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  • Mercer University, Juris Doctorate
  • University of North Florida, Bachelors of Arts, Political Science


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I’ve known Easa Mousa for years, and let me tell you, he is a man of genuine integrity. He treats everyone respectfully and packs a punch as a distinguished Jacksonville personal injury lawyer. His leadership, wisdom, and thorough knowledge of the law is precisely the type of person we want here at Farah and Farah.

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Meet Easa Mousa

Easa Mousa is a veteran personal injury lawyer here in Jacksonville, Florida. With an impressive career spanning nearly 40 years, Easa is no stranger to the law. Being at his own practice for the majority of his career, Easa has first-hand experience in a wide range of disciplines, including personal injury, insurance, bankruptcy, and divorce. With his experience and wisdom, Easa is a proven, successful personal injury lawyer.

Easa has further proven his ability as both a lawyer and adjunct professor at FSCJ in business law. His history of a successful career makes him a powerful pre-litigation personal injury lawyer. When Easa is handed a new case, he works tirelessly to devise a resolution before ever going to the courtroom. His knowledge and experience make him an advantageous advocate to every one of his clients.

My Experience Speaks for Itself

With almost 40 years under my belt after graduating from law school, I have learned a lot about my craft. I have had my hand in general practice for a long time and know the inner workings of the legal system. I have seen countless victories over my career in all areas of my field and know what it takes to fight for my clients. I had the privilege of being an independent firm for the majority of my law career and have mastered the practices and procedures of the law. My experience in so many areas of law comes in handy as I develop the unique aspect of my clients’ cases.

Though each case is unique and presents its own unique challenges, I can fall back on my experience and personal insight to provide sound legal advice. I place a high value on knowing all that I can about my clients and their situation to help me form a winning strategy. I’ve represented clients from all backgrounds and have given my all to defend each and every one of them.

Over the course of my career, I have helped numerous personal injury victims get the compensation they deserve. Even though some of the most challenging cases of my career were going to be an uphill battle, I helped my clients towards victory. Even with all of my experience, there are many times when I just need to bounce an idea off someone. Luckily, Eddie and Chuck have built an army of seasoned pros all around me that I can go to at any point.

Honest and Integrity is Everything as a Personal Injury Attorney

I have spent enough time in courtrooms and with clients to know how things work. I have a keen sense of personal injury situations, and within minutes of meeting my clients, I am formulating a plausible solution. I value honesty with my clients to tell them how I plan to approach their case. I’m proficient at assessing a situation and then planning a strategy right away. I believe that my wisdom and experience as a personal injury lawyer in Jacksonville work well to devise a winning outcome for my clients.

As I serve my clients, I feel that an honest assessment is the best approach. I believe that as a personal injury lawyer, I have a duty to conduct my practices with integrity and honesty. If I hold to these morals and have done all that I can for my clients, I have given them the best defense that I can. Being a client-first firm, I’m proud that Farah and Farah also holds such high regard for how we treat our clients.

Relationships Are Essential

One of the most valuable lessons I have learned is that relationships in law must be paramount. I work hard to form a relationship with my client based on trust and mutual respect. When I take on a personal injury case, I know that the victim needs someone they can rely on during a stressful time of their lives. I endeavor to be that person for my clients.

Though it may be rare to see a personal injury lawyer that is relationally driven, I strive to see people as individuals with unique needs. When I take a case, I make it a priority to remind myself that my clients, the people on the other side, and everyone involved is a person deserving of kindness. This mindset helps me build bridges across both sides of a case and hopefully come to a mutually-acceptable conclusion before taking it to the courtroom.

I’m Glad to Be Part of a Team that Values People

Having spent the majority of my career in a personal practice, it is wonderful to be a part of a team like Farah and Farah. Not only do I have access to any resources I need, but I also can always rely on the team for insight into a case or problem. The team of remarkable lawyers at Farah and Farah genuinely value people, whether they are on their side of the case or on the opposing side.

I’ve known Eddie and Chuck Farah for years, and they are some of the most genuine, kind people. I am proud to be working as a member of their team as a personal injury lawyer in Jacksonville. At Farah and Farah, I get to help people find a reasonable solution when it seems like times are at their worst. This opportunity is a responsibility and a privilege that I take very seriously as a personal injury lawyer.

My Role in the Community

As a member of the Jacksonville community, I believe that it is important to do all that I can for the people of this city and the surrounding areas. As a personal injury lawyer with Farah and Farah, I can help my clients to get the fair compensation they deserve when they don’t have anyone to rely on. My role in the community is to provide legal advice and services to the people of Jacksonville and North Florida.

Jacksonville has a lot to offer as a community. This is such a diverse place and ripe with unique opportunities, activities, and people. It’s a wonderful place to work and have a family. My own family has all grown up here, and now their families are also growing up here.

When I am not working, I spend time with my family, enjoying this incredible city. Our activities range from watching sports together to playing my trombone with my jazz band. Sharing these precious memories with my family reminds me how important it is to fight for those that do not have a support group. And that’s why I work so hard for my clients; I want them to have the best support they can possibly get from a local attorney. Period.