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  • Florida Coastal School of Law, Juris Doctorate
  • University of Phoenix, Masters of Business Administration
  • Thomas Edison State University, Bachelors of Science in Applied Science Technology, (focus on Nuclear Engineering Technology)


  • The Florida Bar
  • The Georgia Bar
  • Washington, D.C. Bar
  • The Minnesota Bar (inactive)
  • U.S. District Court, Middle District of Florida
  • U.S. District Court, Southern District of Georgia
  • Florida Justice Association
  • Jacksonville Justice Association
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Scott Burleigh is exactly the type of fearless leader that clients need to weather the storm in even the most complex cases. Scott is masterful in how well he guides clients through the process to achieve the best results possible. His level of skill and experience, combined with an intense desire to help make his clients whole again are the driving reasons behind why he’s achieved so many great victories.

Chuck Farah
Senior Partner at Farah & Farah


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Meet Scott Burleigh

Scott Burleigh is a personal injury attorney in Jacksonville. Scott has seen and done more in his life than most. From being a Petty Officer in the U.S. Navy, operating a nuclear-powered submarine, to practicing law across multiple states, Scott Burleigh has wisdom that only comes from experience. As an auto accident and slip and fall attorney, Scott’s top skill in the courtroom lies in guiding clients through what can be a tough road and helping them stay the course towards maximum compensation.

Let Me Show You What an Empowered Attorney Can Do For You

I was with another firm for more than 12 years before I came to Farah and Farah. There, I mainly practiced personal injury with a small amount of family law, social security disability and probate. When I came onboard here, one of the very first things that caught my attention was just how present Eddie and Chuck really are. They are right here in the office working alongside us and are reachable at any point I need them.

Working at another firm, I can honestly say that what we have at Farah and Farah is special. There isn’t animosity between attorneys trying to outdo one another and instead it’s actually a pleasant place to work and I enjoy coming in every day. There’s a team atmosphere, as well as a respect for my experience in how to handle my own day-to-day. We are empowered to handle our own cases and manage them as we see best. Sure, there’s oversight – and that’s needed in any large organization. Here, I don’t have anyone second guessing every decision I make. I firmly believe this is a main reason why we are so successful and the firm continues to grow.

Protecting Your Rights and Preserving Your Benefits

Let’s face it, the legal process is known for being slow which can be extremely frustrating after you’ve been hurt in an accident and start facing the realities of your situation. How are you going to get to work? Who’s going to pay for all the medical bills that start coming in? I find my clients are already stressed and in pain and I need to help them to slow down and step back to understand all the aspects of the case. I’ve seen where a client wants to react emotionally to a different part of the case and that might mean they won’t be able to secure quite as much compensation. That is where I try to show the client the big picture and how that decision could affect the wholeness of the case. The benefit of having me as your attorney is that I handle the case to protect your rights and preserve your benefits every step of the way.

Think of me like the navigator in an airplane we’re flying together. You, as the client, are the pilot, and you absolutely get to call the shots. But it’s my job to show you where the choppy weather is and plot a course that gets us to our destination with minimal stress to the aircraft. In that same light, clients get to rely on my experience to take their case to the finish line to get the best results possible given all of the different aspects of the case.

I Look For Every Cent Available Under the Law to Maximize Compensation

I’ve had many cases that were so rewarding because I used my experience and engineering background to get around the insurance companies’ “no’s” and turn them into a full and final settlement. One case that I’ll always remember was where my client was involved in a motorcycle accident. He was injured and his prized Harley Davidson motorcycle was badly damaged. The client had to have surgery and received an okay offer from insurance to cover medical bills and other costs.

The medical expenses getting covered was not all the client was entitled to so I kept working on the case. You see, whenever your vehicle is damaged in an auto accident, part of your compensation includes what’s known as “loss of use” which means the insurance company is responsible to either put you in a rental vehicle or pay a daily rate for each day you were without your vehicle. This amount is usually equal to that of renting an equivalent vehicle for the length of time you are without yours. Well, a Harley Davidson is an extremely specialized motorcycle and the insurance company wasn’t factoring in how much it would cost to get something comparable. Instead, they tried to approve one repair part at a time and wound up taking nearly three months to get my client’s bike repaired, then instead deciding to declare it a total loss.

Going to Adamak Harley Davidson here in town, I got the rate for renting a similar motorcycle for the entire time that my client’s bike was in the shop (until they finally agreed to total out his bike) and wound up getting an extra $18,000 for my client under a loss of use claim. I loved the moment when I got to deliver this second check for my client simply because I paid attention and asked the right questions throughout the process.

Jacksonville is the Place I Call Home Too

I love the Jacksonville community and especially the support we show here for our military men and women and their families. As a Navy veteran, I am proud to see that Farah and Farah does so much for our veterans. Our support for veteran safe places like 5 Star Veterans Center is incredible and something I hope we continue for years to come. We also have a huge commitment to our community and Chuck and Eddie give all of us tons of opportunities to support those causes that mean the most to us. My wife and I are very active in our local church and love helping with community outreach events, especially around the holidays when the need can be greater for the unfortunate.

When I’m not busy working on my next case at Farah and Farah in Jacksonville, you can most likely find me enjoying some down time with my family. We love working on projects around our home together or just hanging out to watch a good movie. Truly, our backyard may be one of our favorite spots to hang out around town.