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Alex Fadoul


  • Charleston School of Law, Juris Doctorate
  • Mercer University, Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy and Political Science


Won Cases
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With literally thousands of successful cases to his credit, Alex Fadoul is a force to be reckoned with in the courtroom. He has a keen analytical mind that helps him put together all the details that contribute to a great outcome. If I were ever in our clients’ shoes and hurt in an accident, Alex is exactly who I would call.

Chuck Farah
Senior Partner at Farah & Farah


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Meet Alex Fadoul

Alex Fadoul is a standout Macon personal injury attorney for Farah and Farah in central Georgia. Alex spent years practicing law in a general practice firm, which means he gained experience in many different areas of the law all at once. He also has many years specifically in personal injury and has spent significant time in the courtroom, providing him far more experience than most. With thousands of cases successfully settled for his clients to his credit, Alex is just the type of exacting professional you need when the stakes are high. So, whether you’ve been injured in a slip and fall or a car accident in Macon, Alex Fadoul is the seasoned attorney you want handling your case.

“Powerful and Equipped” Is How I Describe Farah and Farah

Coming into Farah and Farah as a personal injury attorney, you’re almost in awe. This firm feels so professional in everything they do. From emails where top-tier attorneys are collaborating on big cases to the robust training every new attorney goes through, our firm equips its staff to do the best for our clients from day one.

The other side of the coin is that as big as we are and with all of the resources we have to win our clients’ cases, it still very much feels like a family. I come from a very tight-knit family and love that atmosphere here at the firm. I know if I ever have a question or just want to bounce some ideas off someone, I have so many excellent resources right at my fingertips. Being client-first takes real empathy from attorneys and real support from the firm so that we can do everything necessary to pursue every dollar our client deserves.

My Job Is to Bring the Truth to Light

I truly enjoy getting to bring the truth to light for my clients. From the beginning, we start assembling all the facts and evidence to build the strongest case possible. In doing so, we are proving what our clients went through and why they deserve the maximum compensation available to them under the law. As a plaintiff’s attorney, I am representing people or their loved ones who were hurt or killed in an accident. There are many skills required throughout the process of building a case that can really make a difference overall.

Something I excel at is the deposition process. That’s where we’re taking testimony from the different parties involved to help figure out exactly what happened and support what we’re asking for. Sometimes this takes talking to expert witnesses and learning nuances in a specific area, like the medical aspects of the case. As a litigation attorney, I then have to bring all of these pieces together in a cohesive way.

People hurt in an accident are just that—hurt. They need to go through treatment to get better, not worry about all the details. That’s my job. I help people who can’t otherwise help themselves and who are usually getting taken advantage of by the insurance company.

In the end, I advocate so that my client’s voice is heard, their side of the story is presented factually, and we’re able to seek everything they need to be made as close to whole as possible.

Need a Professional? I’ve Settled Thousands of Cases

I have a knack for trials. I love being in the courtroom, giving speeches, performing cross-examinations, and bringing all of the pieces together to achieve success for my clients. Not every accident attorney in Macon likes going to court, but I find it’s where I thrive. A lot of this has to do with preparation. I’m an early riser and when I first get into the office I like to go over my files and prioritize. I’ll make a list of daily tasks that I check off throughout the day. Of course, every day has its own challenges and I’ll adapt, but I find having a roadmap and holding myself accountable helps me get more done.

After practicing law for so many years and settling thousands of cases successfully for my clients, I’ve learned that the best strategy is to have a solid game plan from the beginning. Adjusters don’t always play nice and you need to have workarounds to still get your case moving forward so your client can get what they need at the end of the day.

I’m From Macon and I Love It Here

My dad moved to the States from Palestine in his 20s and we moved to Macon when I was just a toddler. We all speak Arabic fluently in my house, but I grew up here and our family roots go deep. My dad has owned his own business in Macon for decades and pretty much everyone knows him. It’s humbling to get to be a powerful force for good in the community you call home. I love that Farah and Farah is so big on community involvement and we have many plans in the works for supporting local organizations making big impacts for the underprivileged here in Macon.

On those rare occasions I’m not working on a case for Farah and Farah, I love spending time with family. Macon parks like Tattnall Square near Mercer where I went to undergrad and fun little restaurants like Oliver’s Bistro downtown are some of my favorite places to hang out. If it’s in season, soccer is by far my favorite sport to watch and it’s a sure bet I’ll be catching FC Barcelona as often as I can.