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Christian Perez


  • Western Michigan University Thomas M. Cooley Law School
  • University of Alabama


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Christian Perez has a calm and steadfast personality that our clients appreciate during times of uncertainty. To keep things progressing, Christian knows how to work hard and keep a good pace under pressure. He is reliable, resilient, and determined to make a positive difference in the lives of everyone he meets. We couldn’t be more excited to have a guy like Christian on our Tampa team.

Chuck Farah
Senior Partner at Farah & Farah


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Christian Perez is a Tampa personal injury attorney who is anchored by his work ethic and unwavering loyalty to his clients. As an outcome-oriented attorney, Christian prides himself on his ability to work through challenges all the way to the end. With experience studying the relationship between policy and psychology, Christian continues to stay curious about human tendencies and how to navigate different personalities in the courtroom. 

With his broad experience negotiating on clients’ behalf, Christian is thrilled to put his skills to the test with the legal team here at Farah & Farah’s Tampa office. If you’re looking for an attorney who can act as a pillar of strength and security through your case, Christian is your guy.

Inspired By Family

It all started with my family. I grew up surrounded by relatives who practiced law, and seeing them in action was truly an inspiration for me. I saw how hard they worked, but I also saw how fulfilling this career path was for them. The ability for them to help people in a tangible way led me to think about how I could eventually be of service to people in this country.

Before deciding to go into law, I looked into other career paths as well. Just like I do now for clients, I had to do my research and perform my own due diligence. I didn’t want to settle; I wanted to go into law school knowing that I was fulfilling my purpose.

Every Case Means the World To Me

One thing I really understand is people. I care about people and how these cases affect them. While facts are important in law, I think it’s just as important for attorneys to have empathy. When going through a difficult situation medically, and financially, the stress can build up quickly. I believe in acting as a foundation of support for clients in all of my cases.

I take each case on with pride and determination as I work through the varying personalities in each party. That’s one big reason why I studied not only law and political science but also psychology. The inner workings of legal cases involve an attention to detail, but also a certain attention to how people work.

Never Stop Learning

Something that keeps me on my toes in this career is that the law is constantly changing. You have to continue to adapt to these changes while still keeping your feet on the ground. New players may enter the game, and policies continue to change. It’s a continuous balance between staying flexible and staying grounded. It reminds me to never stop learning.

I know some people who have worked for bigger law firms for thirty or forty years. They know certain laws inside and out. Despite this deep knowledge, it shows that with law changes it doesn’t always matter how many years of experience you have under your belt. What matters is your ability to ride the changing tides that happen in law.

Be an Advocate for People

I had one case in particular with a construction worker who became injured. He was out of work and was defaulting on all of his payments. Some people think that money isn’t everything, but in this case and in many others, some of these people don’t have enough money to survive. I helped get this man the compensation he needed to keep his life on track for the time he was out of work. 

I want people to be compensated for rough patches in their lives. It is my job and my calling to be their advocate when they are down. This case reminded me how important it is for an attorney to stay resilient, stay determined, and get comfortable being uncomfortable.

Keeping Life Simple

I appreciate the simple things in life. To recharge after a long week, you can probably find me fishing, hunting, watching an Alabama football game, or trying out some new barbeque restaurants in downtown Tampa.