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Tampa Truck Accident Lawyers

You don’t have to take on a powerful trucking company or intimidating insurance carrier on your own after a truck accident in Tampa, FL. Increase the odds of a meaningful financial recovery by enlisting the help of our highly skilled and respected Tampa truck accident attorneys. We are dedicated advocates for Florida accident victims, recovering more than a billion dollars in compensation over four decades. Put our experience to work for you.

An auto accident involving a semi-truck, tractor-trailer, big rig, or large commercial truck can catastrophically affect your life. If you’ve been injured in a truck accident in Tampa, call the big truck attorneys at Farah & Farah at (813) 358-0490. A negligent trucker might have caused the accident, and a trucking company or insurer might be on the hook for your resulting costs and suffering. Our experienced Tampa truck accident lawyers will help you maximize your recovery.

Farah & Farah is a leading injury law firm in Tampa, FL. Our award-winning trial lawyers share a commitment to always putting the client first. This client-centric approach leverages our entire team’s experience, networks, and expertise to ensure clients like you have the resources necessary to get the best outcome possible. Through teamwork and collaboration, we’ve helped our clients recover substantial compensation through jury verdicts and settlements.

Show the trucking company and its insurer that you mean business and will not settle for one cent less than you deserve. Put our highly-skilled big truck lawyers on the case. Contact our law office today to set up a free consultation now.

Why You’ll Want To Call Farah & Farah’s Award-Winning Litigators For Help

You have the power to level the playing field by hiring an experienced Tampa personal injury lawyer to represent you after your truck accident.

Here are some compelling reasons to turn to Farah & Farah for the legal help you need:

When you choose Farah & Farah, you’ll work with attorneys who genuinely care about you and your future. You’ll get the service, compassion, and family atmosphere typically associated with small firms while benefiting from the resources needed to match powerful corporations and insurers. Additionally, our focus on teamwork means you have our entire team of attorneys and staff to bolster your case.

How Our Tampa Truck Accident Lawyers Will Help You Maximize Your Recovery

You’ll need to rest and heal from your catastrophic truck accident injuries. Give yourself that much-needed recovery time by trusting our big truck lawyers in Tampa with your case. We will work to maximize your compensation while minimizing your stress and aggravation.

You’ll benefit from comprehensive and caring legal representation as we take the following steps:

Let us go to work for you. As we work on your case, you’ll have accessibility and the ability to communicate with your entire legal team easily. 

Handling All Types of Tampa Truck Accident Cases Since 1979

At Farah & Farah, we’ve fiercely advocated for truck accident victims and devastated families in Florida for over 40 years.

We represent clients who have sustained injuries or lost family members because of the following types of truck accidents, among others:

Experience matters when it comes to the often-complex legal issues that present in truck crash cases. Put our decades of experience to work for you.

Who’s Liable For My Tampa Truck Accident?

Most truck accident cases result from negligence. Negligence refers to a party’s failure to exercise reasonable care, which causes an avoidable injury or death. Under Florida law, anyone whose negligence contributed to the crash may be liable for your truck accident

Depending on the specific facts of your truck accident case, potentially liable parties might include the following:

Our truck accident attorneys in Florida will carefully evaluate the details of your crash to determine why it happened and who’s at fault. Once liability is clear, we’ll seek maximum compensation from anyone who caused you to get hurt.

Can I Recover Compensation If I’m Partly to Blame?

Under Florida law, you can recover compensation from a third party if you don’t bear the majority of the fault for a truck accident. You’re entitled to a reduced financial award if you’re not more than 50 percent to blame. Damages are reduced proportionately based on your share of the fault.

Let’s say you’re 30 percent at fault for a big rig crash in Tampa. Your personal injury case is valued at $100,000. You’ll be entitled to a maximum settlement or jury award of $70,000 once your contributory fault is considered.

At Farah & Farah, we’ll be ready for allegations of shared fault. Our attorneys will work hard to minimize these claims and fight to protect your financial recovery.

