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Shakila Aviles Rodriguez


  • Barry University Dwayne O. Andreas School of Law, Juris Doctorate, Magna Cum Laude
  • Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico, Master’s of Science, Engineering Management
  • Hofstra University, Bachelor’s of Science, Industrial Engineering


  • Spanish


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Shakila possesses an incredible combination of legal skill mixed with true empathy for what her clients have endured. She tenaciously represents her clients, giving them everything she has as an advocate, while also helping them feel completely at ease with her in control of the situation. If my own family were in an accident in Orlando, I’d happily, and confidently, recommend they call Shakila Aviles Rodriguez.

Chuck Farah
Senior Partner at Farah & Farah


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Meet Shakila Aviles Rodriguez

Shakila Aviles Rodriguez is an Orlando personal injury attorney working in the Farah & Farah office just off North Magnolia Avenue. With an education in industrial engineering and time spent working across different practice areas, Shakila brings a mountain of relevant experience to the table. As a pre-litigation attorney, clients are working with Shakila from the very start. Her main role is to guide and support her clients as they navigate the road to recovery.

When your life has been turned upside down after an accident, you’ll want an experienced attorney like Shakila Aviles Rodriguez handling your case.

Unlimited Resources and a Small Town Feel

The biggest eye-opener for me coming aboard at Farah & Farah was the marriage between unlimited resources of a large firm and what I’ll call a “small town feel.” Here in the Orlando office, we all know one another and each other’s families and we get to build real relationships with our clients.

The supportive and welcoming atmosphere we receive as attorneys working at Farah & Farah trickles down to how our clients are treated as well. The collaborative atmosphere means we can work together, play to our individual strengths, and balance off one another to produce fantastic results for our clients.

My Background in Industrial Engineering Gives Me an Advantage

I went to college for Industrial Engineering and even pursued my Master’s degree in Engineering Management because I always believed I wanted to manage construction contracts. Having that foundation in industrial engineering, manufacturing, and construction gives me an advantage because these industries are very process-driven and detail-oriented. These traits are exactly what you need to be an effective personal injury attorney in Orlando.

As is often the case, after I worked with a boutique law firm for a year, I knew construction law wasn’t where I wanted to focus my career. That boutique firm did everything from personal injury and estate planning to traffic violations. They were in business to be everything a family or individual may need and truly provide a service to the community. That experience was eye-opening and gave me a great deal of insight across multiple areas of law.

From experiencing so much, the one area where I saw I could do the most good was in personal injury, which is what I do 100% here at Farah & Farah. To truly be an effective attorney, you have to have two things—a keen understanding of the law and the legal process, and an intense desire to help people. I love being able to connect with people and help them through a difficult time.

There are both visible and invisible wounds after an accident that require guidance and support to overcome. With all of the resources we have at Farah & Farah, I’m able to help more people while doing what I truly love.

Let Me Take the Load Off Your Shoulders

Something that really excites me specifically about personal injury is that I get one-on-one with my clients on a deeply personal level. I get to see how my work makes a huge difference in my clients’ day-to-day lives. Immediately following an accident is undoubtedly a rough time for mostpeople. Accident victims don’t have time to try and figure out how a complicated legal process works, nor do they have the emotional power to do so. It can be an overwhelming process and that’s where I come in. I work to completely take the load off my clients’ shoulders to help them move on.

I’ve learned that connecting with my clients, local doctors, and even insurance adjusters is crucial to my success. Put simply, I am a relationship builder. When I can create a good environment for all of these different parties to work together in, it helps everything flow smoothly. I understand that the defense side has a job to do, and they’re just people at the end of the day.

If you practice law long enough, you’ll likely have the same adjuster on multiple claims. If I treat them with dignity and respect, they are far more likely to work with me, which only helps me get more done for my clients.

Soy Tu Abogada - I Am Your Attorney

A case I’ll never forget was where I had an elderly client who had a slew of different medical conditions. We had a bad storm come through Orlando that destroyed a lot of her home and belongings. Such a tragedy would be hard on anyone, let alone an elderly woman living on her own. What made matters more complicated was that she was simultaneously dealing with a distribution of assets after a divorce. As part of her legal team, I needed to help her navigate a truly difficult situation and we were able to get her portion of the property sorted and her relocated to a more suitable location.

This case had nothing to do with attorney’s fees or how many hours I put in; it was about being able to help this deserving woman navigate a terrible time in her life and take that load off her shoulders. That’s why I do what I do. Speaking English and Spanish here in Orlando simply means I am able to help more local victims navigate their own roads to recovery.

Weekends Are for Travel, Even Locally

In my downtime, my husband and I absolutely love to travel, even if we don’t leave Florida. My ultimate pastime is frequenting any of the many different theme parks we have in Orlando.

Part of the draw of travel is that I am a complete foodie and want to try everything. My husband and I frequently head up to Winter Park on the weekends for the many different restaurants that always have amazing menus.

I also have a special place in my heart for an organization called United in Love Adoptions. I worked with this adoption agency providing translation services during law school and have continued partnering with them in fundraising events. Primarily, they raise funds to support expectant mothers in crisis by providing basic necessities such as food and lodging for at-risk mothers while they’re pregnant and then connecting them with an adoptive family. Doing good in your community is one of the driving reasons for being an attorney and I’m proud Farah & Farah places such an emphasis on community involvement.