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  • Samford University Cumberland School of Law, Juris Doctorate
  • University of North Florida, Bachelor of Arts, Accounting
  • University of Georgia, Bachelor’s Degree


  • The Florida Bar
  • Florida Justice Association
  • Jacksonville Bar Association
  • American Association of Justice
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Chuck may be my younger brother, but in so many ways I look up to him. Partnering with my brother all of these years, I have been amazed to see the incredible leader that he is. Not only is he a skilled attorney who helped me build one of the biggest firms in the Southeast, he’s also a caring and empathetic leader who inspires those around him. Our team simply would not be where it is today without Chuck’s continued guidance.

Eddie Farah
Founding Partner at Farah & Farah


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Meet Chuck Farah

Chuck Farah is the Senior Partner and personal injury attorney at Farah & Farah in Jacksonville. Prior to joining the firm, Chuck was set on becoming an accountant. While his path certainly changed, his analytical mindset would prove invaluable as a personal injury attorney. With an incredible list of wins for his clients over the years, Chuck has demonstrated his skills time and again as a bulldog in the courtroom. Farah and Farah’s success and continued growth is a testament to Chuck’s skills in developing and refining the processes and systems that define the Farah way. A natural leader, Chuck inspires those around him to work together and give each client’s case the best possible shot at maximum compensation.

Being instrumental in building Farah & Farah from the ground up, Chuck has always ensured the family atmosphere is maintained throughout the firm. As a Jacksonville-native and a leader in our community, Chuck continues his selfless support of many different initiatives that leave a legacy for good. Bottom line, if you or a loved one is injured by someone else’s negligence, Chuck Farah is who you want manning the helm of your personal legal army.

When I Started With the Firm, It Was Just Me & Eddie

I went to school thinking I was going to be a CPA. I received my bachelors and was starting masters classes to be an accountant when I began helping my older brother, Eddie, around his law office here in Jacksonville. That experience was transformative and I was absolutely hooked. I left accounting, went back to law school, graduated with my Juris Doctorate, passed the Florida Bar, and joined my brother. I haven’t looked back.

Since coming here, we’ve grown from a single office with just a few of us to a team of hundreds with dozens of locations across two states. We’ve managed to do this by always placing a huge emphasis on the client experience and a collaborative, family atmosphere.

A lot of firms out there put lawyers on their own without a lot of support, but we decided early on to do things differently. Our team works together, shares resources, and combines our strengths to put together the best strategy available to get everything our clients deserve. Choosing this mindset has indeed led to an incredible number of great successes over the years, and will continue to guide our firm for years to come.

By and Large, I’m Here Every Day

One of the most important aspects of running a successful law firm is accessibility. Being accessible to our clients and our own teammates is a key priority. That’s why from the very top down, the entire firm shares an open door policy. Anyone in our office knows they can come to me at any point with any sort of issue and the same goes for everyone else. This helps fuel camaraderie, creates mentorship opportunities, and eliminates silos.

Our team is so successful because we are just that—a team of legal professionals all working together to get the best results possible. When you have this kind of culture in each and every office, it’s actually fun to come to work every day. Over the years, I’ve found that our emphasis on building a solid team and consistently fostering a positive family atmosphere is the driving reason why our clients have such positive experiences.

You Don’t Have to Worry About Your Claim Anymore

When people come to us, it’s often when they are hurt, scared, and getting the absolute runaround from their own insurance carriers. I’ve always told each one of my clients that once we start representing them, the only thing they need to focus on is seeing their doctor and getting better—we’ll handle everything else.

From property damage in an auto accident, lost wages, medical bills, even the everyday expenses that come from not being able to do everything you used to, our team is built to come alongside our clients and take the entire burden off their shoulders. Their lives have often been turned upside down after an accident so I ensure my clients know that every part of the claim is now being taken care of 100%.

Community Service is a Huge Part of Who We Are as a Firm

If you head over to our community involvement page, you’ll see some of our proudest accomplishments as a firm. Community service is everything to us. Eddie and I grew up here in Jacksonville so giving back to the community that gave so much to us is extremely gratifying. But even outside of Jacksonville, each and every one of our offices is encouraged to be active in the community initiatives that mean the most to them. 

I’m incredibly honored to have supported so many worthwhile organizations over the years. A few of the many we continue to help include:

  • Center for Independent Living
  • Five STAR Veterans Center
  • I’m a Star Foundation
  • Jax Legal Aid
  • Helmets for Kids
  • Safe Rides Home 
  • Rethreaded
  • Empowering Greatness Scholarship
  • & So Many More!

We also host a free radio show to help people with legal issues. Anyone can tune in at 12pm on Saturdays to WOKV 104.5 and listen to Legal Live or we also post our latest episodes right to our website. When you have dozens of offices with hundreds of legal professionals all working to make the people’s lives better—professionally and outside of the office—it’s a powerful force for good. To me, that’s really what it means to be “here for you, here for good”. 

Where You’ll Probably Find Me Outside of Work

My wife and I have raised a beautiful family here in the River City and watching my children grow up is one of my life’s greatest accomplishments. One of our favorite things to do together is day trips to just walk around all the little towns we have nearby and around the state. In my downtime, there’s also a good chance you’ll find me out on the water somewhere. I love the quiet serenity of fishing or a paddle up the many creeks and waterways around our beautiful city. 

If it’s football season, you can be sure I’ll be cheering on my alma mater, the UGA Bulldogs every chance they play and even more so when they go up against the Florida Gators, where Eddie spent his college years. On the professional side, you can be sure I’ll be screaming the loudest at every match for my hometown team, the Jacksonville Jaguars, even if every year seems to be yet another “rebuilding year”.