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  • Florida Coastal School of Law, Juris Doctorate
  • University of North Florida, Master of Science, Criminal Justice
  • University of North Florida, Bachelor of Arts, Criminal Justice, Minor in Psychology, Magna Cum Laude


  • The Florida Bar
  • The Georgia Bar
  • U.S. District Court, Middle District of Florida
  • Jacksonville Bar Association – Board of Governors
  • American Board of Trial Advocates
  • Chester Bedell Inn of Courts Barrister Member
  • The Florida Justice Association
  • Board Member of the Jacksonville Justice Association
  • Leadership Jacksonville, Class of 2021
  • Florida Bar Leadership Academy, Class 8
  • President of Board of Directors, Inspire to Rise, Inc.
  • D.W. Perkins Bar Association
  • Jacksonville Women’s Lawyer Assoc.
  • Jewish Community Alliance Annual Fundraiser Board Member
  • Best Lawyers – Earned the 2024 Best Law Firms® Award
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With a wealth of experience as a personal injury lawyer, David Thompson stands as an experienced veteran in the courtroom. I’m continually impressed with David’s keen eye for detail that produces so many successes for his clients. His incredible insight is a valuable asset to our team here at Farah and Farah.

Chuck Farah
Senior Partner at Farah & Farah


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Meet David C. Thompson

As a seasoned personal injury lawyer, David Thompson has seen his fair share of success stories. With a background working as an in-house insurance lawyer, David is well acquainted with their operations and tactics when it comes to personal injury. Now, working on behalf of plaintiffs he used to see on the other side of the courtroom, David is a powerhouse of insight and strategy. With his experience and impressive skills fighting for his clients, David Thompson is a force to be reckoned with against large corporations and insurance companies.

Now, as a personal injury lawyer in Jacksonville with Farah and Farah, David has the opportunity to flip the script on the large insurance companies in personal injury claims. Over a decade of professional insight and wisdom are all brought to bear in his arsenal of courtroom strategy. With so much experience under his belt, David is exactly the type of professional you want running your legal team.

Helping My Clients is the Greatest Reward

From my background working on the behalf of large insurance companies, it never sat right with me how they would treat the injured parties in cases. Seeing how insurance companies would deny coverage again and again made me realize that I wanted to fight on the other side of the table. Now, working for Farah and Farah, I get to help victims of personal injury receive their fair compensation.

After more than a decade practicing law, I have seen countless cases and can say with confidence that there is no feeling like seeing my clients win the compensation they deserve. Getting to use my skills and experience to help people that need it most is the greatest reward I could ever ask for as a personal injury lawyer. I have spent years developing my prowess in the courtroom as a trial attorney and am confident and capable when it comes to arguing for the sake of my clients. When I take on a personal injury case, I strive for the win with everything I have.

I’m Up For a Challenging Case

After law school, I jumped head first into the legal system as a prosecutor in the State Attorney’s Office. There, I spent a good deal of time in the courtroom working on everything from DUIs to homicides and major crimes. After a few years as a prosecutor, I would spend four more as an in-house counsel for one of the nation’s biggest insurance companies.

Over the course of my career, I have seen some tough cases. During my time in insurance and in civil law, I saw personal injury cases that were genuinely staggering as they unfolded.

Though I am no stranger to challenging cases, I always strive to provide my best in each case I take on. When you have seen as many difficult situations as I have, it affects you. For me, seeing a challenging case makes me want to fight as hard as I can for my clients.

Because I have the unique experience of seeing both sides of the more complex cases, I am well-equipped to handle what the big insurance firms throw my way. I know the ins and outs of personal injury and can bank on my expertise to help navigate even more demanding cases.

I Know My Clients Well

One thing you’ll find out about me right away as your personal injury lawyer here in Jacksonville is that I will take the time to thoroughly understand your needs, where you were before and after the accident, and other details that matter. I deeply value communication and a complete understanding of the situation. This not only prepares me to fight for my client’s case but prepares my strategy for potential curveballs the other side may hurl at me. Getting to know all the particulars of the case helps me prepare the best course possible.

When I take on clients, I have the mindset from the beginning that I will be representing them in a courtroom. From our first conversation, I will be formulating strategies, building arguments, and designing a game plan for how we should proceed. With thorough preparation and communication, I approach every trial with a full battery of insight. By getting to every detail of my client’s case from the get-go, our entire firm is that much more ready to fight on their behalf.

My goal is to know all the facts better than the other side and present them in a strategic and intentional manner. When I step into a courtroom, I come prepared to present the best case that I can. By knowing my clients and their situation like the back of my hand, I am ready for whatever happens.

Working at Farah and Farah Gives Me an Opportunity to Do More

As a personal injury lawyer with Farah and Farah, I am presented with the unique chance to help out in my own community and those around Jacksonville. Working with an incredible team like Farah and Farah provides me with the resources I need to get the job done and serve my clients. Everyone here is always ready to accommodate me if I need anything from basic supplies to insight and wisdom on a case. I work with some of the brightest law minds in the world, and it is refreshing to have their knowledge at my disposal.

Having a better professional environment means we can go further and do more for our clients. We’re invested in the firm and what we do because Eddie and Chuck lead from the front. Doing things the “Farah Way’ is what’s helped our firm remain client-focused even as we’ve seen incredible growth over the years.

I Love Jacksonville and I Value the Work We Do Here

Being a Floridian through and through, I appreciate all the work that Farah and Farah does in the communities in which they serve. I place a high value on community service and feel an obligation to give back as much as I can. Being a part of an organization that has the same priority of service is inspiring and motivates me to be the best that I can be.

When I am not in the courtroom, I enjoy watching football with my wife and kids. I’m a Jags and Noles fan to my core. When we get a little time for a day trip, Mandarin or the Town Center are two of our favorite spots. If we’re keeping it local on a Saturday night, Wicked Barley is pretty hard to beat.