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  • Florida Coastal School of Law, Juris Doctorate
  • Carson-Newman University, Political Science and History, Summa Cum Laude


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Joseph Presutti is one of the most-dogged attorneys I have ever met. He has something that can’t ever be taught but is so vital to long-term success as an attorney—grit. I’ve seen Joseph take on cases that no one else was prepared to and take them all the way to getting a great result for the client. His tenacious work ethic combined with a genuinely caring attitude is why he has such a long track record of successful cases.

Chuck Farah
Senior Partner at Farah & Farah


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Meet Joseph Presutti

Joseph Presutti is a personal injury attorney at Farah and Farah in Jacksonville. With extensive litigation experience in both auto accidents and premises liability cases, Joseph is able to take cases all the way to trial when it’s necessary to secure the best outcome for his clients. No matter how challenging the case, Joseph has proven time and again he has the skills and experience to secure a highly successful resolution.

What To Expect From This Process

Something I love about being a litigating attorney is that I get a lot one-on-one time with my clients. I’m a people-person and enjoy talking to my clients, building relationships, and making sure they are doing well and know where we are at every step of the process. Whether it’s helping them prepare for an upcoming deposition or reviewing their options during mediation, I enjoy going through the process with my clients and helping them see how far they’ve come when we reach the end. 

Brain Trust of Personal Injury Attorneys at Farah and Farah

Farah and Farah has been set up by Eddie and Chuck to give us attorneys maximum flexibility in how to best manage our cases. The attorneys and legal support staff here are truly some of the best in the business and we have this incredible open-door policy that let’s us capitalize on our collective strength. Other firms can make work feel like work but here, it’s a collaborative team effort to get the best results possible for our clients. I believe that level of support from the top down is one of the major reasons why I’ve been able to be as successful as I have been in getting every penny my clients’ cases deserve. In other words, when you hire me, you hire the entire firm including Chuck and Eddie.

Feel Like You’re Out of Options? Call Me

There’s one case I’ll always remember. It involved a wonderful husband and wife that were involved in a rear-end collision. Despite months of extensive treatment, the insurance company only offered them a thousand dollars for each of their cases. Once I took the case for litigation, we began the uphill battle. After a year, both cases settled for the full policy limits of all insurance policies available which was $700,000.00. To this day, this wonderful couple still sends me a Christmas card each year and calls me to check in on my family. 

If you are being told by the insurance company “take it or leave it” or have even been turned away by other law firms, please call me. I’ll review your case and outline your options going forward.

Your Jacksonville Accident Attorney

When I was in law school at FCSL in Jacksonville, I spent over 200 hours volunteering at the Public Defenders Office of the 4th Judicial Circuit, earning the Pro Bono Honors. But this experience was so much more than an honor on my resume, it would mold and shape my entire outlook as an attorney. I was helping people in our community through some of the toughest and most heart-wrenching situations imaginable which prepared me to spend my career being a staunch advocate for victims.

I love Jacksonville. This is my home, and where I’m proud to be raising my children. When I’m not busy with my next case at Farah and Farah in Jacksonville, you can probably find me reading a book or with my wife and kids enjoying the outdoors and the occasional weekend trip to Disney. My family is also active in our church, The District Church, where we serve alongside wonderful people who serve the Jacksonville community each week.