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R. Lee Page, Jr.


  • Stetson University College of Law, Juris Doctorate
  • North Carolina State University, Magna Cum Laude, Bachelors of Science, Business Management


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From the moment I met Lee Page I knew that he would be the perfect fit for our firm. We wanted him on our team because of his strong work ethic, his friendly demeanor and his ability to make you feel comfortable from the get-go. At Farah and Farah, we value the strong leadership skills like I see in Lee and can’t help but admire his knack for making our whole team work better. He is exactly what I’d want if I was looking for the best attorney to represent me.

Chuck Farah
Senior Partner at Farah & Farah


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Meet R. Lee Page, Jr.

Lee Page is a personal injury and workers’ compensation attorney in Tampa. Lee is excited to be in the Tampa area and enjoys the energy and friendly folks found in the city. He has an extensive background in civil rights cases and likes the challenge of dealing with personal injury and workers’ compensation clients. Laws tend to favor big corporations and not the victim so Lee stands with his clients to level the playing field. He feels that representing the victim in personal injury and workers’ compensation cases allows him to amplify their voice and stop them from getting pushed around by their employer or adjuster.

Lee’s dogged personality is well-suited as an advocate where he often finds the tiniest details that finally make what seems like a dead-end case move forward in his client’s favor.

With Personal Injury & Workers’ Compensation Cases, Experience Matters

Prior to joining Farah and Farah, I actually represented insurance companies and employers throughout the State of Florida. Before this, my legal career began as an Assistant Attorney General at the Florida Office of the Attorney General where I represented the State of Florida in civil rights actions. Now I’m on the plaintiff’s side and fighting for workers and victims’ rights. Because of my diverse experience, I have no fear whatsoever in taking employers or big insurance companies all the way to trial when they don’t present a fair offer. 

While in law school, I clerked for the Honorable K. Rodney May of the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Middle District of Florida, worked in the Veterans Advocacy Clinic, and also spent time with the Tenth Judicial Circuit’s Public Defender’s Office. This experience taught me both application of the law in legal terms, and the human side of what my work can do to help people.

Helping clients from all walks of life understand exactly where they are in the legal process and where their case is heading every step of the way takes empathy. Understanding and empathizing with my clients helps me communicate the options they have. These skills are ones you can only develop after leading many clients through their case towards a successful outcome.

Being Dual-Barred in Florida and Georgia Means I Can Help More People

Laws in Florida and Georgia vary in regards to workers’ compensation and accidents. Having experience in both states means I have so much more perspective for what strategies work best. It is important for me to have that perspective so I can do the most for my clients and see that they are compensated for their injuries to the full extent that the law allows. I believe that my expertise both in Georgia and Florida personal injury and workers’ compensation cases makes me a better attorney, which helps me get better results for clients from all backgrounds.

Justice is served when I can use the laws that are in place to protect workers and can apply those effectively to an individual’s case. From preparing for an upcoming deposition or mediation to reviewing medical records with our in-house medical experts, my clients’ cases are most successful when we can continue moving the cases forward. This takes helping the client understand their options, choosing the best course of action to get through their present circumstance, and working towards a great outcome for their case.

Firm-Wide Resources Make Me More Effective in What I Do

Farah & Farah prides itself on being a family-owned firm with strong family values. This is exemplified in the attitudes of attorneys in our office. We work as a team, drawing on each one’s strengths to present the strongest case for our clients. I like that I can draw on the experience and knowledge found within our offices and that we are all working toward the same goal: we are 110% committed to winning your case. 

Whether I need to bounce an idea off Eddie or Chuck before I move forward, or seek medical advice from a specialist, Farah & Farah’s level of resources provides me with everything I need to do my job most effectively.

Seeing Clients Through a Tough Process Is What I Do Best

So many people come to my office when they are in the worst situation that they have ever faced. I pride myself on being able to listen and I am really good at explaining their options. I try to make a point of understanding my clients and their circumstances and I want them to know that I really care about them as people. 

They are not just another case number to me. My typical day will always involve client interaction and solid communication of where we are in their case. I want them to know that I am their advocate for justice in a tough situation. They are not facing this crisis alone.

When I’m not at work in the Farah & Farah office in Tampa, you can probably find me escaping to the city to venture into the outdoors. I love the fresh air and beauty found at different beaches or rivers in our local Central Florida area. Those moments recharge my batteries to make me a better attorney.