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  • The George Washington University Law School, Juris Doctorate
  • University of Richmond, Bachelor of Arts, History, Graduated with Honors


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Chris Curry is everything you want in an attorney. He is immensely experienced, knows the process, gets great results, and is a leader who inspires by doing. Our Orlando team and indeed the entire firm is quite lucky to have such powerhouse attorneys on our side.

Chuck Farah
Senior Partner at Farah & Farah


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Meet Christopher C. Curry

Christopher C. Curry is a personal injury attorney at the Orlando office. Chris spent nearly two decades as a medical malpractice defense lawyer where he defended hospitals and doctors’ groups from litigation. Needing a change, he switched gears and started representing plaintiffs hurt in accidents like automobile crashes and slip and falls.

At Farah and Farah, this is Chris’ sole focus and he brings all of his experience to bear from both sides of the courtroom. Knowing the defense team’s playbook is invaluable as Chris navigates the road to recovery for clients hurt after an accident. If you’re not getting a fair offer from an insurance company, Chris is exactly the type of seasoned professional you want leading your legal dream team in Orlando.

Supportive and Efficient Is How I’d Describe Life at Farah & Farah

I’ve worked in other law firms and have seen offices get caught up in the drama or politics that can come with a big corporate setting. But Farah & Farah simply is not like that. From the moment I set foot in the Orlando office, I was met with respect, cooperation and support. We have every efficiency and resource you would expect from a big firm but through Eddie and Chuck’s leadership have retained the close-knit family atmosphere.

In all of my experience, I can tell you that this combination is indeed rare in a firm our size and something clients definitely recognize. At the end of the day, I’m able to capitalize on the resources of the firm and the brain trust of top-tier professionals around me to swing for the fences with my client’s case.

I Used to Defend Big Hospitals, Now I Work for the Victims

Spending nearly two decades working in medical malpractice defense work was a fantastic experience. I learned how the defense team puts together a case to limit the liability to the provider when someone is hurt under a doctor or hospital’s care. All of this experience was invaluable, but I was also constantly trying to fulfill administrative benchmarks, and working for the big guys wasn’t how I wanted to spend the rest of my career practicing law. So I made the switch to personal injury and have never looked back.

I greatly appreciate the opportunity to help clients and assist them when they are at a vulnerable point in their lives. I take the trust they put in me seriously and use all of my skills and experience as an attorney to seek the absolute maximum for their case.

After Decades in Law, I Know the Process

After you do something for a while you tend to get pretty good at it. I’m grateful that my career has included time both on the defense side and now doing plaintiff’s work so I’m more aware of the total picture. All of the knowledge, skills and abilities that I’ve honed over the years simply make me a better accident attorney for my clients. I know how to evaluate a case from the beginning to analyze it for strengths and weaknesses. This helps me map out a legal strategy to help us get your case across the finish line.

Communication is absolutely essential in personal injury and it is a top priority in my day-to-day. I need to keep my clients current with what’s happening in their cases so I can guide them through the process. I’ve learned a key aspect of any case is to stay organized in order to accomplish all the tasks required to resolve cases efficiently and with the greatest benefit to the client.

A case I’ll never forget involved a fireman who was severely injured in a motor vehicle accident. This everyday hero had serious injuries and property damage but was received with a low-ball offer that was truly a slap in the face. By working up the case, gathering the evidence and presenting all the facts in a way the insurance company couldn’t ignore at trial, I was able to secure him a six-figure verdict for everything he went through.

Being There for My Family and Serving in My Community Are Everything to Me

On the weekend and outside the Farah and Farah office in Orlando, you’ll most likely find me hanging out with my wonderful wife, Nancy, and our son and two daughters. Lake Eola is one of our favorite places around town just to walk, talk and unwind. In my downtime, I also love to cook, read, and play golf. Now, if it’s football season, you can be sure I’ll be cheering on my favorite team, the NY Giants, every chance I get. 

I was also a coach and the president of the Florida Lacrosse Association for many years and am proud of how that organization makes a positive impact on so many young lives. I’m also very active with a charity our church supports, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, which helps the underprivileged in our community pay for rent, utilities, medical bills and other necessities.