What Types of Damages Are Available to Tampa Truck Accident Victims?

You’ll typically be able to recover compensatory damages after a truck accident in Tampa, Florida. Compensatory damages include the following:

Your recovery can potentially include money for the following items:

Punitive damages can also be awarded if your truck accident lawsuit goes to trial and a judge or jury finds the defendants’ conduct to be sufficiently egregious.  

The trucking company will work hard to downplay your injuries and limit your financial payout. Our attorneys won’t let them. You will have experts on your team with specific experience dealing with trucking companies and the know-how to fight back against the tactics used to downplay your losses.

We will take our time and evaluate every detail related to your case. Our goal is to fully reveal the scope and impact of your truck accident. How does it affect you today? How will it affect you in the future? We’ll get those answers and use them as leverage to get you a fair settlement.

What Factors Can Affect My Truck Accident Settlement?

When it’s time to calculate what your truck accident case is worth, many factors come into play. We’ll need to answer the following questions, among other things:

You can increase the odds of a meaningful recovery by hiring our top-rated truck accident attorneys to represent you. Our Tampa lawyers helped thousands of clients injured in accidents. Now we’re ready to fight for you.

How Long Will I Have To File a Florida Truck Accident Lawsuit?

The statute of limitations for most truck accident lawsuits in Florida is two years from the date of the accident or the date you discovered your injuries.

If you don’t file a legal claim for damages by the second year after your accident, you risk losing out on valuable compensation.

Protect yourself by contacting our Tampa truck accident lawyers as soon as possible after your crash.

Truck Accident FAQs

Truck accidents tend to be more complicated and nuanced than other types of motor vehicle crashes. As a result, it’s common to have many questions after a car accident involving a large truck. Our team has the answers you need.

Do My PIP Benefits Cover Truck Accidents?

You can recover Personal Injury Protection (PIP) benefits if you were driving your vehicle or the passenger in a properly insured vehicle during the truck accident. PIP will cover 80 percent of your medical bills and 60 percent of your lost wages, up to $10,000.

You’ll be able to recover compensation up to the policy limits. However, in many cases, due to the severity of truck accidents, these policy limits may not be sufficient to cover the full amount of damages you may have after the crash.

It’s important to note that you have just 14 days to file a claim for PIP benefits with the insurance company, so contacting our attorneys immediately is crucial.

What Should I Do After a Truck Accident in Tampa?

Here’s what you need to do and avoid doing after a Tampa truck accident:

At Farah & Farah, our team will work to protect you and assert your rights after you’ve been hurt in a Tampa truck accident. 

What Causes Most Tampa Truck Accidents?

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, 10,123 accidents involving large trucks were reported in Florida in 2021. While these truck accidents happened for just about any reason, some of the most common causes included:

When you turn to Farah & Farah for help, you can trust that we’ll dig deep and get to the bottom of how and why your truck accident happened.

How Long Does It Take To Get a Truck Accident Settlement?

There’s no set timeframe for truck accident settlements. It depends on numerous factors, such as:

You’ll probably need a settlement check as soon as possible to help cover the mounting costs of your accident. However, it’s important to understand that once you agree to settle, you waive the right to future compensation. So, if you accept a deal for less than your case is worth, you’ll be responsible for any future costs that arise.

Hiring an experienced big truck attorney to represent you can help to accelerate the claims process. If the insurance company knows you’re willing to go to trial, they may be more inclined to take your case seriously and offer a fair settlement.

Call Our Trusted Tampa Truck Accident Lawyers For Help

You have one shot at recovering compensation after a truck accident in Tampa, Florida. Make the most of it by calling Farah & Farah at (813) 358-0490. Our Tampa truck accident lawyers have the experience, passion, and dedication to teamwork that you’ll need to get the results you deserve.

Our law firm has won over $1 billion in life-changing awards for deserving clients like you. Now we’re ready to fight for you, too.

Contact our law office in Tampa to arrange a free consultation to get started today.

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