Eddie Farah personal injury lawyer and Founding Partner of Farah & Farah

Eddie Farah Efarah@farahandfarah.com

Chuck Farah Senior Partner at Farah & Farah Injury Law Firm

Chuck Farah Cfarah@farahandfarah.com

Farah & Farah Personal Injury Attorney

Joseph Abdel-Malak jabdelmalak@farahandfarah.com

Zachary Atenbach personal injury lawyer at Farah & Farah

Zachary M. Altenbach zaltenbach@farahandfarah.com

Perry Bailey personal injury lawyer

Perry Bailey pbailey@farahandfarah.com

Farah & Farah Orlando Personal Injury Attorney

Christopher Baker CBaker@farahandfarah.com

Fort Myers Workers Compensation Attorney

Whitney Bird wbird@farahandfarah.com

Michael Bodik Personal Injury Lawyer

Michael “Mike” Bodik mbodik@farahandfarah.com

Farah & Farah Jacksonville Personal Injury Attorney

Kristen Bohlman kbohlman@farahandfarah.com

Robert Bonner personal injury lawyer

Robert Bonner RBonner@farahandfarah.com

Nicholas Boyle personal injury lawyer

Nicholas Boyle nboyle@farahandfarah.com

Personal Injury Attorney Steven Bridge

Steven Bridge sbridge@farahandfarah.com

Personal Injury Attorney Scott Burleigh

Scott Burleigh SBurleigh@farahandfarah.com

Savannah Personal Injury Attorney

Wesley M. Bush wbush@farahandfarah.com

Personal Injury Attorney Bryan Callaway

Bryan Callaway bcallaway@farahandfarah.com

Tom Carrero personal injury lawyer

Thomas “Tom” Carrero Jr. TCarrero@farahandfarah.com

Personal Injury Attorney Jonathon Carter

Jonathon Carter jcarter@farahandfarah.com

Tara Conner personal injury lawyer

Tara Conner tconner@farahandfarah.com

Savannah Cooley Jacksonville personal injury lawyer at Farah & Farah

Savannah Cooley scooley@farahandfarah.com

Savannah Personal Injury Lawyer

J. "Lindsey" Corbin jcorbin@farahandfarah.com

Farah & Farah Premises Liability & Auto Accident Attorney

Jose Cruz-Pagan JCruz-Pagan@farahandfarah.com

Chris Curry personal injury lawyer at Farah & Farah

Christopher C. Curry CCurry@farahandfarah.com

Tampa Personal Injury Attorney

Kaley Dreyer kdreyer@farahandfarah.com

Personal Injury Attorney Tyler Dupuy

Tyler Dupuy tdupuy@farahandfarah.com

Personal Injury Attorney Mario Errico

Mario Errico MErrico@farahandfarah.com

Dalya Farah personal injury lawyer

Dalya Farah dfarah@farahandfarah.com

Khalil Farah personal injury lawyer

Khalil Farah Kfarah@farahandfarah.com

Alex Fadoul Personal Injury Attorney

Alex Fadoul AFadoul@farahandfarah.com

Kassandra Farnsworth kfarnsworth@farahandfarah.com

Ricky Favors personal injury lawyer

Ricky Favors rfavors@farahandfarah.com

Jacksonville Workers Comp & Social Security Lawyer

Bruce Steven Feifer Feifer@farahandfarah.com

Brain Flaherty personal injury lawyer at Farah & Farah

Brian Martin Flaherty Bflaherty@farahandfarah.com

Savannah Personal Injury Lawyer

Katie Fitzpatrick kfitzpatrick@farahandfarah.com

Wesley Ford Orange Park personal injury lawyers

Wesley Ford Wford@farahandfarah.com

Frank Fratello personal injury lawyer at Farah & Farah

Frank Fratello ffratello@farahandfarah.com

Matt Grossman personal injury lawyer

Matthew Grossman mgrossman@farahandfarah.com

Albany Personal Injury Attorney

Christle L. Guinyard CGuinyard@farahandfarah.com

Robert Gunn Jacksonville personal injury lawyer

Robert S. Gunn, IV rgunn@farahandfarah.com

Jacksonville Social Security Disability Lawyer

Mark Hall Mark.Hall@farahandfarah.com

Natalia Hawkesworth personal injury lawyer

Natalia Hawkesworth nhawkesworth@farahandfarah.com

Brandon Hughes bhughes@farahandfarah.com

Corri Hunt St Augustine personal injury lawyer

Corri Hunt chunt@farahandfarah.com

Larry Huttman personal injury lawyer

Laurence “Larry” Huttman Lhuttman@farahandfarah.com

Jacksonville Personal Injury Attorney

Ryan Jaghab rjaghab@farahandfarah.com

Jacksonville Warranty Claims & Lemon Law Attorney

Joshua T. Kaleel jkaleel@farahandfarah.com

Personal Injury Attorney David Kerce

David Kerce Dkerce@farahandfarah.com

Youssef workers comp lawyer

Youssef Khanachet ykhanachet@farahandfarah.com

Joshua Kopp personal injury lawyer

Joshua Kopp jkopp@farahandfarah.com

Nick LaFountain Ocala personal injury lawyer

Nicholas LaFountain nlafountain@farahandfarah.com

Farah & Farah Workers Compensation Attorney

