. Solid management provides an excellent hierarchy for our newer staff members to get help and support from the more senior staff.

Being a Counselor Goes Way Beyond the Law

I like to spend a lot of time getting to know my client and I pride myself on being very involved in the management of a case, particularly when it comes to a client’s medical treatment. The service I provide might involve help with medical bills, transportation or even housing. These are the kind of details that I take on personally.

So many times a client is overwhelmed by the effects that come from being hurt in an accident. I see my job as being the one who can help them through it all so they can concentrate on healing.

Committed to Advancing My Client’s Case

Hands down, I am not willing to let myself be outworked by the opposition. I know many of the defense attorneys and insurance adjusters personally and I work hard to keep lines of communication open. As professionals, we have a job to do and as a person of faith, I believe I am expected to do this work to the very best of my ability.

I win cases and get compensation for my clients because I am committed and compelled to do my very best work always. Being involved in an auto accident because of a distracted driver who ran a stop sign is a traumatic event. My job involves communicating clearly with my client, researching fully so I know all aspects of the case, and then winning the case. This mindset helps me give hope to people when they may be at their lowest point. I want them to understand they are not alone.

Your Local Orlando Accident Attorney

I am located in downtown Orlando which seems to be growing just as rapidly as our office is! We have a culture here that is a representation of what makes America a great nation, a true melting pot of international peoples. It is a challenge, therefore, for us to get to know our clients and really work to understand where they may be coming from, especially during a crisis. I love this part of my work because I get to know people and I thrive on the interaction. I live and work here and I want to make a difference in my community.

When I’m not in the Farah and Farah Orlando office and it’s hockey season, you can bet I’ll be cheering on my favorite team the Pittsburgh Penguins. Being in Florida for so long, I do also have an affinity for the Tampa Bay Lightning. I’m also very involved in my church here in Orlando, the Mosaic Church. Both at work and in my faith, I’m surrounded by others that are eager to jump in and help others. Spending time with friends and family and checking out little gems like Plant Street in Winter Garden fills up most of my remaining free time.


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