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  • Barry University School of Law, Juris Doctor
  • University of Central Florida, Bachelors of Science in Business Administration, HR Track


  • The Florida Bar
  • U.S. District Court, Middle District of Florida
  • Florida Justice Association
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Nick LaFountain is an experienced personal injury lawyer in our Ocala office. As a veteran of the US Marine Corps, Nick is a highly capable and determined individual who tackles whatever obstacles his clients’ case requires. Beyond his experience, Nick is a genuinely kind person who will go above and beyond for those he represents. His initiative, effectiveness, and caring nature are all qualities we expect from our team at Farah and Farah.

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Meet Nicholas LaFountain

Nicholas “Nick” LaFountain is a personal injury lawyer in Ocala, Florida. He is a devoted advocate for his clients and a community servant. Though he may not have the typical resume of most personal injury attorneys, his experience has equipped him to be a highly effective lawyer. With a background working for a large insurance company and as a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, Nick is a tough-as-nails attorney with mountains of real-world experience.

Being on both sides of the insurance arena, Nick LaFountain is well-versed on all the details an auto accident or slip and fall case may involve. His wealth of experience and first-hand knowledge of how insurance companies operate gives him a keen insight into building a solid case for accident victims. When Nick LaFountain is on your case, you can rest easy knowing that you are in immensely capable hands.

The Only Thing My Clients Need to Worry About Is Getting Better

While serving in Desert Shield/Storm as a combat engineer, I sustained an injury and medically retired from the military. Though I am proud to have served my nation, I was now in a position where I needed legal representation. Through this experience, I knew I wanted to advocate for other people and help serve in a different capacity than the military. As a personal injury lawyer, I get the opportunity to do significant good in the lives of others every day I’m here. 

Having gone through the process of healing while fighting for the compensation I deserved, I know personally how stressful it can be. I remember how overwhelming life became and how everything felt upside down. I do not want the same experience to happen to my clients. I like to help guide my clients as we weave through the complexities of the legal process. When I’m present and accessible, my clients know all they have to worry about is getting better.  

Recovering from a serious injury should be anyone’s top priority, and it can take a lot of time and work on its own. But the important thing is to let me worry about fighting to get fair compensation for you while you focus on getting your life back on track. 

When I take on cases like bad car accidents or injuries at a place of business, I do not see it as just another task. I fully recognize the weight that it carries. Getting fair compensation after an injury means gaining the ability to provide for your family, getting the medical care you need to heal, and having peace of mind for the future. I know exactly what’s at stake because I’ve been there. 

Taking a Case Above and Beyond: Real-World Examples

Since I’ve been a personal injury lawyer for some time, I have seen countless cases. I remember one case that made a significant impact on my perspective and my career. In this case, I was part of the representation for a fellow veteran who was being denied compensation for his injury. The first ruling we received was not favorable and disheartening to my client. I was not going to let it go, however, and took his case to the Court of Appeals. After a long and arduous battle in court, we won the case, and my client was awarded the total compensation we requested. 

Another that immediately comes to mind was with a gentleman on leased hunting land with his son and grandson. My client was sitting on the Jeep they were driving when he was thrown off, broke his back, and had to be LifeFlighted for the severity of his injuries. In this case, no one wanted to claim responsibility. My client had even been turned down by several other law firms before coming to me. That’s when I went to work to put together a solid case. In the end, the insurance company would tender the entire $1,000,000 policy limit for my client in pre-suit. The adjusters on the opposing side were actually ones that I’d worked with in the past, which helped me put together our demand in a way I knew they’d understand and couldn’t ignore. 

In every case I undertake, what I do may be seen as “going above and beyond for my clients,” but to me that’s just how I do things. I will not rest until my clients have the best outcome possible for their case. That may be the Marine in me, but when there is a job that needs to be done, I will make sure it is done to the fullest extent. 

Every Personal Injury Case Has a Story That Needs to Be Told

Unfortunately, it has become all too common for personal injury lawyers to be known for only caring about the money. While the compensation you receive is highly significant, I want to flip the script on the bad reputation a lawyer can have. I want to remind all parties involved that clients are people and deserve to have their stories told. Each personal injury case is unique and needs to be told in full. I thrive on telling the whole story of my client’s injuries and fighting on their behalf. 

I am a proud completionist and work until the job is done. Getting an insurance company to recognize that the other side of the table is someone that needs help isn’t always easy. That’s why I’m here, to help my clients tell their stories and to make sure the other side hears them. 

Even when a client doesn’t have the full story put together, I enjoy getting all the pieces in place. This takes knowing my clients personally and really digging deep into all the details of their case. I prioritize knowing my clients because it helps me get the best possible settlement for them. 

Working with Farah and Farah Is Like Being in the Best of Two Worlds

I’ve had a lot of work experience, and hands down, Farah and Farah genuinely feel like I’m getting the best of two worlds. On one side, I have the resources and backing of a large firm to help me prepare for a case. At the same time, I am overwhelmed with the culture of community that is emphasized everywhere at Farah and Farah. My day often begins before getting to the office, and by the time I’m here, the day is filling up. But I always feel confident I will have whatever help or resources I need to get the job done daily. 

Eddie and Chuck Farah have created a culture that cares about the employees just as much as it does about its community involvement. As a team, every attorney and support staff we have here in Ocala works together to give back to those around us. It is truly an honor to be a part of a law firm that cares so much and emphasizes teamwork from the very top. 

My Family Is Active in the Community

When I’m not in the office or meeting with a client, my wife, four children, and three grandchildren enjoy taking on all the adventures that central Florida has to offer. Whether we are heading out on a hike on the Santos Trail, kayaking in Silver Springs, or finding a new restaurant in Ocala, there is always something going on with the LaFountain crew. I’m a huge college football fan and still root for my alma mater, UCF. “Go Knights!”  

I’m an avid believer in giving back to the community and have volunteered with the VFW. Obviously, this organization hits very close to home for me as a veteran. I feel a great sense of responsibility to serve and volunteer whenever I can. Working at Farah and Farah gives me an excellent chance to do good for my community and the charitable organizations I believe in. It’s no wonder that I enjoy working here so much.