Kyle Lankhorst klankhorst@farahandfarah.com

Younes Lari Jacksonville personal injury lawyer

Younes Lari ylari@farahandfarah.com

Latasha Leak personal injury lawyer

Latasha Leak lleak@farahandfarah.com

Orlando Premises Liability Attorney

Jared M. Lerner jlerner@farahandfarah.com

Personal Injury Attorney Brianna Lucas

Brianna Lucas blucas@farahandfarah.com

Jacksonville Senior Managing Attorney

Lloyd S. Manukian manukian@farahandfarah.com

Sam Maroon personal injury lawyer

Samuel Maroon smaroon@farahandfarah.com

Personal Injury Attorney Jay McCurdy

Jay McCurdy jmccurdy@farahandfarah.com

Andrew McKinney Lawyer

Andrew McKinney amckinney@farahandfarah.com

Eric A. Melendez Emelendez@farahandfarah.com

Jacksonville Personal Injury Lawyer

Andrew Miller a.miller@farahandfarah.com

Scott Miller personal injury lawyer

Scott Miller smiller@farahandfarah.com

Farah & Farah Jacksonville Attorney

Kevin Moore kmoore@farahandfarah.com

Fort Myers Personal Injury Attorney

Brian Morrison BMorrison@farahandfarah.com

Tiffany Newcomb

Tiffany K. Newcomb tnewcomb@farahandfarah.com

Easa Mousa Personal Injury Lawyer

Easa Mousa emousa@farahandfarah.com

Ryan O'Connor Gainesville Personal Injury Attorney

Ryan O'Connor roconnor@farahandfarah.com

Male attorney headshot placeholder

William “Will” Oglesby woglesby@farahandfarah.com

Amanda Olivert personal injury lawyer

Amanda Olivert aolivert@farahandfarah.com

Glory Padgett personal injury lawyer

Glory Padgett gpadgett@farahandfarah.com

Lee Page personal injury lawyer

R. Lee Page, Jr. lpage@farahandfarah.com

Tampa Personal Injury Attorney

Matthew Podolsky mpodolsky@farahandfarah.com

Joseph Presutti Farah & Farah personal injury lawyer

Joseph Presutti Jpresutti@farahandfarah.com

Kelli Pruner Farah & Farah personal injury lawyer

Kelli Pruner kpruner@farahandfarah.com

Chris Puleo workers compensation lawyer

Chris Puleo cpuleo@farahandfarah.com

Tampa Personal Injury Lawyer

Michael Quesada MQuesada@farahandfarah.com

Melanie Ramos-Quinones personal injury lawyer

Melanie Ramos-Quinones MRamos@farahandfarah.com

Sam Ranard Farah & Farah personal injury lawyer in Jacksonville

Samuel Ranard sranard@farahandfarah.com

Greg Ream personal injury lawyer

Gregory A. Ream gream@farahandfarah.com

Megan Richards mrichards@farahandfarah.com

Jason Robbins workers compensation lawyer

Jason Robbins jrobbins@farahandfarah.com

Bradley Robinson personal injury lawyer

Bradley Robinson Brobinson@farahandfarah.com

Catalina Rodriguez Orlando First Party Attorney

Catalina Rodriguez crodriguez@farahandfarah.com

Personal Injury Attorney Xavier Saunders

Xavier Saunders xsaunders@farahandfarah.com

Brett Shroyer Atlanta workers compensation lawyer

Brett Schroyer bschroyer@farahandfarah.com

Andrew Scott Personal Injury Attorney Jacksonville

Andrew Scott ascott@farahandfarah.com

Farah & Farah Jacksonville Personal Injury Attorney

Douglas Shanteau Dshanteau@farahandfarah.com

Jacksonville Personal Injury Lawyer

Richard A. Staggard Rstaggard@farahandfarah.com

First Party Claims Attorney Andreas Study

Andreas Study astudy@farahandfarah.com

Fort Myers Personal Injury Attorney

Martin Tapia MTapia@farahandfarah.com

Jacksonville Personal Injury Lawyer

John Thomas Jthomas@farahandfarah.com

David C. Thompson Personal Injury Attorney

David C. Thompson DThompson@farahandfarah.com

Valdosta Auto Accident Attorney

Nicole Thompson nthompson@farahandfarah.com

Ryan Thompson personal injury lawyer

Ryan E. Thompson rthompson@farahandfarah.com

Michael Tollette Personal Injury Attorney

Michael Tollette MTollette@farahandfarah.com

Orlando Workers' Compensation Attorney Stephanie Torres

Stephanie Torres storres@farahandfarah.com

Sherri Trinh Savannah Personal Injury Attorney

Sherri Trinh strinh@farahandfarah.com

Personal Injury Attorney Thai Phi H. Pho

Thai Phi H. Vo tvo@farahandfarah.com

Orlando Personal Injury Attorney Alex Weber

Alec Weber aweber@farahandfarah.com

Lori Dijkhuis personal injury lawyer

Lori Wegner LWegner@farahandfarah.com

Donelle-White Tampa Workers Comp Lawyer

Donelle White DWhite@farahandfarah.com

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