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  • Florida Coastal School of Law, Juris Doctorate
  • University of Florida, Bachelors of Science, Business Economics


  • The Florida Bar
  • Florida Justice Association
  • Jacksonville Bar Association
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Youssef Khanachet is incredibly skilled within social security disability and workers compensation cases with a long list of successful case decisions to his credit. Even with such success, Youssef has such a disarming way about him that you can’t help but to be put at ease in his presence. He is a master at his craft and it shows with how well he helps his clients endure the legal process for their benefit.

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Meet Youssef Khanachet

Youssef Khanachet is a Workers’ Compensation and Social Security attorney in Jacksonville. Workers’ Compensation and Social Security are two distinct areas of law but the ultimate goal is securing benefits for clients who have been hurt at work or can no longer work at all. Whether it is making sure a Workers’ Compensation client is receiving medical treatment and lost wage benefits or ensuring that a Social Security client is well prepared for a hearing, Youssef uses his abundant skills, knowledge and experience to expedite the process of securing all the benefits his clients deserve.

When the Adjuster Refuses to Provide You with Benefits, We Get Involved

When you are hurt at work and trust that your employer’s Workers’ Compensation insurance carrier is going to cover you, it can be a shock when they refuse to provide even the most basic benefits or drag their feet providing benefits. Workers’ Compensation benefits are supposed to kick in when an individual suffers an injury while in the course and scope of their employment, but benefits are often delayed or denied. You may be facing extreme hardships and experiencing a desperate need for justice. That is where I step in to take that burden of dealing with insurance companies, adjusters and defense attorneys off my clients’ shoulders and spark movement in their cases. I am one of the few attorneys who can cross the aisle and make defense attorneys and insurance adjusters come to the table.

Taking on Even the Most Complex Social Security Disability Cases

I had a recent Social Security Disability case where my client had a pretty unique set of circumstances. Although his condition met a listing according to the medical expert that testified at his hearing, my client still had wages after his alleged onset date which a judge determined to mean that he could still work. The judge was not going to award my client any back due benefits, which at that point were a substantial amount due to his case taking nearly three years. When the judge ruled against my client, I immediately counseled my client to appeal the judge’s decision. It was through the appeals process that the evidence we gathered and submitted got the decision overturned. This meant that my client would get all the back due benefits he was entitled to while the case was being decided. After such a long fight for my client, I had come to know my client and his family personally and was very happy I was able to secure a positive result. The family focus we have here at Farah and Farah means that relationships like these are prioritized and developed on a daily basis.

Coming From Damascus, Syria to Jacksonville, Florida

When I was just a kid, my family immigrated from Damascus, Syria to Saudi Arabia and eventually relocated to the United States. We settled right here in Jacksonville since we had family here, and I’ve pretty much remained here ever since. Jacksonville became my home and I love it here. If I am not poring over my next Social Security Disability or Workers’ Compensation case, you can probably find me exploring Jacksonville. If it is the weekend you can bet I will be playing competitive soccer, watching a match on TV or at the beach.